Friday, November 6, 2009

Random Sherisms and Random Tunes

Except not the Random Tunes part because my iPod broke. Anyone want to start a collection to buy me a new one?
Or does anyone know if there is a place that fixes Ipods?
I've had to listen to the radio for the past month now, and it's driving me CRAZY!!
Although, there are some cool new songs out there.
My kids LOVE that Black Eyed Peas One--whose name I can't quite remember right now.
And the Owl City Fireflies song is growing on me.
I'd tell you about all the songs that irritate me, but I don't know what they are, because when they come on I just change the station.
I'm smart like that.


As you may know, I have been on drugs of late. Super awesome drugs. About weeks ago, my doc's nurse called and told me to up my dosage from 2 pills a day to 6 pills a day.
And by golly, if it didn't work wonders! I was feeling so great! I was sleeping at night, I had energy!
I even went to the gym. Twice! It hurt like hell, and totally kicked my butt, and I had to sleep it off the rest of the day, but I kinda sorta almost back baby!

Then, on Wednesday, I ran out of the wonder drug. And since my actual written prescription says 2 pills a day, my insurance company refused to pay for the refill. AND the pharmacy refused to refill my prescription with my doctor writing a new one. Because they're worried about me overdosing. Seriously? on anti-thryoid drugs? It's not like its Oxycontin or something like that. So, I finally got hold of my doctor, to call in a new prescription. And the pharmacy is calling me, still having problems with my insurance.
Stupid hacks. It's because I've met my deductible and now they don't want to have to pay for me to get better.

It sucks.


The flip side of getting better is that I'm gaining weight. And yeah, I know that's a good thing since I'd lost so much. But, I've gained 15 pounds in 3 weeks. Yeah, that can't be healthy.
And since I haven't exercised in 4 months, my muscles of atrophied, and I'm just a giant (ok little) blob. I just roll from room to room.
Add the super sexy red, itchy rashy hives all over my body, and I am one HOT super Mama.


I have completely lost my blogging mojo. I am in a blogging rut. I have lost my desire to write blogs. I have lost my desire to read blogs. And yes, I realize the irony that I'm writing that on my blog. Ha ha (that's for you Motherboard--LoL)
I'm not sure if I should just walk away, start a new different blog, go private so I can stop worrying about caring, or what.
Any suggestions?


The mocus has arrived at our house. (That's what we call it when we're sick--I like it, I got it from my Mom). Yesterday, Peter was laid flat in bed (except when she was running to the bathroom throwing up). She had a fever and still has a nasty cough. In the moment, I was sure it was the Swine flu. But now, I'm think more of a 24 hour bug. Nobody else has caught it yet, thank goodness.

Hopefully, it stays that way.


I'm aware that this is all boring, un-funny crap. Note, the blogging rut afore mentioned.
Maybe I'll get around to posting cute and cheesy pictures of my kids from Halloween and birthdays.

We have another birthday this weekend. KJ is turning 8! She's getting all baptism stuff. And she wants a High School Musical cake. And I got motivated (or crazy) and decided to make it.
Wish me luck.

Over and Out.


Heidi Ashworth said...

Let me preface this by saying, in light of my latest post about unsolicited advice, that I am NOT giving advice. Just sharing .. .my thyroid had a crash in April and I didn't get an increase (I've been on meds for 15 years) until almost June (it's a long story) and it has taken me more than six months to start to feel up to speed again. I didn't feel like blogging much either. I'm feeling better now and since I'm hypothyroid, the meds help me not to gain weight so that is grand. Are you hyper thyroid? Anyway, I'm so glad that you got your meds and you are feeling better-and you will be feeling better and better in so many ways, though it might take longer than you would like. And the weight gain thing--yeah, not fun. Hang in there sweet Sherrie!

DeNae said...

All I can say is, if you go private, I'd best be on the list!

And I KNEW insurance companies were the devil's handiwork. Next time your doctor's office calls w/ new instructions, have 'em contact the insurance company first.

I'm glad you're feeling better, and I wouldn't worry too much about that weight gain. You're beautiful, and you had a little room to grow!

Lara said...

I hate HATE dealing with the insurance people. Argh. Good luck with that. Seriously, we HAVE insurance for a purpose, and they are all about being stingy with it and have completely lost sight of why they exist in the first place. Blah.

I AM glad you are feeling better, but take it easy sister! Don't wear yourself out too fast.

Have a fun 8th birthday party...I bet she's so excited. :)

wonder woman said...

I want to keep reading your blog, but I don't care if it's private. Just put me on the list.

And just FYI, pretty much everything going around now is swine flu. At least that's what my pediatrician said.

kado! said...

i accidentally turned in my husbands prescription a couple days early (it is monthly and had 8 more days until a month was officially up) and CVS went all "detective" on me...flagged the prescription because we sometimes fill at Walgreen's was hilarious in an annoying I'm not trying to scam the drug system sort of way! I can see if it was an Adderall prescription...but it was a lame drug....come on!

2busy said...

Glad you are feeling better. You'll feel like blogging once everything is right. Don't go private!

Sherrie said...

I hate insurance companies and the BS they dish out. I'm sorry you are having to deal with that on top of everything else. I think you will feel like blogging and other normal activities once you get feeling better. Hey, I just found you and I enjoy reading your blog... so don't go private. Give yourself some time! Have a good weekend my new bloggy friend :)

Rachel Sue said...

I heard the same thing that WW did-- everything is swine flu. So reassuring, I know.

I hope you get your meds soon. I'm right there hating the insurance companies. They just cut my nieces psorisis drugs. $1000 a month for her drugs. The heartless, evil hags. But don't get me started. . .

M-Cat said...

Damn insurance company! The fact that you have a post out here is good enough for me. No worries about a rut, it'll come back, but if you do decide to go private....don't forget about me??


Hilary said...

Is thyroid medicine that expensive? On it's own?
Silly insurance, just one fine benefit to Kaiser, along with about 4 bazillion not-so fancy benefits. :)
I'm glad you're getting your mojo back. I was in a HUGE rut post-baby... but I got it back. Take a break! The will to blog will come back.