Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Resurrection (of my blog)

Let's see....it's only been......9 months since my last post.  Is blogging even still the same as it was in 2011?  I have a nagging feeling that its not.  Oh well,  here I am anyway.  I still get my weekly emails from statcounter (I don't know how to turn it off) that tells me how many people are visiting my blog.  I'm still getting somewhere around 60 visits per week.  That's seems like a lot since I haven't even logged in to my google account since last August.  Thanks for the love!  So, because I feel like I need to give back the love, and because I may have used multiple three-syllable words in an email to my daughter's teacher today, I think its time that I write something.

If I had a nickle for every time I've thought of things to write about, and then never did, I'd probably be able to quit my day job.  (especially since my day job pays in hugs and kisses, it'd be like getting a raise!)  For the record, there is no way I will ever quit my day job.  If you got to spend the day with this face, would you ever quit?

I rest my case.

This seems like a nice point to segue into the catching up portion of this post.  Last time I posted, I was roughly the size of a small continent, and growing.

 First let me say that there is absolutely nothing about the last year and a half of my life that hasn't felt like a pure miracle, hasn't filled me with pure joy, and that I've had any regrets about.  My days have been filled with pure and simple motherly love and joy.  Yes, I said Joy twice.  I'll say it again.  That baby girl is absolute joy.  Better than therapy.  I LOVE HER more than anything!!

So, I'll start from the beginning.  RC, or Ry-Ry, as we like to call her, was born on the morning of Sunday, September 25th.  We only went to the hospital 3 times before that with preterm labor.  By the last time, the nurse kept asking me, "Really, this is your FOURTH pregnancy?  Shouldn't you know better by now?"  Give me a break, I had a six year gap, and I was anxious.

 Labor was perfect.  It hurt.  But this perfect little angel made every single labor pain worth it.  Again, so glad I didn't get the epidural.  She is absolutely perfect in every way.

Ok, here's a much cuter one, without all the goop on her. Those lips!! Kiss kiss!
 Look at that!  Red hair!
 All the monkeys love her!

The past 7 months have honestly been the most amazing of my life, to date.  I have been so happy. We've had to adapt to a new normal, sure, and it's been crazy busy, but Ry is seriously the perfect baby.  Honestly.  She nursed like a champ (until, sadly, my milk dried up when she was 4 months), she has slept through the night since she was 6 weeks old, and she is the happiest, sweetest, (and busiest) baby I've had.  My other kids were good babies, too, but this one, well, she's a keeper!

4 days old

2 weeks old

3 weeks old
Ry got blessed on the same day that T got baptised  in November.  It was a wonderful day

November 2011, T's baptism and Ry's blessing day
Ry about 6 weeks old

4 weeks

2 months

Our Christmas card photo
3 months old

3 months

4 months

5 months
6 months

7 months

See why I love my day job so much?  She's the perfect little companion.  The other kids are pretty great too.

There's not much else to report, other than, next week I'm running my first (actually my 5th total) marathon in 3 years.  It's my comeback year baby.

This is me on my 34th birthday.  C and I ran the Moab half marathon for St. Patrick's day.  Funnest birthday ever!

Oh, and I cut my hair.