Thursday, April 1, 2010

Random Sherisms and Random Tunes

I've decided I need more blog traffic. I want to be popular like all my popular friends. I think as far as blogland goes, I'm like the kinda dorky girl, who thinks she's part of the in crowd, because all of the popular girls are nice to her at school, but they really don't think she's really their friend.
So, after reading a few blog posts this week, I've decided I just need to talk about more controversial issues on my blog, that make no sense to me and that I know nothing about (because let's be honest, I'm a shallow thinker). You know, like Harry Reid, and Health Care Reform or Lady Gaga or Jesse James and Sandra Bullock or Tiger Woods.

Yes, I can read the grocery store tabloids. That's where I get all my news. That and the Daily Show with John Stewart, and The Colbert Report. And occasionally, some Internet news from Daniel Tosh. I'm sooo up on current events.

(Let's see how much traffic finds me now!!)


So, I may have mentioned a few weeks ago how this amazing up and coming author, has asked me to write a song to go along with his amazing up and coming book?
Well, I wrote the song! It was a really spiritual experience for me. And I'm amazed at how the music just came to me. I really feel like Braden was inspired to write these words and that I was inspired to set them to music in the way that I did.
It's not totally done, yet, but what I have so far, I really, really love.
I can't WAIT for everyone to hear my song, and read the book!


I need a blog makeover. I've been around the blogosphere...stalking. And you all have these cool headers, and streamline designs and I want one. I'm still totally using one of those free, blog background templates. I know, I know, that's sooo 2008.
Thing is...I'm a cheap bastage (not my word). I don't want to pay for a blog makeover.
Anyone who knows what they're doing and would be willing to fix it for free, let me know.
Otherwise, I may be knocking on your door and begging for hand outs.

You know who you are...look for an email in your inbox with promises of my first born, etc. in the near future.


Oh! By the way. I had this brilliant idea the other day. I'm having a huge, ginormous sale on my music website. So, if you haven't gotten my CD yet, or you have it, LOVE IT, and want to give it away for Easter or Mother's Day, or Father's day, or just because, go head over there and check it out.

I'm doing buy one CD, get one half off. Buy a bundle of 10 for $85. (That's an awesome deal because one normals goes for $13, so you're saving almost $50!!) I've also got a package deal to buy the CD and the songbook together. And on sheet music downloads. See? All sorts of awesome deals.

So, go on over there and order some music!

BTW, if you refer a friend to my site, and they make an order, have them put in the comment on the pay pal order form that you referred them, and I'll give you back 5% of the order. You could totally get paid for referring people to my site. So, grab my button, or my player on my sidebar, put it on yours, write a blog post, tell your friends!


I'm also trying to work out some concert venues for this spring and summer. Hopefully, for FREE.

But, if you want to see me perform live, then come to the CBC Girl's Night Out on Thursday, May 27th (after you register for the conference). I will be there, performing, partying and selling CD's and stuff!

Thanks! Love ya!


I've been all country girl lately. I don't know if it's the Spring and I've been working in my yard, but I've been feeling the country lately.
So, recently I downloaded Lady Antebellum on my iPod. Holy Wow, I love it!

Here's my {country} random song list:

1. Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace - Big and Rich
2. Cowboy Bill - Garth Brooks
3. In Another's Eyes - Trisha Yearwood
4. Ole Slew Foot - Chris LeDoux
5. Lessons Learned - Carrie Underwood
6. Brand New Whiskey - Brooks & Dunn
7. Any Man of Mine - Shania Twain
8. Last Dollar (Fly Away) - Tim McGraw
9. Need You Now - Lady Antebellum
10. Love is Everything - John Berry

Bonus: What Might Have Been - Sammy Kershaw

p.s. Happy April Fools Day!


Garden of Egan said...

I think you are awesome just the way you are.
Hugs to you AND
Happy April Fools Day!!!!

Wonder Woman said...

I love Lady Antebellum, too!

I have a DIY header, too. Well, it is combined with part of a header April made for me, but it's still a generic one from Shabby blogs.

Mikki said...

Cute post! I almost felt like I was on Kristina's blog!
I agree with Garden of Egan though, you're awesome just the way you are!!! I love reading your posts.
I use the free blog backgrounds from all those sites out there, and usually just try to make my own headers with my pics and the picnik website.

Kristina P. said...

Hey, we love you just the way you are!!

Braden said...

Thanks for your very kind words! They made my day. Your song is awesome and I am incredibly lucky to have you working on it.

Braden said...

Ok, I hit send too soon. I am laughing at your first section about posting random controversial topics because I did almost the exact same thing today!

And as far as not being one of popular girls, for this new kid who just moved into the school, you seem pretty popular.

Erin said...

I hope you get OODLES of traffic.

And, just by using the word oodles, I lost my credibility. Sigh.

Love Fam said...

You are defiently the most popular blog person I know! Oh and I still use those free blog background templates too...I guess I give up on trying not to be the dorky one..ha!

wendy said... are populare with ME.
but before you get all excited...I am one of the "out crowd" as well I think. Sometimes blogging throws me back into flashbacks of being the "last one picked" for dodge ball.

I don't do Politics....or Tiger Woods (tee,hee)

You will be a STAR at the bloggy conference!!!

have a great easter.

Terresa said...

I second Garden of Egan. I love you to pieces, just as you are.

Although, spring time does bring change, and with that (for me) the desire to move things around a bit, on my blog & in life.

I've never paid for a blog makeover before, but I'm tempted now. Just like I was to get that pedicure last week (so worth it!!!).

PS: I was talking about blogs with some friends the other day and I mentioned your blog. How brave and authentic and amazing you are. You Are.

Happy Easter & Gen Conference weekend, girl.

Lara said...

Personally I don't like the blogs that talk about all the social issues. That's what CNN is for. I want to read about your life. I mean, a post every so often about Harry Reid and your feelings is okay, but mostly I don't want to read about politics.

I can't wait to hear your song!