Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Big Wind

The wind is howling outside right now. I can hear the deck chairs scooting around and banging into each other. I'm hoping the kids brought in their jackets after jumping on the tramp last night because otherwise, they're long gone.
I hear the violent whispers outside my window, and I feel a chill. It reminds me of one of my very first memories as a young child.

It was Easter, 1983. I was five years old.
In my journal, I wrote (with the help of my Mom):

"Yesterday was Easter. In the morning we hunted for our baskets then
we talked about when Jesus was resurrected. My Mama made me a blue
lacy skirt and a slip. Then the big wind came. I was scared. The neighbor's fence tipped. We said a prayer that our house or we wouldn't get hurt. And Heavenly Father blessed us 'cause we didn't get hurt, just cold. And our house didn't get hurt. Some people's houses got things ripped off and their trees tipped over and their trailers tipped and mashed."

It was a long time ago, but I remember. I remember the power going out. I remember my parents, my older brother and my two little sisters, all huddling together in our family room for a sleep over to stay warm. I remember the dark. And my Dad's railroad lantern he used for light. I remember lighting candles. I remember the patchwork carpet, that my grandpa, who worked at a carpet store, made out of carpet samples for us. I remember the brown couches. I remember not being able to sleep because I was scared of the noise and the howling against the windows. I remember waking up the next morning, and going outside and seeing shingles all over, and fallen trees in the road, and broken shudders, and broken fences. I remember feeling scared, and cold. But, safe in my house with my family. Now, almost 20 years later, I still remember the Big Wind.

Do you remember it? Were you there?


Wonder Woman said...

I wasn't there, but growing up in Kansas, I remember several other Big Winds. I remember going to the basement with the radio. And the sky turning green beforehand. I remember hearing the sirens go off when we were picking up my dad from work one day. We had to go to the basement of his office, which happened to be the newspaper. We were all down there with the big rolls of news print and the presses.

(See? You can find inspiration!)

Erin said...

I lived in Logan, so I don't remember that specific Big Wind. But my mom regularly tells a story of when I was four years old and I came into her bedroom crying in the middle of the night. When she asked what was wrong, I said, "It's really windy outside and my shoes are on the porch. I don't want them to blow away!" Kids are so cute.

Garden of Egan said...

I don't remember hearing anything about that.
I live in Rexburg where the wind is always blowing.

wendy said...

1983...well I was in West Jordan....probably pregnant with #5.
I remember some pretty good wind storms...micro bursts.

Here where I live now the wind really blows sometimes. REALLY!! I fear my house will be pulled right up from it's foundations sometimes. I hate the wind the worst of any weather situations.
A breeze is nice...wind just sucks.

and regarding your post about posting on blogs. I too many times wonder about just quiting. I wonder if it is taking up too much of my time. BUT I like the feeling of "friends" out there. But, then again, If I disappeared off the face of the earth....they'd just delete me from their reader what impact is that really
sometimes it makes me feel like I am still in high school...wanting to be one of the "popular ones". Get lots of comments, that sort of thing. I have to ask my readers really validate ME. Some blogs I follow alot and comment on ALWAYS, and they never ever visit my blog...or at least leave a comment. That sort of thing plays with my mind.
It all gets very silly sometimes.

it's a love/hate relationship

Mikki said...

I don't remember it. Let's see, in
'83 I think I lived in Coalville, or maybe I was in Cedarville (out past Lehi). Hah!These days I can barely remember my name!
Sweet memory though, even with the fear, the warmth and safety of your family around you.