Thursday, May 13, 2010

Random Sherisms and Random Tunes

I had started writing a post entitled "Tra La, it's May!" And as I sat listening to Julie Andrews (as Queen Guenevere) singing inside my head, I had an epiphany. Ok, not really an epiphany as much as a sudden wave of dispute and rebellion. Tra La? Bull Butter! (that's my new favorite phrase, by the way). May has got to be the most INSANE month of the year. It's by far worse than December. Because, first of all, it's Spring, and the phase of the moon and the tide or something because I don't know about you, but my kids are CRAZY! It's like they've been possessed by some hyperactive alien who desperately needs to jump and yell all. Day. Long! And of course, since it's Spring, every sport on the planet is taking place at the same time. We are driving here and there and everywhere, sometimes in opposite directions at the same time, to get kids to baseball and soccer, and stuff. AND it's the last month of school. So kindergarten programs, preschool programs, recitals, performances....
....I'm having chest pains right now thinking about it. Holy crap, I think I'm having a heart attack!

After this month, I think Annie's advice on her blog yesterday, is the most sound advice I've ever been given.

So, after soccer season is over, and school gets out, and softball and baseball season gets over, and my girls have their singing recital, and swimming lessons, and football clinics...I'm totally pulling the kids out of their activities for the summer.

Peter at her karate belt test. Now she's a blue belt!

T's kindergarten program. Sorry, I took these with my phone...forgot the camera. (T is on the back row, third from the right in the green shirt) K's piano recital. Here she is with her amazing teacher, Andrea!

If you need us, you'll find us by the pool.


I wish there were a way to comment right from google reader. I know it would drive down people's traffic, but it sure would make things so much easier.

That said, I haven't read blogs in ages.

I log in to my reader about once a month, see the 1000+ unread posts, mark all as read, and promise to stay on top of it from now on. Then, a month later, I do the exact same thing.

Sorry, I'm not a good blog visitor.


I had to rewrite "He Healeth Me" I had some remnants of "I Know that My Redeemer Lives" in the accompaniment. It was really cool. But I guess the Church doesn't allow its intellectual properties to be put up on You Tube. Did you know that? I just found out yesterday. So, I went through and rewrote most of the accompaniment to take out the hymn. Honestly, I actually really like how it turned out.

I think there must be a LOT of illegal churchy stuff on You Tube.


We hit the recording studio tonight! I'm so excited for everyone to hear the song. It will debut with the Road Show book trailer, and then a full length version of the song will be available for download! Yay!! Stay tuned!


I'm running the Ogden half marathon tomorrow! It almost feels anticlimactic after all the other crazy stuff going on this week. I'm a little nervous that even though I ran a half marathon three weeks ago, that I'm going in unprepared. I ran a total of 3.4 miles this week. And that was on a treadmill. I haven't exercised since Wednesday, and I've eaten sugar and junk for every meal for the past two days. (I'm blaming stress).

At first, I was hoping to at least beat my time from Thanksgiving point (my slowest half marathon ever). But, now, I'm just hoping to finish without keeling over.

Here's to getting in to the rush of race day and pleasantly surprising myself. (fingers crossed)


I discovered my voice recorder on my phone last night on my way down to play for my sister's Enrichment night in Lehi. I had some serious epiphanies while sitting in traffic! Some worthy of their own post, so I won't write them down now.

But, I actually thought maybe it'd be cool to just post the voice stream, if I could figure out how to do that. Anybody know how?


K, I'm off to practice, clean, shower, etc, etc.
But, I'll leave you with some happy tunes for the weekend!

1. Knockin' On Heaven's Door - Eric Clapton
2. Defying Gravity - Wicked
3. Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy - Big & Rich
4. In Love Again - Harry Connick, Jr.
5. Buy Me a Rose - Kenny Rogers
6. I Can't Make You Love Me - Bonnie Raitt
7. Papa Don't Preach - Madonna
8. The Song Remembers When - Trish Yearwood
9. Chasing Pavements - Adele
10. Exodos - Eros Ramazotti
Bonus: Barriers - David Archuleta


Steph said...

My kids are down to only karate for the summer... unless one of them make the all star team for baseball like last year... then... ahhhhhhhhhhh

Kristina P. said...

Good luck tomorrow, my friend!

Rachel Sue said...

I so wish that I could comment from google reader. It would just save soooooo much time.

Good luck on your race!

Missy said...

WoW! You are really busy! I agree that May is crazy!

Lara said...

Wow. I don't know how you do it!

I have my kids in music lessons and girl scouts and that is too much sometimes. I add more in the summer because that's when I can handle it, because my husband doesn't work much in the summer.

Funny how that all goes.

I can't wait to hear your song! :)