Friday, May 29, 2009

Random Sherisms, and Random Tunes

How long has it been since I did a random Friday post? I can't even remember. Well, life has just simply gotten in the way. If you can't tell from reading my blog the past few weeks, well, I've been sort of....uh....busy.

And I have to apologize for being so neglectful. I haven't commented on blogs for somewhere around a month. When I got home from Indy, I logged in to my google reader and learned that it's capabilities max out at 1000. Because my reader said I had 1000+ unread posts. Talk about panic attack! I started out trying to read some of them, but I just got too overwhelmed. So forgive me. I hit "mark all as read." And it was very cleansing.

But, then I logged in yesterday, and there were 100 more posts. Seriously, people, take it easy! I just can't keep up! I'm trying though. Really, I am. So, if you don't get a comment from me, it's not because I don't love you. I'll get there...eventually.

I want to thank everyone who is participating in my blog tour. You guys rock! Not to mention, the serious ego boost. You have written the nicest things about me. Seriously, you are too, too kind.

Just so you know, the blog tour is continuing into next week.
Be sure to check out Wonderwoman, and Kristina today. They have written a review, and Kristina is having a giveaway. Go check it out!
Coming up on the tour:

Tink - Monday 6/1
Melissa - Tuesday 6/2
Jan - Wednesday 6/3
2busy- Thursday 6/4
Amber - Friday 6/5

Thanks ladies!!


A few weeks ago I promised to tell you about all of my cases if mistaken identity. I'll tell you, if I can remember.
First of all, a couple of months ago, I suddenly started getting a zillion followers on Twitter. I was thinking "yeah, I'm so popular!" But, I went over to see who was following me, and discovered these people were also following people like Oprah, P. Diddy, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck. That's when I realized something. These people actually think I'm the Sherri Shepherd from the View (at the time I didn't have my photo on twitter, just a picture of a piano).

So, I thought, hey, I'm going to ride this a long as it lasts! So, I put up a tweet linking to my reverbnation site, so people could come and listen to my music. Hey what's wrong with riding someone else's fame? Especially since she stole my name? Right?
I thought it might be funny to write something about Sherrie Shepherd being a Mormon, just to stir the pot.

Ultimately, I ended up writing a tweet about how yes, my name is Sherrie Shepherd, and no I don't have a job on a daytime TV talk show, but the followers kept coming. I guess I'll let them figure it out themselves.


That's the first little identity mix up. And probably the funniest. The other two were a couple of phone messages I got.

First, I got a weird message from some lady saying she'd seen my ad on KSL, and was wondering if I still had Australian Shepherd puppies for sale. Now call me crazy, but don't people usually put their phone # on those ads? How could she have gotten my number instead? And the weird thing? Australian Shepherd? Sherrie Shepherd? Coincidence? I think NOT!

I'm pretty sure somebody thought it would be funny to pull a prank on me. Either that or this lady is dumb as a doornail.
Second message: some dude left a message wondering if we were the parents of Bart Shepherd (that wasn't really his name, I can't remember what it was, but it wasn't Bart). I chose to ignore it, since we haven't parented any children named Bart or the other name for that matter.
Two days later, I got a phone call from the same dude, which I happened to answer this time. Again, the dude asked if we were any relation to "Bart." I told him No. He then proceeded to explain to me why it was so urgent that he reach this person.
Apparently, the dude lived out of state somewhere, and his daughter had come here to UT for school, and met some dude named "Bart" Shepherd, who turned out to be a meth dealer, got her hooked and drugs, and then they skipped town.
This poor guy was desperately trying to find his daughter. And he was going through the phone book, searching for any family member of this guy, hoping he could find his whereabouts.
My heart went out to him. I explained that no, I didn't know the guy, and that any distance relatives were from out of state. I wished him luck, and hung up.
I sincerely hope that he found his daughter. Sad, huh?


I'm working on getting my songs transcribed this week, so whoever wins the giveaway can have their pick of sheet music. But, my computer is not well. I think it may have picked up a bug. I'm working on fixing it, but it's really being slow lately.
Speaking of which, have you entered my CD/sheet music giveaway yet? Click here and go enter! If you've already gotten a CD, that's OK, you can win one to give away as a gift. Father's day is coming up! AND you get to pick one song from the album as sheet music. Don't play the piano? Save it for your future concert pianists in your family, or give it to a friend. I'll also have some yummy goodies in there.
The giveaway ends at Midnight on Sunday, so hurry and enter!


And to pull weeds. Yay for me.
And my random 10 tunes: (Hey, come play along!)
1. It's Not Over - Daughtry
2. Heaven - Warrant
3. The Gambler - Kenny Rogers
4. Everybody's Changing - Keane
5. Fear - Sarah Mclachlan
6. Where There's No Tomorrow - Peter Cetera
7. Fire and Rain - James Taylor
8. Can't Have You - Jonas Brothers
9. If I Could - Jack Johnson
10. Muoio Per Te - Sting and Zucchero

Bonus: Just Another Heartache - Chely Wright

Have a great weekend!


Kristina P. said...

That story about the dad is heartbreaking! I hope he finds his daughter.

And 1,000 unread items? I had no idea.

The Garden of Egan said...

Wow, you are famous just like I said you were.

Jillene said...

First--HELLO famous!!

Second--the story about the dad and the daughter and the meth dealer is just heartbreaking!!

Julie Wright said...

That story about the dad is just sad. I hope he finds her. Your new album looks awesome and you have a talent I totally covet. Congratulations on that.

Mikki said...

Well, I think you should enjoy your ride to stardom for as long as it lasts. I'll still follow you when everyone figures it out. I think, they'll still probably follow you then too, because, seriously--you rock!!!
About that poor father, so sad. I'm praying for him.

tammy said...

So funny about the other Sherri. And so sad about that Dad. That broke my heart. I can't imagine that pain.

Motherboard said...

That is so sad about the Dad. I hope he finds his daughter. Worst nightmare EVER!

But even more of a nightmare: Peter Cetera AND The Gambler? Your ipod needs an overhaul, my friend!

DeNae said...

Your hair is SO much better than that fake Sherrie Shepherd. And SHE doesn't text me with promises of future stalking. That's true friendship, baby!

And I can NOT believe you are on Twitter! I'm so out of touch they might as well bury me and call it a day.

Jan the crazy lady said...

Seriously, I have mistaken you for her too :) That is funny.

Shauna said...

You are famous :) Hope you have a great weekend :)

Amberlynn said...

That's awesome Sher. I would ride that train for as long as it takes me too. You're awesome!! Love ya heaps!

Becca said...

I think that saying you're busy is just a bit of an understatement! And that poor dad- I can't even imagine being in that situation, I hope he finds her.

Chas Hathaway said...

I hear you about the feed reader deal. I think I'm subscribed to too many blogs, because I always have over 1000 unread posts. Oh, well. I mostly just go to my very favorites now.

- Chas

Jo said...

Weird name mixups! My hubby shares the same name with another man, we were ALWAYS getting phone calls for this other dude, it was weird.

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

I know this is totally not the point of your post, but it made me want a puppy. I've heard so many good things about your CD; I might have to pick one up when I'm in Utah next week.

Tink said...

I know what you mean on the blogging world! I've cut back seriously from reading people's blogs. Not because I want to, but because I'm finding it hard to find the time like I used to. So I go in about once a week and try and read up. Today mine said I had over 500. Ouch! Sadly, the less I blog, the less people come and visit mine. I guess that's the price I pay. I'm finding out painfully that you receive what you give.

Cadance said...

That had me laughing out loud! How funny they think your on the VIEW! You should definetly go with it! Have a little fun! I'll wait to see if they say anything about "you" on TMZ!!!! AWESOME!