Friday, April 16, 2010

Random Sherisms and Random Tunes

I'm having a moral dilemma today. I can't decide if I should get up off my bum, go outside and finish up my weeding, so I can be ready for C to help me spread bark tomorrow, or if I should stay on my lazy bum and catch up on all of the TV shows I'm behind on watching.

What d'ya think?

I haven't been completely useless today. I opened up my bathroom cupboard under the sink this morning and 8 things fell out because it's so jam-packed and disorganized. And I guess I'd had enough, so I just started pulling stuff out and throwing things away, right then and there.
And I found the little Tupperware box I was keeping my race bibs and medals in under there. Why I put them in my bathroom cupboard, well don't ask, I can't even remember. So, I decided to create a shrine dedicated to my glory days (or really my one glory year--2008) of running. I hauled all of my bibs and medals and pushpins down to the weight room down stairs. I figured, it's a place we "use to exercise" so it's a good place to build my shrine. I hung up all of my racing paraphernalia. It makes me feel proud to have it all displayed in one place.

Is that lame? It kinda feels like I'm bragging a little bit. But, on the other hand, with four marathons, two Ragnars, a dozen-ish half marathons, and countless other races under my belt, I feel like I've earned my right to brag. So there.


I'm running the Thanksgiving Point Half Marathon next week. I'm kind of excited. It's right in the midst of the tulip festival.

There is nothing like running a race with beautiful scenery all around you. I'm totally psyched! (I never use that word. I was trying find a word other than excited. It was either that or stoked.)
I didn't think I would be ready for a half marathon already after coming back from being sick. I'm so glad my friend talked me into it.
And I'm so glad to have my amazing SIL to train with me. I absolutely adore her. This will be her first half marathon, and I wouldn't be surprised if she beats me. She is amazing!


Speaking of how amazing my SIL is, she is starting her own preschool next year. She was an elementary school teacher til she had her 2nd baby, and she is one smart lady!

Question of the Day:

If you have a preschool age child and live in the Davis County area, you should check out her preschool!
Click the pic or go here to visit her website.


TJ lost his other front tooth this week. There is nothing cuter than a little boy with two missing front teeth. And hearing him talk! Oh my goodness!
I made him say "Thupercalifragileithticethxpealidocthus" the other day over and over, until C told me to stop teasing the toothless boy.


We had our family pictures taken a few weeks ago. Now I remember why we haven't done it in five years (yes, I was pregnant with Peter the last time we got family pictures taken). It's a royal pain trying to find outfits that go together and look good, and that everyone will agree to wear.
So, I got them back yesterday. Well, at least the disc.
Now, I have the giant task of decided which ones I want printed to hang on the wall, and give to the Grandma's.
Here are some of my favorites. They haven't been edited yet (except the one of me and C--isn't that one gorgeous?)

What do you think?


Maybe if I put up ten good "work in the yard" tunes, it will motivate me to get outside!

1) Addicted - Dan Seals

2) Crashed - Daughtry

3) Part of My Heart - Jim Brickman

4) Love Me Tomorrow - Chicago

5) I Will...But - SheDaisy

6) Because the Night - 10,000 Maniacs

7) Angels - David Archuleta

8) On the Road to Mandalay - Frank Sinatra

9) Another Long One - Shawn Colvin

10) Otro Como Tu - Eros Ramazotti

Bonus) Hotel California - Eagles


Happy Weekend!


Kristina P. said...

You are one good looking family!!

I'm excited to see you tomorrow!

Peggy said...

Good luck at the race--it would be a beautiful one, that's for sure.

Cute pics. And I TOTALLY agree about the shopping nightmare. Ugh. But they turned out great!

Me (aka Danielle) said...

I think you have every right to brag! Running takes dedication and hard work!

And I love the family pics! You have to share..who was your photographer?

Jessica said...

Love your family pics and she really does some cool stuff with editing. It's just a pain that you have to wait forever to get them back!

I love how you have all your medals. I didn't realize you had so many races under your belt. I'm a little nervous about the race. I just don't know what to expect I guess. You'll stay with me the first few miles right? ;) Just kidding I know you'll totally have to leave me and I'm fine with that.

Thanks for putting my preschool on your blog! I'm so excited to start teaching again!

DeNae said...

I'm so happy that you're feeling better! And the workout room is the PERFECT place for those ribbons! (Cute pix, BTW)

Nick and Stacey said...

LOVE your family pictures! I cannot believe how big and grown up your kids are getting, they are so cute! Mitchell has been waiting forever to loose teeth, I think I might be tempted to tease him too when it happens!

Jami said...

Very cute pictures. You and your man look movie-star GORGEOUS in the b&w.

Annette Lyon said...

Love your pictures--your family (and YOU) are totally gorgeous.

And I say you totally deserve to show off your medals. You did a ton of work to earn them!

Braden said...

What a beautiful family! I love the picture of your son with the missing tooth. That looks like it was painted by Norman Rockwell. Seeing the display of your medals makes me wonder if I should build a shrine to my physical condition, too--I could bronze the chopsticks from the Chinese place and maybe laminate the Mexican place menu and...

wendy said...

Of course you should show your ribbons. YOU DESERVED every one of them and worked hard for them. Great and very appropriate place to put them......I am still wondering how they ended up in the bathroom?

I love your family photos. Your husband has a very sexy square jaw!!~ (can I say that)
totally awesome family photos and settings.

I wish I could have met up with all of you last night. I am here in Utah, but have limited time this visit and we had a big family BBQ last night.

Mikki said...

Great pics Sher, you have a beautiful family!!
Love the toothless wonder picture. So cute!

tiburon said...

The family pictures turned out GREAT!

What a stunning family :)

Good look on the half next weekend. I will be sending good vibes your way!

Garden of Egan said...

Great looking ribbons! You go!!!!!

I love your family pictures. Especially the one with you and your hubby! So darling.

Roger and Stephnie said...

I love your shrine. What a good idea! Your family pics are so cute! I love the outfits you picked out. Good luck with your half marathon! That would be so cool to run with all those tulips as your scenery. I'm still trying to master my 5k--- maybe in a few years....

AS Amber said...

Your family is so cute! Love you tons! I hope you decided to catch up on your DVR instead of your weeds. HAHA!