Monday, March 31, 2014

Forget Me Not: Escaping Thoughts from an OverLoaded Mom Brain

Periodically, I get thoughts, ideas, musings rattling around in my head.  And of course, I always think, "I need to write this down." Typically, though, these thoughts, fighting for space in my overcrowded, under-rested brain, are forgotten, being pushed away by more pressing  thoughts of diaper changes, laundry soap, homework and piano lessons.  Even as I type this, trying to hurry and put to words some poignant learning moments I've had this week, I hear the baby start to stir, the dog bark, and I realize these fleeting thoughts that I felt had impacted me so much, will probably leave me without ever having had a chance to be expressed or shared.

This is tragic to me.

So, instead of writing about how I learned from my mistakes this week, I am going to walk away, and go hug my crying baby.  And cook some eggs for my kids.  Maybe take a shower.

And hopefully, the thoughts will be there, waiting for me tomorrow.


Lara Neves said...

Choosing the better part. It's all good!

Nancy said...

Just clicked over from our mmb group on fb. I'm with you. I swear when I have a few moments of quiet in the car or out running, whole blog posts of an often very thoughtful nature will compose themselves in my head -- but then, I get back to the bustle and hub-bub of every day life and the thoughts get, if not forgotten, then jumbled and mixed in with a thousand other things waiting for my attention until, when I have the time to write them, they are no longer all laid out at the ready like they were, but, perhaps like Lara above said, we have to choose the better part and sometimes that part is hugging babies, or, even, making them a livable home by doing laundry. Sometimes the moments of quiet and perfect thoughts do coincide and use those rare moments when you can. And, in the mean time, don't be afraid to record the bits and pieces of your life that may seem mundane and aren't the perfect thoughts you'd had ready earlier. Some day I imagine we'll look back at even posts like this and think, "Oh! I'd nearly forgotten what it was like to be about to do something and then hear my baby stirring and have to stop my own plans" and we'll be happy we recorded that little moment.