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Death, Funerals and Hymn Books

My grandfather passed away on June 5, 2006. He was 80 years old. I remember this day clearly, because it was my baby girl's 1st birthday. He had been suffering with Melanoma for six years, a major feat for a man in his late seventies. I guess most people with Melanoma don't live that long.

He had been on hospice care for several weeks. I went to visit him a few times, each time he was worse than the time before. He had such a wonderful sense of humor, and was always so kind and caring and affectionate. He called me Sher Babe, and had the most infectious laugh. He admired me for my skills at the piano, and told me so every chance he got. He was an amazing artist and I have several of his paintings in my home.

One of the last times I saw him, he could barely speak, because the chemo had made his throat and mouth raw and painful, but he was still cracking jokes. The last time I saw him alive, he was in so much pain, they had him medicated and he was unconscious. He wasn't my Grandpa anymore.

I was driving home from taking the kids swimming for Peter's birthday at the Roy Aquatic Center when my Dad called me, telling me Grandpa had passed away, and that he had wanted me to play the piano for his funeral. His favorite hymn was Abide with Me, 'Tis Eventide.

My brothers and I wrote a simple arrangement for the piano, bass, and violin. I brought my hymn book to the mortuary with me. It was a wedding gift and had C's and my name inscribed on it. The song was beautiful, and I know my Grandpa was there listening to us play for him.
After the beautiful funeral service we made our way to the interment where my Grandfather was honored with a gun salute for his service in WWWII. It was beautiful.

The next day, I realized I had left my hymn book at the mortuary. I called them, telling them it had my name on it, but they said they couldn't find it. A week later, I called again, this time leaving my phone number, in case it turned up. Still nothing. I never heard anything again. Until yesterday,....

when I received a package in the mail, with the return address labeled from Lindquist's mortuary. I could not for the life of me figure out what a mortuary would be sending me. But, then, I opened it. And there was my hymn book. Three and a half years it was.

And from now on, this hymn book will always remind me of my Grandfather.

I love you Grandpa!

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Save me! Save Me! I'm Dying!

I was going to do a top 10 list to prove I'm not crazy, but I couldn't think of 10 things proving I'm sane.

So, I'm on this anti-thyroid medication. (By the way, I did finally get my prescription refilled). And I'm not sure if I've mentioned that my doc told me all about the side effects, one of which is this really rare complication that basically causes a horrible bone marrow infection and I could die. And the symptoms? Low grade fever and sore throat. If I get those symptoms, I should go straight to the ER and get admitted for treatment. Or die. No biggie.

Well, Friday I saw my husband for like 5 hours, he was in town for maybe 24--most of which he was working/sleeping. We decided while he was in town we'd go out to dinner. I got all dolled up, hired a babysitter, and we drove into Salt Lake for a night on the town. The moment we got in the car I was feeling queasy. I figured it was my regular empty stomach nausea. (That's a real thing people, it's the reason I have to constantly eat all day.) So, once we got to the restaurant, and I started eating, I felt much better. But, half way home, the queasy turned into more of a full blown If-I-don't-throw-up-soon-I-might-die sort of feeling (is there a word for that?) I made it almost home. We had to pull over in front of the neighbor's house around the corner and I threw up all over their gutter (sorry neighbor!).

Sorry, I didn't mean for that to turn into a play by play of my vomiting skills.

Anyway, no harm, no foul, I was probably just poisoned. You know, by the people who are out to get me. (See? Not CRAZY!)

The hubs left again on Saturday,
But, then, Sunday night, after sleeping all day, and not going to church, I decided to break the Sabbath and go to Mickey D's so my kids wouldn't starve all day. (This is completely excusable by the simple fact that my husband had been out of town for like 2 weeks straight and I was totally checked out). Well, I think I was cursed for it or something because not a full hour after we got home I started getting a sore throat.

Of course, I laid in bed all night fretting, should I go to the ER, should I call someone at 3am to come stay with my kids, so I can go to the hospital? What if I die in my sleep, and my husband comes home after a long work trip to find me dead in my bed and my children wailing and gnashing their teeth, surrounding their dead mother. (Actually, that wouldn't happen. If I died, KJ would totally assume the role, and they would all live happily ever after. She is very nurturing.)

So, here I am, sitting here, typing this message, terrified for my life. I have lost my ability to speak, or swallow. I'm pretty sure, that at this moment, my whole body is eating itself inside out, and when you find me, I'll be nothing but a shell of the person I once was.


I am NOT a hypochondriac! Say it with me...I am NOT.....


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Playing Catchup: A month (or so) in pictures

Vegas trip--Oct. 15-17th.

C went down for a football game. I had sick kids home from school that week. C called me from Vegas bragging about how big and fancy his free hotel room was, so the kids and I packed up and were on the road within an hour. I'd forgotten how much I like spontaneous road trips.

TJ's 6th Birthday--Oct 19th

We told him Vegas was his "birthday trip" hoping that would appease him not having a party. It was great until KJ's birthday came around and she wanted to know where she was going for her "birthday trip."

We took TJ out to his favorite restaurant, Tepanyaki. He "loves shrimp more than people love Jesus." Wow, he really, really loves shrimp!

This cake was made by the wonderful Amberlicious. You might know her from here.
Thanks Amber, you saved the day!!

Page, AZ--Oct 23-25
I went with this choir--the Kaye Starr singers--that I just joined. I am their sometimes accompanist, sometimes 2nd soprano. We went to Page to perform a fireside and two sacrament meetings. Somehow the only pictures I got were at Lake Powell. I meant to get a pic of the whole choir, but I forgot.

Cleopatra--I had to make her put her costume back on after she got home, because she cruised out trick-or-treating with her friends before I got a chance to take pictures.


Tinkerbell--she was not happy to be getting pictures

What a nice big brother!

KJ's 8th Birthday--Nov. 8th

I decided to take a stab at making the cake myself. She wanted High School Musical. I used to make all my kids cakes. I guess KJ doesn't care about it being lopsided and crooked. But it tasted good!
We took her to Chuck E. Cheese on Saturday and let her bring 2 of her cousins (who happened to be in town that day, so we invited them). What an exciting germ-fest!

We had the whole fam-damily over for cake and ice cream on her birthday (yesterday)

Somehow we didn't get a picture of her baptism dress. It's so pretty! I guess you'll have to wait until I post about her Baptism in December!

And I just had to post my cute baby niece and nephew (not brother and sister, but cousins) because I just love them so much!!

So, there you have it! I'm sure there will be more with Thanksgiving, KJ's baptism, and Christmas coming up!

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Happy 8th Birthday KJ!

I love you, my sweet girl!







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Random Sherisms and Random Tunes

Except not the Random Tunes part because my iPod broke. Anyone want to start a collection to buy me a new one?
Or does anyone know if there is a place that fixes Ipods?
I've had to listen to the radio for the past month now, and it's driving me CRAZY!!
Although, there are some cool new songs out there.
My kids LOVE that Black Eyed Peas One--whose name I can't quite remember right now.
And the Owl City Fireflies song is growing on me.
I'd tell you about all the songs that irritate me, but I don't know what they are, because when they come on I just change the station.
I'm smart like that.


As you may know, I have been on drugs of late. Super awesome drugs. About weeks ago, my doc's nurse called and told me to up my dosage from 2 pills a day to 6 pills a day.
And by golly, if it didn't work wonders! I was feeling so great! I was sleeping at night, I had energy!
I even went to the gym. Twice! It hurt like hell, and totally kicked my butt, and I had to sleep it off the rest of the day, but I kinda sorta almost back baby!

Then, on Wednesday, I ran out of the wonder drug. And since my actual written prescription says 2 pills a day, my insurance company refused to pay for the refill. AND the pharmacy refused to refill my prescription with my doctor writing a new one. Because they're worried about me overdosing. Seriously? on anti-thryoid drugs? It's not like its Oxycontin or something like that. So, I finally got hold of my doctor, to call in a new prescription. And the pharmacy is calling me, still having problems with my insurance.
Stupid hacks. It's because I've met my deductible and now they don't want to have to pay for me to get better.

It sucks.


The flip side of getting better is that I'm gaining weight. And yeah, I know that's a good thing since I'd lost so much. But, I've gained 15 pounds in 3 weeks. Yeah, that can't be healthy.
And since I haven't exercised in 4 months, my muscles of atrophied, and I'm just a giant (ok little) blob. I just roll from room to room.
Add the super sexy red, itchy rashy hives all over my body, and I am one HOT super Mama.


I have completely lost my blogging mojo. I am in a blogging rut. I have lost my desire to write blogs. I have lost my desire to read blogs. And yes, I realize the irony that I'm writing that on my blog. Ha ha (that's for you Motherboard--LoL)
I'm not sure if I should just walk away, start a new different blog, go private so I can stop worrying about caring, or what.
Any suggestions?


The mocus has arrived at our house. (That's what we call it when we're sick--I like it, I got it from my Mom). Yesterday, Peter was laid flat in bed (except when she was running to the bathroom throwing up). She had a fever and still has a nasty cough. In the moment, I was sure it was the Swine flu. But now, I'm think more of a 24 hour bug. Nobody else has caught it yet, thank goodness.

Hopefully, it stays that way.


I'm aware that this is all boring, un-funny crap. Note, the blogging rut afore mentioned.
Maybe I'll get around to posting cute and cheesy pictures of my kids from Halloween and birthdays.

We have another birthday this weekend. KJ is turning 8! She's getting all baptism stuff. And she wants a High School Musical cake. And I got motivated (or crazy) and decided to make it.
Wish me luck.

Over and Out.

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