Monday, April 26, 2010

Running, Stilettos, and Filet Mignon

First off, no, I didn't run in stilettos. But it'd be pretty cool if I could!

No, no, but I did run the Thanksgiving Point Half Marathon this past Saturday. After overcoming a brutal bout with strep throat earlier in the week, this was no small feat, let me tell you.

In fact, I was so darn miserable, my whole life had to be put on hold. But, I'll be darned if I was going to skip out on my training runs, so I dragged my sick butt out of bed on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and ran anyway, sore throat, rain and all. Thank goodness my running partner and SIL was patient with me when I needed to walk and cry every 30 seconds.

I was stubborn. I thought I could kill the bug all by myself, until I was rebuked by a dozen people on my facebook wall, where I learned that not getting treated for strep could give me kidney disease and make me die. So, I decided, begrudgingly, to skip my Wednesday workout for a doctor's appointment instead. All Hail to my doctor! Him, and my wonderful friend and neighbor who peddles drugs essential oils and brought my over some Melaluca and Lemon oil for me to gargle. Oh. Wow! That stuff is awesome. I'm a believer!

And by Thursday afternoon, I was feeling so fantastic, I was ready to run around the moon!
I came down from that high before Saturday, but I was still feeling pretty good by race time.

Nothing like waking up at 4:30 in the morning, and joining 1500 other crazies to run around the block 1700 times!

Actually, I was truly impressed with TP's (not Toiler Paper--ironically--you'll know why in a minute) race planning skills. The course was awesome. If anyone knows me as a runner, you know that I love hills. Especially those of the rolling sort. I love the ups and downs. Long, flat and boring, I could do without. But this course had a lot of rolling hills, plenty of aid stations complete with water, Powerade, GU, and yummy oranges right when you needed them. And the scenery was absolutely breathtaking. My only complaint was that there just weren't enough bathrooms. (hence the TP jokes--ha. ha.)

Speaking of bathrooms, I will NEVER, EVER stop at mile 11 for a pit stop ever again. No matter how bad I need to go. Next time I'll just wet myself. Here's why. I am an immensely competitive person, by nature. I can't help it. And I'm perfectly ok with other, faster people I've never met beating me. But, this was Jessica's first race. I was, for lack of a better term, her trainer. And she beat me. By almost a full minute, she beat me. All because I couldn't control my darn bladder. Actually, I have to give her more credit than that. She has some seriously amazing natural ability. She has this uncanny knack for speeding up at the end of the race, like you're supposed to, instead of using my method, which is to run as fast as you can at the beginning, and make up for the fact that you'll be pooped and want to walk two miles from the finish line. Maybe she's got something there. I think I'll use her strategy next time!

Here we are at the finish.

Wait, you're not supposed to know how we really felt. Where's the posed pictures?

Yes, that's much better. See how happy we are to be done?

Way to go Jess! I'm so stinkin' proud of you!!

After the race, I raced over to my sister's house in Lehi to shower and primp, throw on some skinny jeans and some seriously impractical shoes, and headed out to UVU for the something or other Women's EXPO! I have fun hanging with my girls, networking, talking to uber-famous bloggers who looked like Marie Osmond and who bought my CD!! Have you seen the DIY Dish site? These girls are amazing! And even more awesome in person. It was great meeting them. And if you see this (ha, yeah right) thanks for humoring little old me and buying my CD! Not to mention, I got to hang out with some of my favorite women from MMB, CBC, and Sassy Scoops. (Totally name dropping here, but I feel so cool I can't help myself)
After hanging out, walking around in these suckers for 4 hours, my feet, ankles, shins, calves and quads were KILLING ME!

Well, I never professed to be a shoe model.

After the Expo, I enjoyed a wonderful steak dinner and a cherry Coke with my girls at Outback. !Que Delicioso!
Perfect ending to a long, but great day!


Kristina P. said...

I don't even look that cute without running a marathon a few hours before. You are like the Mormon Katie Holmes!

And that Bloomin' Onion was to die for. Apparently, one of my blog friends was there, and recognized me, but was too shy to introduce herself. :(

Kristina P. said...
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Kristina P. said...

Crap! Why did it publish twice!

Garden of Egan said...

It looks like you had a super awesome day! I can't believe you ran after being so sick.

And about those stilletos......are you crazy????? I wouldn't wear those for 10 minutes if someone promised me a bazillion dollars.
My feet are hurting just looking at the picture.

I am jealous that you are able to mingle with such famous people that I only dream about some day meeting...such as yourself!
Are you going to be at CBC?
(crosses her fingers)

Braden said...

I wonder if you could get Jessica to try running in the stilletos. That might make the difference in that minute she had on you.

Rachel Sue said...

You are honestly my hero. I think if ever I ran a half marathon, I would proceed to pass out for the rest of the week.

Although I am sad I couldn't make it down for the expo. I thought it was at South Town and was so sad when I realized it was in Orem. Oh well. Maybe next time!

Suzie said...

You look fantastic as always and I wish I had your love of running. Or any kind of exercise for that matter.

LOVE the stilettos. They don't look too hooker-ish either. Maybe if you wore them with a trampy short skirt, push-up bra, and a see-thru shirt. But otherwise, I like 'em!

Wonder Woman said...

You *totally* look like TJ in that one picture after the race!

It was so good to see you on Saturday.

wendy said...

That was a full day!!!
I don't know how you do it ----you are one determined lady for sure.

I could never run a race ---I am pathetic. I'd spend all my time goint potty and tiptoeing through the tulips.

and I LOVE the shoes. so sexy
can't wear them---bunions and all

sucks getting old

Lara said...

Congrats on the run. You amaze me!

And those shoes are rockin'....and you're rockin' the shoes!

AS Amber said...

Yay! I'm so glad I got to be one of the lucky girls at Outback with you!!!

You're so freakin' awesome for so many reasons. Not the least of which being that you ran after being so sick (strep, thyroid) and then looked so dang hawt the rest of the day!

Love you!