Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Group Family Therapy and Being One with Nature

Well, I didn't actually go to therapy with my family, per se. But, I did haul a truck load of camping gear, and my husband and children up the canyon. Close enough.

There is something so therapeutic about being in the mountains. I not some new age-y, hippy, tree-hugging fanatic or anything, but being "one with nature" is so....cleansing. Eye opening. Talk about your back-to-basics, reminds-you-of-what's-really-important type of trip.

And, really, all it was, was a family camp out to Bear Lake. For one night. But, I came home feeling renewed and refreshed. And happy.

There's nothing like the healing power of laughter. And no one can make me laugh like my sisters. We're talking deep belly, laugh till you can't breath, and your tummy and your cheeks hurt kind of laughter.

I love my family.

And here's photographic proof that the combination of being with people who love me, and witnessing the beauty of God's creations first hand, are infinitely healing. (I made a little video, feel free to watch it if you have the time).


Wonder Woman said...

Oh my gosh, I forgot how much I love this song. I'm so glad your trip was therapeutic for you!

Missy said...

I would rather stick a fork up my rump!LOL
I am happy that you and your family enjoyed your time together!

DeNae said...

Oh, how I miss mountains that actually have TREES on them! And RIVERS! And, you know, FLOWERS and stuff.

Sounds heavenly.

Garden of Egan said...

Beautiful! Love the pix with the music. You are awesome.

Glad you had a good time. I think Bear Lake is gorgeous. I've only been there twice, but I loved it.

You are darling.

wendy said...

I am glad you had this little get away and that it made you happy.

That is why I love where I live...I get that wonderful beauty and feeling of being in nature every day. I see something amazing every day. (uh, except winter, groan)

Was that you playing the piano during the little video?

Camille said...

I love family reunions, being reminded of how much you're loved, and spending valuable time with the important people in your life. Your family is beautiful! (and so is your musical ability!) Loved the video!

Braden said...

I'm glad that trip and reunion were good! I think you're right about the cleansing effects of nature!