Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Peek into my Super Crazy Life

Over the past 3 months, I have gained a much, much greater appreciation for mothers.  My own, first and foremost. My mother raised eight children.  And most of us are pretty well adjusted, decent, good human beings.  Some of us are a little crazy.  For example, my mother's oldest daughter might be a little nutty.

I have always appreciated my Mom, and admire the amazing woman that she is, and the wonderful job she did with Dad, teaching us, loving us, setting an example for us.  Whenever someone asks me who my hero is,  and I contemplate it, her name always pops into my mind.  I have always and will always want to be just like her when I grow up.

I didn't truly come to appreciate my Mom completely, until I started having babies of my own.  And now that I have five little rugrats running around here, I really appreciate her.  And I wonder: How did she do it?  How do all of you do it?  I honestly feel like I went from four kids to ten.  How did that happen?  And between early onset Alzheimers, urinary incontinence, forced insomnia, with a little side of PPD, in addition to all the other lovely side effects of child birth, I'm pretty sure I've been running around without my head for the past three months.  Add soccer, wrestling, rugby, tumbling, piano, homework, and now, UGH, Summer break, and trying to keep older monkeys from turning my home into a Nuclear testing facility, and keep the little monkeys, entertained, fed, cuddled, changed, etc, my mind has run away along with my decapitated head.

Somedays, like today, I have to just sit down and decide to not care that my laundry is piled as high as the ceiling; that my kitchen floor has more little footprints and paw prints than clean spots; that the toddler has found the magic markers and colored herself and her little brother, again;  that I haven't done my hair or applied makeup since Sunday; that we are perpetually late for everything; and that we spend more money on groceries than we do on all of our other bills combined (I really need to start couponing).

But, despite all the chaos, I am happy.  Crazy and happy.

Here are a few little reasons I am crazy happy.

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