Monday, March 31, 2014

Forget Me Not: Escaping Thoughts from an OverLoaded Mom Brain

Periodically, I get thoughts, ideas, musings rattling around in my head.  And of course, I always think, "I need to write this down." Typically, though, these thoughts, fighting for space in my overcrowded, under-rested brain, are forgotten, being pushed away by more pressing  thoughts of diaper changes, laundry soap, homework and piano lessons.  Even as I type this, trying to hurry and put to words some poignant learning moments I've had this week, I hear the baby start to stir, the dog bark, and I realize these fleeting thoughts that I felt had impacted me so much, will probably leave me without ever having had a chance to be expressed or shared.

This is tragic to me.

So, instead of writing about how I learned from my mistakes this week, I am going to walk away, and go hug my crying baby.  And cook some eggs for my kids.  Maybe take a shower.

And hopefully, the thoughts will be there, waiting for me tomorrow.