Monday, June 22, 2009

WBR 2009: Insanity Prevails!

This weekend, I was joined by 11 other INSANE runners, to participate in the Ragnar Wasatch Back Relay. This was my 2nd year in I hope many years to come running in this crazy race.

I enjoyed every second of it, despite, pain, rain, sitting in a van with 6 other stinky, sweaty people, no sleep, and braving the overflowing port-o-potties.
I ran with basically the same team as last year. Last year, our team was named Erv's Angels, named for our 13th team member who passed away from lung cancer shortly before the 2008 relay. To read the story about Erv, go here.

Laurie, our team Captain, running her 1st legUncle Boy Toy, on his 1st legS, running her 1st leg

My good friend, Laurie, our noble team captain, put together our team, with her sister (C) Mom (S) Aunt Head Cheerleade and Uncle Boy Toy (the only dude in a van full of ladies), and me, and Melissa, in van 1, then in Van 2 (our couples van) was our friends the M's, K's, and C's. I was with these guys in van 2 last year, and had a blast. They sure know how to have fun. I was reminded of their interesting sense of humor when we showed up to the first van exchange, and Mr. M, and Mr K were both strutting around in speedos and mullet wigs. I took pictures, but was threatened with my life if I posted them, but I just couldn't resist. I'll just have to suffer the consequences.

Mrs. K, Mr. M in his party jacket, and Mr. K (da Bomb)

I was the 6th and last runner in our van. So, I had lots and lots of time to wait and gets psyched up for my run. My first leg was a 6.7 mile stretch down Avon pass. I was expecting downhill, so when I hopped out of the van, and in a hurry, too, because runner 5, C, who is a professional runner (for reals), and insanely fast, beat our van to the exchange, I was not prepared for the first mile running straight uphill.

I started slow, but then the hill crested and thus started the downhill stretch over a single lane dirt trail covered in rocks, divots, mud puddles, and lots and lots of dust. The race bible dubbed this leg as "very hard" calling it a "knee jarring" downhill slope.

I loved every second of it. I LOVE running downhill. And I set a new record for myself. Because of the uphill at the start and finish, my average wasn't great, but I did get my fastest mile I've ever done. Ever. 7:35. I'm pretty happy with that. And I still averaged 9:13 for whole leg. Not too bad on an sprained ankle, and lack of training.

Me, handing off to Mrs. C, after my first leg

Me and Melissa being silly before her first run.

Mrs. M, from Van 2, running her 1st leg

After our 1st leg, we headed up to a cabin, owned by Laurie's bishop. It was nicer than my house, seriously. The view was gorgeous. After a nice cold shower, food and a little rest, we hopped into the party van, for the next exchange.

Again, I waited with anticipatory nervousness for my upcoming run. This one was the doozy. 8.1 miles straight up hill. I was freaked! But, I got a nice text from Becca saying she ran it last year and it was her favorite leg so that set my mind at ease. It also helped that I was running it at 1:00 AM, and I couldn't see crap, despite my nifty, sweat covered head lamp (thank Boy Toy for sweating on it for me). I couldn't whether was going running up, down, upside down or backwards, but one thing I know for sure it that I was running S-L-O-W!!! Every time I looked down at my watch to check the pace, it just keep getting slower and slower. I guess that means I was running up hill. Between mile 6 and 7, the hill was brutal. I finally gave in, and allowed myself to walk a little bit. I was sooooo happy to see the finish. I handed off to Mrs. C from Van 2, and crashed in the van, so glad to have survived leg 18.

After my run, and our exchange we head to South Summit High, where we were allowed to shower, and crash in their gym for free. We discovered that of course, there were only communal showers in the locker room, but it was 3 in the morning, we were tired, cold, dirty, and desperate, and hot shower was just too tempting to pass up. Talk about revival of 7th grade gym trauma! But, in case you wanted to know, I have now seen more of Melissa, than I ever wanted to. Are you jealous?

Isn't she just beautiful?

After what my husband lovingly refers to as my lesbian experience, we crashed on the gymnasium floor with 150 other stinky, tired runners, and surprisingly, I zonked out for about 2 hours! Two blessed hours of sleep after running 15 miles. That cold, hard dirty gym floor was like heaven!

Melissa woke me up about 6:30, we got up, rolled up our gear, drank from chocolate milk, waited in line for 30 minutes just for the chance to actually use a toilet with plumbing, then waited for Laurie (our runner 1) to come to the exchange. Her two daughters were volunteers at this exchange. It was fun to see them dancing around, and entertaining the runners.

They had my initials on the mountain in South Summit. I'm not sure why, but I guess, I'm more famous than I thought. p.s. Nice hair.

Melissa rocked her last leg. She had to run 7 miles straight uphill in the rain, and every time was passed her, ringing the cowbell, she gave us one of her huge winning smiles. That girl is amazing. She was on fire the whole way.

We finally made to the my leg, and of course we had to haul again, because C's last leg was short and she can run like the Flash, but my last leg was only 3.1 and I was happy to be running my last leg and that it was easy. I pushed myself with everything I had left in me, and sprinted hard as soon as I saw Mrs. C waiting for me at the exchange. I just had to holler, because I was DONE! YIPPEE!!

Unfortunately, my very supportive, dedicated team were busy chatting and missed me running to the finish, so we tried to reenact my last run. I look drunk.

While we waited for Van 2 to finish their last legs, we all took a very needed break, and went out for breakfast.

Then, we trekked to the finish line to wait for Mrs. M to come to the finish line, so we could all run in together. If you want to see a video go over the Melissa's blog (I'm too lazy to swipe it from there and load it here).

I had a fabulous time running, and hope to get to do it many years into the future!!


Annette Lyon said...

Insanity, indeed! Way to go! I didn't know you were part of that--I found out as if was happening that two friends AND my little sister were also running it. I had no clue!

Kristina P. said...

Seriously, you are all amazing! And I'm so glad you connected at my bloggy lunch!

DeNae said...

Honestly, I don't think I can read your blog any more, because I actually heard the lunatic inside my head say, "Gosh, that sounds fun! Maybe I should start running!"

So I ate a Butterfinger until she shut up.

I think my nephews attend Sherrie Shepherd High. Or Not Sherrie High. One of them, anyway.

Tink said...

High five Sher! That's awesome! Loved Mr. K in his tighty whities :). Congrats on setting a new record for yourself! I know of a couple of people who ran the race, too. It's a great accomplishment! Your picture from the cabin is gorgeous!

Motherboard said...

Was that Lisa M's husband? Sweet! (boom chicka-Wow-wow!)

I didn't know Melissa was running with you! It sounds like you rocked the Kasbah!

Peggy said...

EVERYBODY I know ran that this year. I gotta admit--it sort of looks like fun!

Andrea said...

Tell me again why this is fun?

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

It sounds like a lot of fun. But I also know it's a lot of work. You are amazing. I need to un-lazy myself and do things like this. But I probably never will, so I'll just be content cheering you on :-)

Lara said...


I'm proud o' ya.

I had several friends doing this...and I have never heard of it before now! Cool stuff.

The Garden of Egan said...

Wow! I'm so impressed! One more reason to be part of your fan club!
Proud member since......2009

Cynthia said...

I don't know how you do all you do. Amazing! My SIL ran this race for the first time this year. She said it was HARD. She's new to running. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Debbie said...

I've made the drive and it's so beautiful in the Wasatch Back. I imagine running it only makes it that much sweeter. Congrats on the awesome race.

SO said...

How awesome are you?? Very.

Roger and Stephnie said...

Congrats! It looks like an incredible experience! I am just trying to train to run a 5K and it is killing me! You are so amazing!

Natalie said...

Sounds like it was a lot of fun. We drove past a bunch of runners coming over trappers loop and it looked like they were all having a good time.

Becky K said...

I've been blog-hopping about WBR posts. Am sorely tempted to run this next year. Congrats on doing it; it sounds so fun (well, as fun as running 13-18 miles can sound. But fun to runners, right?)

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

The speedo is SOOOO funny, kinda like the naked cowboy in NYC! lol!

You rock and I so wish I was you! I wish I loved to run!

Melissa said...

Do we have to wait a WHOLE NOTHER YEAR???!!!!???!!

It was the experience of a lifetime!! And I apologize now, for having to see me naked.

I can also say I slept with you.

Love your guts girl! Can't wait to do this AGAIN!

Becca said...

I don't know what it is about this race but it is by far my most favorite on of the year! This week full of race recaps has made me happy! I loved being able to text you on the race and hearing what you guys were doing! It looks like you had such a fun team and who know's...maybe next year you will join ours. Then we don't have to fight you for Melissa! And I'm not sure, but I think I can take the guy in the speedo!

tiburon said...

You are a freakin rock star! It was so fun to kind of be a part of things for an hour there...

You are all amazing! Next year I totally want to drive ;)

Erin said...

What an awesome time! I am so glad you had this opportunity!

LaurieJ said...

You did awesome on leg 6 girl! That is a tough leg.
Love reading all of the recaps!

Cadance! said...


Jo said...

Whooo Hooo! Good for you! I haven't forgotten you. I won't leave a comment on every post, but I am catching up on my reading after being gone.

Chad and Tenaya said...

Awesome! I ran this awhile back. It was tons of fun. Good work!