Saturday, August 8, 2009

Camping, Camping and more Camping.

*Warning: Picture overload below. Proceed with caution*

Alright, I know that you are all dying to hear about the severed toe (not mine). And I promise I won't disappoint. But, I feel the need to report my life's happenings in chronological order, and besides, I took pictures on my phone, and since my hubby canceled my web access on my phone, I can't email them to myself, so I'll just have to take the memory card to the Walmart and get them developed. How's that for a run-on sentence!!

So, for now, how about some pics from the Shep Family Reunion in Crystal Hot Springs!!

This was my husband's family. And I went with my kids, and myself, and all our camping gear, loaded up in the Tahoe....without the husband. He went to St. Louis to "work" and watch a Cardinals/Dodgers game. GO DODGERS!!! I'm not bitter or anything.

Alright in his defense, he did show up the second day. I kinda forgot to take pictures while we were swimming. So, sorry.

Have you ever been to Crystal Hot Springs? It's been there in Honeyville, UT, for about 70 years. And I'm pretty sure that it looks exactly the same as it did 70 years ago, minus the rust/mineral stains on all the pools. I think they had the same fiberglass water slides, and ugly blue tile the last time I visited the place about 25 years ago. Although, I do have to say that was probably the best waterslide I've been on in forever! So, sorry, I have no visual evidence, but I do have some pics of some really, really cute kids!

All the Shep cousins. What a bunch of gorgeous kids!

This is all of C's siblings, spouses and parents.

Did I say MORE camping? I think I did. Yeah. We got home from CHS on Saturday.

I got an email from the loverly WonderWoman on Sunday saying she'd heard MY SONG on FM100! YAY!

Then, Monday morning, after a routine visit to the dentist, the kids and I packed up again, and headed off to Bear Lake, for a little camping with my Mom and sisters and the kids.

Somehow I got home and ended up with quite a few incredibly unflattering pictures of me.
Seriously, what is that face? Cute baby though. I'm going to take a stab in the dark and say that's M. She's one of the twins. I was just getting the hang of trying to tell them apart (they're identical) when they went back home to OK. BOO!!
Again, cute baby. Crazy aunt Sherrie.
Apparently, you can be skinny and still have 14 chins. Ew. But, look at my sister and her monkeys. She is so beautiful.

Actually, I really like this pic. Me and my sisters. My two very best friends.

Alright, I like this pic, too. Me, Peter, and my cute little niece P and nephew J.

I did get some good pictures, too.

Look at KJ's dirty, black feet!

My beautiful daughters.
This picture, right here is probably most brilliant photography moment (that's saying alot coming from a non-photographer). But, it's not that hard with such a beautiful boy. Love you J!

Ok, these three girls are the perfect little Mini-Me's of their respective mothers.

This is all the cousins that came with us. We are missing a few. My brothers wives and kids didn't come up with us.

Char and TJ

My awesome parents. I love you!!!

My youngest bro, Char


DeNae said...

Yep. Been there. NOW TELL US ABOUT THE TOE!!

Kristina P. said...

Yes! We went camping with friends there, the last 24th of July. I did a post about it, and Do's and Don'ts of camping.

There was some weird, creepy guy in the pool.

And ouch on the toe!

Erin said...

It looks like you had fun while camping. That is a very cute picture of your boy holding the flower.

P.S. I love the little things your kids say on the sidebar.

AS Amber said...

Yep, I've been there, too. SUCH cute kids!!!

And ya...on with the toe...

wonder woman said...

Those cousins DO look like each of their momma's! I can totally tell who belongs to whom.

Fun times, cute kids. Seriously looks like you had a blast.

M-Cat said...

How fun! Lava Hot Springs is where we went for our high schop; graduation party. I don't remember much of it......

Devri said...

Fun times, I grew up around there! Loved it, but would never live there, glad you made it out alive! lol sounds like some poor persons toe didn't though! sorry!

Motherboard said...

I read this post with my hand over my eyes the entire time... I do NOT want to see the severed toe.

Just sayin'.

Barney Family Blog said...

Aside from you posting a picture of me in my swim suit for all to see you are the bestest sister ever!! Seriously Sher I loved spending time with you. You are the sweetest aunt and I love hoe you love my little kiddos. You an amaxing sister and mom! Love you and mis you Sher!!

Nick and Stacey said...

Looks like fun! I love all the great pictures! I never seem to get that great of pictures of my kids with their cousins! I am glad you got to have some fun while Kirsten was there!

Love Fam said...

I am jealous that you got to camping so much! Looks like you had a ball with your sisters, also jealous of that!! ha

Tink said...

I love Bear Lake! We got there every other year for a week long reunion. It holds so many special memories for us and our kids. You did so many fun things and created so many great memories with your family. I think that's the best thing about summer...all of the fun memories you create. BTW, I didn't see a bad picture of you!