Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Random Sherisms, Random Tunes....

Could life get any crazier? I supposed it could, yes, but I'd rather it didn't. I talked to my sister on the phone today. The one who has twins. She is seriously SUPER MOM! She told me all about getting judged by her kids' bus driver, and was actually asked if she needed to be reminded where babies come from. Can you believe that? The nerve! Also, the fun adventures in trying to grocery shop--showing up at the store, sticking one baby in the top of the cart, one inside the cart, and realizing that you don't have anywhere to put the food, so just turn around head home. Good times. I'm glad it's her and not me. I hate to say that, but there are certain people who are just more equipped to handle that kind of stress. Not me. That's why my baby is nearly 4, and why we don't see any pregnancies in our near future.


So, guess what I got today!

Yep, that's a box of CD's! They are done! They are here! Yippee! I'm going to have all sorts of celebrations next week! Including a giveaway over here, and here, a Release Party Concert, some promotional sales, and starting a blog tour. So, stay tuned!

And you can go on over here and order your CD today!!!


There is so much more I should be doing right now instead of blogging. Like cleaning my house, and carb-loading, getting ready for the big race tomorrow.

I'm running the Ogden Marathon tomorrow morning. Wow, that crept up on me fast! By this time tomorrow, I will be lying in bed, sleeping, or crawling around, walking down stairs backwards, like a cripple. But, it's worth it. Really, it is. I'm telling you. All that pain, and hours, and weeks, and months of's worth it. Do I sound convinced yet?

I'll be hitting the hay early tonight. Gotta catch a bus at 4:30 in the morning!


Yes, so this random post is going to be short. Because I have crap to do. And I've been sitting here for the last 5 minutes trying to think of something else to say, and I got nuttin'. My brain is fried. WAY too much going on over here these days. I'm really looking forward to some R&R, say this time next Indy....with the hubby....for our Anniversary.

Yeah, we're going to the redneck awesome Indy 500 race for our anniversary. Actually, the company goes every year for Memorial day weekend. This is the first year I've been able to go. And I used to think it would be so lame. Until last year, when C went without me, and ended up dressing up as Bryantman, and got to be in the parade.
I was so bugged that I missed that. Maybe the dude they hired to do it will have something come up again, and I'll get to see C as Bryantman in person this time!
How about some tunes for the road?
1. Can't Stop Now - Keane
2. Midnight Bottle - Colbie Caillat
3. Ice Cream - Sarah Mclachlan
4. Breakdown - Jack Johnson
5. As I Am - Miley Cyrus
6. If You Were Here - Thompson Twins
7. FEZ-Being Born - U2
8. Las Chicas - Laura Pausini
9. Sorry - Daughtry
10. Savin' Me - Nickelback
Bonus: Sunshine - Keane (hoping for some of that for the race tomorrow)
Have a great weekend everyone!


Ashley said...

I know what you mean about having twins. I don't think I could handle it either! It's hard enough just dealing with a toddler and a newborn at the same time, it feels like I'm losing my mind sometimes. :)

2busy said...

You sound incredibly busy. All good stuff. Good luck tomorrow!

Devri said...

Good luck tomorow! I got your email, won't be able to make it. But I would love to hear you sometime....

debilyn said...

Good luck in the marathon tomorrow!

I'm so excited that your CDs came...I'm either ordering or winning one of those babies (or both)

♥LOVE♥ Midnight Bottle!

Andrea said...

I hate sitting there and trying to come up with things to say sometimes. That's why my posts have been few and far between lately. It's not like I haven't been busy, but just none of it is blog-worthy! Good luck tomorrow!

Kristina P. said...

Have a great time tomorrow and good luck!

SO said...

I know you will do awesome tomorrow! Have a great run. And YAY! on the CD's getting there. Very cool.

And I would have been upset at missing out on Bryant man as well! That is an awesome picture.

DeNae said...

Please don't tell him I said this, but C kinda looks like he's doing the "gotta potty" dance in that picture. I know, I need help.

BEST OF LUCK WITH THE RACE!! And I just realized I STILL haven't ordered my CD. I'm a dork. I'll go over there right now!

Here's all my spare Karma. Use it wisely, young padowan!

wonder woman said...

Has you sister tried balancing carset #2 on the back of the basket? I used to do that when I had #1 in the seat and need a place to actually put the groceries.

That's GREAT about the CDs!! I can't imagine the thrill of seeing something like that that you put so much work into.

Best of luck tomorrow!! You'll do great!

Peggy said...

Good luck tomorrow!

And congrats on the CDs!

Heidi Ashworth said...

Good luck!!!

Rachel said...

Good luck in the race! I am so impressed that you even do that.

And I'm excited for your new CD. That's awesome. I think its amazing.

Mikki said...

Ok, I hope you get better hotel accomodations than at your last sporting event.
Good luck tomorrow!! I know you'll do great. As I'm typing this, you have three more hours of sleep. Hope they're restful.
I hope to order some of those cd's soon. Just waiting to get my bills all caught up. sigh.

Melissa said...

YAY for CD coming out!
YAY for marathons!
Enjoy every.foot.pound.on.the.pavement.


Ryan and Hetz said...

Sherrie, I actually ordered a cd a while ago of yours on paypal. I hope the picture of cd's is one for me, because I'm way excited to here it.

Annette Lyon said...

I bet opening that box was like seeing a new baby you work so hard for. Congratulations! (Can't wait to get mine.)

Good luck on the marathon!

tammy said...

Can't wait for my CD!!

Luvpilot used to go to the Indy 500 every year. He flew this millionaire at the time who had box seats and let the pilots join in the fun too.

wendy said...

I am so proud of you in runnning that race on Saturday!!! It is an amazing feat I think. I hope your husband has a wonderful, bubbly bath ready for you, with your favorite bubbly, candles and feet rubs afterwards!!!!!! I want to hear all about it ---all the nitty gritty wanted to die details.

tiburon said...

Seeing Keane on that list made me do the happy dance!

Hooray for the CD's too!!

Dede said...

Congrats on receiving the CDs!!! What an exciting, if crazy, time!!

Jo said...

Whoo hoo for your CD's arriving!