Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Special Friend

I remember the days of old
Younger smiles and longer days
Until everything turned so bitter cold,
When I was shadowed from the Sun's rays.
Each day became a frightening night
with each word of bitter hate.
When darkness smothered all the light
I had to escape before it's too late.
My only hope was a simple thought
The memory of a former life
Remember something I'd been taught
to help me through my pain and strife.
I have a Special Friend
Who's line is always free
He's there for me, through to the end
He said He'll always love me.
That thought alone pulls me through
Knowing that I'm never alone
Always at my side, always true
He'll hold my hand, and lead me home.
written August 1995


Cynthia said...

Beautiful! You have such a gift.

Erin said...

That was beautiful!

wendy said...

It is interesting that you kept these writings that you did back then. That was wise of is neat to look back at our thoughts and feelings.

thanks for sharing with us Sher