Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Mania!

First of all, I have to say sorry for my last post. I'm pleading temporary insanity. I think I was having a blogging identity crisis. But, I'm better now. I will go back to posting pictures of my kids doing funny things.
For the record, I did NOT receive any extra blog traffic for posting the names of a bunch of controversial famous people. It doesn't work. Oh well.


Oh boy, did we have a fun Easter weekend.
The kids got to play with their cousins A LOT! So fun.

And on Sunday, in an effort to keep the kids occupied (and quiet) during conference, we did project after project after project.

Do you use those conference packets that people email to you 47 times right before conference? (I really think I had 10 people email me a conference packet. One person even emailed it to me twice).
Well, I never have, but this time, I decided to print them off. They really worked!!...for about an hour of the first session of conference on Saturday.....for my two older kids who can read.......the 4 year old lasted about 10 minutes. But, maybe I'll keep doing it and eventually they'll all be able to sit through at least one session of conference. It's a start, right?

Saturday night, after a fun night at Grandma's house (C's family has a tradition: every conference Saturday, his mom orders pizza, we all gather together to eat, then the guys go to the priesthood session while the kids and the moms play), mean the Easter Bunny, stayed up late filling eggs, and baskets with way too much candy (cuz the Easter Bunny bought WAY too much candy), and making a scavenger hunt for the kiddos.

By the way, Mr. Easter Bunny, I think it was a dumb idea to put an egg on each of the kids pillows with a note inside to come see Mom for your Easter basket. Who knew Easter was just like Christmas (maybe worse) and the kids would wake me up at the crack of dawn? Ugh.

Thank goodness for Sunday afternoon naps!

The monkeys were so cute trying to find the next clue. We had a total stampede of elephants going through our house with the kids running around trying to find eggs with clues inside. I tried to get a picture of them reading the clues, but they couldn't hold still long enough to take one. It's funny how excited they were.

After finding their baskets, we decided to color boiled eggs for breakfast. Apparently, blue, green and pink eggs taste better then the regular kind.

After breakfast, we turned on conference, and made some candy nests. They were supposed to be green, but the kids insisted that they wanted blue, so we compromised and made turquoise nests. Silly kids.

After that, we used the eggs shells from breakfast, and colored sugar sprinkles to make Easter pictures. I have very creative monkeys.

Then, I made a strawberry shortcake to take to my Mom's for dinner later.
By the time the 2nd session of conference started, I was, needless to say, exhausted.
So, I took a nap. I'm looking forward to reading the talks I missed while I was sleeping.

Apparently, the monkeys filled up on candy, while I was out, because as we were getting ready to go to Grandma's for dinner, Peter decided she needed to throw up. It was all brown. Chocolate vomit, yum. I'm not sure if it was too much candy, or she's getting another bug (she was sick two weeks ago with croup), because she slept on my Mom's bed almost the whole time we were there). Then, she threw up again when we got home.

But, she's eating like crazy today so, I guess she's better.

Good times, good times.
So, what did YOU do for Conference Easter?


Kristina P. said...

Those nests are awesome!

Adam was in Wendover, so I stayed in my PJs, and promptly fell asleep for the second session. :(

Braden said...

Yes, blue, green, and pink eggs taste WAY better than regular one! Looks like you had fun. That's great.

Garden of Egan said...

At least it wasn't blue vomit.

I think it looks like your kids had a lot of fun.
Hopefully the Easter bunny will remember next year to NOT hide an egg under the pillow.
Silly Easter bunny.

Peggy said...

Wow, you went all out! I must admit I hate the whole Easter bunny thing. I think it's kind of stupid, plus we have had early church for 3 years in a row and never have time for it. This year, Emma's birthday fell on Easter so we had a party for her and a small easter egg hunt in the back yard. Very low key, and there's STILL too much easter candy in the house!

Loved Conference though. They seemed to say exactly what I needed.

Jessica said...

Your monkeys crack me up! I wanted to make those nest things with Ava but I forgot. You did so much fun stuff with your kids! What a cute mom you are! We just hung out and watched conference and ate sugar. It was great until we all felt sick from sugar overload. :)

Wonder Woman said...

Love the egg shell/glue idea. Pure brilliance.

My kids didn't pay attention to conference at all. When Pres. Monson started talking Sunday morning, I decided something had to be done. I googled "LDS conference bingo", found some cards and printed them off. They *kind of* worked. Sounds like your kids had a blast, though!!

Mikki said...

You're so awesome Sher! I love the artwork idea. Fabulous. I wouldn't have the patience though.
I spent most of conference yelling at my kids to shush the heck up (not put quite so nicely though) so I could get some spiritual fulfillment. I also took a little siesta during the second session on Sunday. Dangit!

Erin said...

I love their artwork. What sweet kids you have.

I didn't watch any of conference. Being out of town, and going to my brother's wedding, made it too difficult. I'll have to catch it in the Ensign!