Monday, November 9, 2009

Playing Catchup: A month (or so) in pictures

Vegas trip--Oct. 15-17th.

C went down for a football game. I had sick kids home from school that week. C called me from Vegas bragging about how big and fancy his free hotel room was, so the kids and I packed up and were on the road within an hour. I'd forgotten how much I like spontaneous road trips.

TJ's 6th Birthday--Oct 19th

We told him Vegas was his "birthday trip" hoping that would appease him not having a party. It was great until KJ's birthday came around and she wanted to know where she was going for her "birthday trip."

We took TJ out to his favorite restaurant, Tepanyaki. He "loves shrimp more than people love Jesus." Wow, he really, really loves shrimp!

This cake was made by the wonderful Amberlicious. You might know her from here.
Thanks Amber, you saved the day!!

Page, AZ--Oct 23-25
I went with this choir--the Kaye Starr singers--that I just joined. I am their sometimes accompanist, sometimes 2nd soprano. We went to Page to perform a fireside and two sacrament meetings. Somehow the only pictures I got were at Lake Powell. I meant to get a pic of the whole choir, but I forgot.

Cleopatra--I had to make her put her costume back on after she got home, because she cruised out trick-or-treating with her friends before I got a chance to take pictures.


Tinkerbell--she was not happy to be getting pictures

What a nice big brother!

KJ's 8th Birthday--Nov. 8th

I decided to take a stab at making the cake myself. She wanted High School Musical. I used to make all my kids cakes. I guess KJ doesn't care about it being lopsided and crooked. But it tasted good!
We took her to Chuck E. Cheese on Saturday and let her bring 2 of her cousins (who happened to be in town that day, so we invited them). What an exciting germ-fest!

We had the whole fam-damily over for cake and ice cream on her birthday (yesterday)

Somehow we didn't get a picture of her baptism dress. It's so pretty! I guess you'll have to wait until I post about her Baptism in December!

And I just had to post my cute baby niece and nephew (not brother and sister, but cousins) because I just love them so much!!

So, there you have it! I'm sure there will be more with Thanksgiving, KJ's baptism, and Christmas coming up!


Jillene said...

Great pictures!! I feel much the same. I haven't put anything up in what seems like forever. That is because I am trying really hard to come out of my blog funk.

I tried really hard to get H to be Cleopatra. But then she saw the Genie at Children's Place and that was it. Oh well. Your kids look AWESOME--your little one reminds me so much of my little one and the not liking me to take pictures!!

2busy said...

Love the pictures. I would love to go to Lake Powell. It is on my someday list. That hotel room was to die for. I would have jumped in the car, too...

The Garden of Egan said...

Spontaneous trip? I guess!!!! Way to go!
Looks like you were able to manage to have JUST a little bit of fun!
Love the pictues, the kids are so cute.

Rebecca Talley said...

Fun pics. I use photos to do a collage for our Christmas card because photos tell so much. Looks like you've had some great times!

wendy said...

You have been busy. Cool that you would just pack up the kids, get in the car and head off to VEGAS. I am such a chicken --very frightened - to drive somewhere by myself that involves the CITY.
I like driving where the fastest thing on the road has a "yellow triangle sign" on the back of it (meaning slow)

Cute halloween photos
I'd love to be in a choir.
I love to sing.

and good job on the birthday cake

Jessica said...

Your kids looked so cute for Halloween! I like your spontaneous trip to Vegas. Did you tell C that you were coming or did you just show up? Your birthday cake was awesome! I admire your patience.

Cynthia said...

That's quite the hotel room! Too bad you had the kids along to cramp the romance! LOL! Nah, I'm sure it was fun to have the whole family there. I love Lake Powell too. What a great time!

Andrea said...

I love the pic of your kids checking out the tub. The things that catch kid's attention, cracks me up! Good job on the cake to both you and Amber... Tyson really is a sweetie, too cute! Glad you're back!

Kristina P. said...

I love that you crashed the Hub's hotel stay.

Your kids are adorable. And the cake is awesome!

Sherrie said...

Love the pics. Looks like many fun times and memories made. I also enjoyed listening to your music today. You are one talented woman! I play piano but nothing like you do. Beautiful music!

Mikki said...

Love ALL the pics!! Your cake looks great!!! I'm way impressed. I suck at decorating cakes.
Yeah, I'm blog funky lately too. I don't even rush over to see if I have comments like I used to either.
Hope you're doing well, keeping ya' in my prayers!

M-Cat said...

Love the photo recap!
Looks like life has been good at the piano runners house!

Natalie said...

Have I ever mentioned that C has the best job? Oh, I have? About 1,000 times? Ok I will quit mentioning it.
BTW I can't believe you went swimming in Lake Powell this late in the year, I bet it was freezing.