Monday, June 21, 2010

Question of the Day: Do You Think Blogging Has Changed You?

Do You Think Blogging Has Changed You? How?

I've been doing some serious soul searching. And I've been trying to prioritize my life. When I came across the part of me that blogs, I had to take a step back and really think. Two years ago I was all fired up about blogging, and the sense of community, and all of the great women I'd gotten to know through it. I think I may have gotten carried away.
I'm an all or nothing type of person. When I give myself to something, I give it all. I do cherish the relationships I've made and the opportunity I have to have an outlet with my blog.

But, I wonder how my real life relationships have changed because I blog. There have been times when I've neglected my family because I was reading blogs. There were times when every single experience in my life was spent figuring out how I could turn it into a funny post. I think I lost touch with reality a little bit.

So, yes, I think blogging has changed me. I've become more honest, and open. And I've forgotten how to filter myself (or maybe I never knew...the jury's still out on that). I've lost my ability to discern between things that should be kept private and things that are OK to be published publicly.

So, for me, I will still be around, but not so much. Excuse me, in my absence.

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Sher said...

Ok, I think I fixed the comment problem. You can all give me comment love again. Thanks!

Kristina P. said...

Woot, woot!!

So, I know you've been struggling with blogging lately, and I think that just like anything, it takes on different meanings at different times in our lives. I only post once a week now, and that works for me. I no longer search for things to have to post about. I'll just be reading about something, and there will be an idea.

I know that when I inflict little mini-me's on the world, and have kids, my priorities will shift. I actually talked about this in my CBC panel, but I don't have kids, and I have a full time job with a lot of downtime and unlimited computer access. No one should have to compete with that.

I am glad I get to partake of your amazingess in person, on a regular basis. I feel bad for the poor saps who will miss out on that from the blogosphere. :)

Missy said...

I have a major sleeping problem so I do a lot of blogging throughout the night. My 12 year-old calls me a blog hopper so I think that means that I take a few too many peaks during the day. It is hard to balance family, work, and something you like. I hope you continue to blog, I so enjoy reading.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I think I've been through that cycle a few times. But I am like you and definitely feel that I have neglected my family... I also step back. I only post when i want and what I want. So sometimes I have few days where I don't post anything at all... or read blogs, or sometimes I read blogs but don't comment.

So I just spend time when it's not inconveniencing my family.

DeNae said...

Yes, blogging has changed me, and not all in bad ways. I started blogging to become a better writer, and I like to think I've improved over the last 18 months. Blogging also introduced me to a lot of terrific people - you included! - which was something I hadn't expected. Summer is a likely time for a lot of us to re-visit this, because our kids are home and we find ourselves online when our family is around, something that for me anyway happens less during the school year.

Comments will slow down for all of us now, we'll post a little less, and we'll spend more time with our families. That's ok. And if we get the bug again when school starts, that's ok too. I think it's all about balance. Like everything else.

Erin said...

I wish I lived closer to you so I could spend more time with you in person. Enjoy your time away from the blog!

wendy said...

Good post Sher...good question.
Yes blogging has also changed me a little too. It became something FAR more then I thought it would when I first started. But I don't use my blog as a journal like alot of people.
I use it as a "connection" with people. People I WISH I could meet in person (I am so glad I got to meet you) and friendships I wish I could enjoy in REAL WORLD and not just through the dang computer.
I don't want it to take over my life though. Especially now with the warm weather I NEED/want to be outside. I need to try and enjoy more of my REAL life and not fretting over the relationships I will never truly get to enjoy cause I'll never get to meet 90% of the people I visit through blogs. That is kinda sad. I am really a people person. I thrive on friends.
And --don't interpret this as oh pitty poor me---I don't see many people while living here and it is hard on me.
But I am adjusting.
Blogging is great fun...but should never take precedence over our REAL life and what needs taking care of. I think that's how most people feel eh.

Annette Lyon said...

Oh, yes. It's changed me--mostly in good ways, but I admit there have been times I've let it take priority when it shouldn't have.

It took me awhile to figure out where I fit in and what the point of my blog was and all that--mine isn't a journal (although sometimes I wish it were). And I had to figure out exactly WHAT it was and WHY I was doing it.

One great benefit to blogging: meeting and having friends like YOU.