Sunday, January 27, 2008

President Hinckley

I was just driving home from dinner at Clint's grandma's house, and we heard on the radio about President Hinckley's passing away. I was shocked at the news, but also I am very grateful to be blessed with the guidance of a living prophet on the earth today, and how Heavenly Father has plans in store for us that we might not understand at our level. I'm emotional about our prophet's passing, but also excited to see the sustaining of President Monson, who will succeed Pres. Hinckley as prophet.
I was thinking earlier today, that I'm due for another spiritual overhaul. I think I've been kind of "slacking" in the spiritual department lately--mostly with traveling, and sick kids--I've missed a lot of church. Today was the first time this year that I've gone to all three meeting of church, and I'm so grateful to have those three hours each week to rejuvenate, and be edified (between shushing my kids 13 million times during sacrament meeting, and the chaos of trying to get there on time) It helps me remember what I can and should be doing each day through the week the lift myself higher, and also to set an example to teach my children to be more like Christ.

Friday, January 25, 2008


Ok, I know I already wrote something, but I just have to say thanks to my beautiful sister Kristen! I called her up (she lives on OK) to have her walk me through this stupid blog, so I could figure it out, and here we are on the phone, posting messages to each other on our blogs, when he could be talking to each other. We both started busting up about it because it seemed so silly. It's funny...I guess you had to be there....Kristen this one's for you!!

Potty Training

Ok, to preface this story, you should know that we've been kind of trying to get Peter to go on the potty. So, I was sitting here at the computer when Baylie runs out of my bedroom (where she was watching a show, or so I thought) completely naked, all exicted, and says "Come, on, Mom, let's go! Help my get dress" So I asked her, "Why are you "naken" (that's what she calls it)?" We go into the bathroom, where her clothes are all over the floor. TJ proceeds to tell me that she went the bathtub. I appreciated the effort, but I think she's got thing a little confused, because, sure enough, there was the evidence that she had "done her business" in the tub. YUCK! Although, I'm torn between congratulating her for knowing she needed to go, and not going in her diaper, and punishing her for doing it in the wrong place.
The one good thing out of this, is it forced me to clean the bathroom, so, now I have a clean, disinfected bathroom!
p.s. sorry if you think this is too gross, but hey, I have toddlers...that's my life!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Latest Feat!

I always figured that blogging was for people that had excited lives, and something to talk about. I don't think I accomplish all that much from day to day, unless I can count the limitless loads of laundry, dishes, messes, breaking up fights, hauling kids from place to place, piano lessons, etc, that I do everyday. But I do have one small accomplishment that I did recently that I'm pretty proud of.
Last weekend, my friend Nissa and I went down to St. George and ran a half marathon. Oh, yeah, baby...that's 13.1 miles! And we finished it too!!! I finished in 2 hours and 13 minutes, which, to you seasoned runners out there, might not seem that great a feat, but for me, it's AMAZING! (My goal time was 2 hrs, 20 min)
Hooray for me! I did it!!