Friday, November 12, 2010

Coolest Orthodontist in Utah!

I'm serious!  Although, I really have no basis for judgement, being that I've never seen the inside of an orthodontist's office in my life. And I'm thankful for that, believe me.  But, if my teeth ever suddenly went crooked, or say, my kids need braces, THIS is the place I'd go.

Pobanz Orthodontics.  So much more than a place to get braces. 

Last Friday, I attended a fun little event put on by Mormon Mommy Blogs, and Pobanz Orthodontics, in South Ogden.

This is the photo for people who didn't forget to call a babysitter for their kindergartner, and therefore were able to arrive on time.  (Hence the reason I do not appear in this lovely photo).
Chris, Amber, Janet, Veronica, Lori, Lesa, Kendra, Jessica, Cassie, Andrea, Judy, Elisa, Dr. Pobanz

We learned about the different types of braces, and new and cutting edge methods for fitting them.  I was amazed at the different options there are.  We learned about a new type of braces called Damon braces, where the braces work faster to straighten the teeth than normal ones.  We also learned about a cool procedure where they actual use a machine to shape the braces instead by hand.  I also learned, most importantly for me, that I need to bring my kids in for a FREE consultation to see if their teeth are growing in the way they should, even if they are too young for braces just yet.

Something that really interested me was Dr. Pobanz presentation about a new method to help kids stop sucking their thumb.  He explained that thumb sucking can cause mouth and teeth deformation.  I never realized that, I always just thought it was a bad habit.  Dr. Pobanz has a very positive approach to helping kids.  Instead of the traditional negative response to thumb sucking (the spiky thing they used to put on kids' thumbs, or in my family's case--Tabasco sauce), he uses a contraption that actually gives kids something to play with in their mouth to keep them from wanting to suck their thumb.  Check this out, it's pretty cool.

We all got fitted for a teeth whitening kit. I've had one before, but I could tell just by the feel of the trays that these are really good quality.  I'm excited to use mine!

Dr. Pobanz gave us a very imformative presentation on how to shop for an orthodontist and what to look for.  Dr. Pobanz also illustrated to us how he and his staff put the fun into orthodontics (the most memorable being that everyone in their office seems to have a thing with playing dress-up).

We were also giving a presentation by Elisa at MMB and Janet at on how to write a review post (I hope I'm doing it right), and SEO.  Very informative!

Afterwards, we were fed a yummy lunch, and were given some serious loot!  Not only did we get the teeth whitening kit, but also a really nice electric tooth brush.  I got mine out and used it last night, and it's awesome!

But, the best part of the day was the drawing.  I won an Ipod Nano touch!  In PINK!  You can't tell, but I have my whitening trays on in the picture.  Super cute, right?

Thank you to Dr. Pobanz, MMB and Newspapergrl for a fabulous time!


Garden of Egan said...

You did score!!!!
Love your cute smile!
Looks like you all had a great time!

Kendal and Hunter said...

Glad you had a F*A*B*U*L*O*U*S day. Next time...I want to go too!! LOL

Preeti Kumari said...

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