Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ode to C

Today is my hubby's 35th birthday.

And I just wanted to tell him how much I love and appreciate him.

35 Reasons why I'm so grateful to have C in my life:

1- He's the handsomest man in the world!
2- He makes me look good, cuz he's so good lookin'
3- He makes me laugh everyday
4- He gets me
5- He puts up with my drama
6- He is the most patient person I've ever met
7- He works really hard to provide for our family
8- He is very loyal and dedicated to everything he is committed to
9- He keeps me grounded
10- He is the perfect compliment to me: He is logical and I am emotional
11- He loves me
12- He is always nice to me
13- He is an amazing father
14- He is the funniest guy I know
15- And the most generous
16- He is who he is, there are no pretenses
17- He is fun to be with
18- He is the love of my life
19- He actually likes me
20- He supports me and my wild ideas
21- He doesn't complain. Ever.
22- Even when I complain, he doesn't join in.
23- He encourages me to be a better person
24- He has a testimony of the Gospel
25- He honors his Priesthood
26- He wakes me up to pray every morning
27- He lets me hug him whenever I want
28- He understands my need to talk about stuff, and he listens to me
29- He is the man of my dreams
30- He's a great kisser
31- He values the things that are important to him
32- He is my best friend
33- He calms me
34- I still get butterflies when he touches me
35- Our children adore him
I love him so much, more than words can express.

Happy Birthday C! I love you!


Kristina P. said...

Happy birthday to C! I hope you had a great time in Florida!

Emma said...

oh what a great man..... Way cute picture!

Sarah said...

He is one of the funniest people I know. Happy Birthday C!