Thursday, September 23, 2010


Here we go again--
tearing at each other like untamed beats.
somewhere, in the jungle,
too blind with anger to see the end,
strong arms of this everlasting pain.
It's time to make a change.
Break the ice and melt it all away.
find our way back home.
we've made promises we couldn't keep,
but it's not too late, love will lead the way.
time can only tell which way our sun will turn.
One day it may rise on some new horizon,
The Eastern sky will take it's turn
to feel the pain of lonely darkness.
And the color and the light of the rising sun
will warm our hearts in another sky.
When that day comes, we'll find the way--
the way to escape form the black jungle.
Onto green, ripe pastures,
flowers and sunshine in some other dimension.
Our own world with peace and love
I promise to make you happy
and our new sun will smile upon us
the morning of our love's rebirth.
written May 1995


Missy said...

I like this! I wish I had kept things I had written years ago...

Garden of Egan said...


wendy said...

It is amazing the things you wrote....should continue to write.