Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Casual Blogger Conference

This space reserved to blog about the awesome conference (after I've had time to get hazmat here to clean up after the tornado that hit inside my house while I was gone).

For the past several months, I have watched my best friend, Elisa, stressing, eating, sleeping, and breathing this major endeavor she has taken on. I've listened to her ideas, and stood in absolute awe, watching her take on, and excel at this ginourmous task. She is seriously one of the most amazing people I've ever known. And all of her hard work paid off.

Here are Caroline and Elisa, literally buried in swag.

The conference was amazing! Nay, AMAXING!

I learned so much--like how to make lip gloss---all by myself; and how to get google to find my blog on searches (although, I'm afraid that no matter what I do, people searching for me will always find my arch-nemesis--that other SherriE Shepherd--first. Boo.)

I also attended an amazing panel on blogging through depression, and was reinforced that I'm not alone.

I was taught that I really do actually have something to write about, even though I made sure that everyone in DeNae's storytelling class, and Annie's writing classes knows that I'm stupid and I can only think in pictures. (if I can ever figure out how to translate the pictures into words). Maybe by next year's conference they'll invent a way to plug a usb port from my brain to my computer and you can just see my thoughts.

Veronica, DeNae, Crash (Debbie) and Me

Annie, Becca and Me

I met some wonderful ladies, many of whom up until now only lived inside my computer. You are all so beautiful and awesome and funny in person!

(L-R) Veronica, Becca, Annie, Me, Kristina

I was offered a bed at Becca's home, even though we'd only met in real life just the day before. What an awesome lady she is! I was allowed to crash in Veronica's hotel room, (she is one of my favorite people, btw) and stayed up til 4 in the morning, stuffing swag bags and getting to know some of my favorite imaginary friends in real life. It was great to finally meet Caroline, and Tenille, and Tracy, and Julie. And so many more, I can't even list you all. Also got to hang out with some of the Sassy's (I feel so special, like I sat at the popular girl's table),

l-r, (I'm sorry, I can't remember your name!) Vanessa, Becca, Annie, Veronica, Me, Kristina, Quinn, Emily

and Shelle, who was "just the photographer" but who is absolutely amazing. (All pictures in this post are courtesy of her awesomeness, except the ones I took, and the ones I stole from some of your blogs. Thanks, btw)

Rachel, me, and V

I love these girls!

Me and V, I absolutely adore this girl!

I watched an awesome concert by Mindy Gledhill, and Cameron Rafati. They are both incredible musicians, and I am a believer!
I'd say my only regret was not playing at the conference. I had several people ask me if I was playing, and showed their disappointment when they found out I wasn't. Thanks, you guys, for showing me your support. I see it as a hugely missed opportunity.

But for those of you who got my CD in your swag bag, please, please, listen to it, and blog about how much you loved it. Tell your friends! And don't forget to use your coupon from your swag bag to download Solitude for only $7!

It was an awesome weekend, and I had a great time. Thanks everyone!


Garden of Egan said...

I don't believe that about Hazmat. I work in the ER and I know Hazmat!

Hope you had a good time!

Alyson (New England Living) said...

You gotta love when daddy's in charge! Have fun recovering your home!

Missy said...

I want to go to a fun conference! Can't wait to hear more about the fun!

Cherry Blossoms said...

Thank you for your comment on my article on Mormon Mommy Blogs! Much Appreciated!

Warmest Wishes,

annie valentine said...

I'm so glad you took pictures, it makes me happy. And Cameron is hot.

wendy said...

Oh wow, I AM SO JEALOUS. I think if they do something like that again, I WILL HAVE TO SAVE AND FLY DOWN. I'd love to hang with you all and laugh and feel your joy.
I thought you WERE playing at the conference??
great pictures

Becca said...

You better spoon me, I mean sleep with me, I mean spend the night in my guest room next time!

Seriously the best weekend ever! Loved meeting you! And if you get tired of that talent of yours and want to give me a little I'm so ok with that!

Nick and Stacey said...

Looks like a fun time! You look beautiful in every single picture...gorgeous!

Terresa said...

Thanks for all the CBC picts. You & the ladies (DeNae! Annie! Kristina! Crash!) are gorgeous. An amaXing conference, for sure.

PS: I'm surprised you didn't perform...maybe next year?? (crossing fingers I can go, then)

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

OKay, I must seriously be losing it. So dense, so very, very dense. I have seen your little profile picture EVERYWHERE. But it wasn't until you left your little comment on my blog that I put two and two together. *snort* Oh dear, is it time for a CT scan yet?

I have a BLAST at the coneference. Elisa did such an amaXing job! I'm already looking forward to next year! And this time, I won't be scared to run up and say hi and confess to drooling over your beautiful music talent!

Mikki said...

Looks like it was really a success. I wonder what kind of things I'd have to do to make it to next years. Better start buttering my man up now. LOL

Motherboard said...

You're amaxing!

T said...

holy me coming late to the party - we DO listen to your CD all the time - I have a piano prodigy son (okay, okay - but he's my son so I HAVE to call him a prodigy) and we're always looking for more good music :)

So good to see all these people in real life after being a bloggy stalker for so long :) (okay, maybe "stalker" is a little harsh?)