Friday, January 25, 2008

Potty Training

Ok, to preface this story, you should know that we've been kind of trying to get Peter to go on the potty. So, I was sitting here at the computer when Baylie runs out of my bedroom (where she was watching a show, or so I thought) completely naked, all exicted, and says "Come, on, Mom, let's go! Help my get dress" So I asked her, "Why are you "naken" (that's what she calls it)?" We go into the bathroom, where her clothes are all over the floor. TJ proceeds to tell me that she went the bathtub. I appreciated the effort, but I think she's got thing a little confused, because, sure enough, there was the evidence that she had "done her business" in the tub. YUCK! Although, I'm torn between congratulating her for knowing she needed to go, and not going in her diaper, and punishing her for doing it in the wrong place.
The one good thing out of this, is it forced me to clean the bathroom, so, now I have a clean, disinfected bathroom!
p.s. sorry if you think this is too gross, but hey, I have toddlers...that's my life!


Barney Family Blog said...

So I think you need to change your subtitle, to I have lots to contribute, little miss pro-runner,piano teacher,full-time mother.

Megan said...

So been Bailey went #2 in the bathtub when we were potty training many years ago. I LOST it big time (1st child and stubborn)! I swear she did it just to test me...and yep, I kudos to you for keeping your cool.
Since then I have let my kids potty train when they WANT to potty train. Much better! Good luck with that.

Sir. Gan said...

THat sounds fun.