Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ten Years

It was May 26, 2000. A Friday. I awoke promptly to the sound of my alarm at 4:00 a.m. When normally, I would have pushed snooze a couple dozen times, I arose immediately, surprised at the restful sleep I'd had, despite thoughts of excitement and anticipation swimming in my head.

I hurriedly made my way from my bedroom in my parent's basement to the bathroom to take a shower. Four months before I had moved back home after 3 years of living with roommates. I took special care to get extra clean and shaven, and began the tedious task of doing my hair and make-up. As I wandered up stairs, I found my Mom and sisters up and ready to help me get dressed. He would be here at 6:00 to pick me up, and I needed to be ready in time.

This would be the day, when I would marry the love of my life.

I had waited for this day for a long time. I met C in a singles ward at the U of U in June of 1998. Our first "date" was on June 14th. My roommates and I invited him and his roommates over for dinner one Sunday after church and to watch the Jazz/Bulls play off game. I was awestruck by this boy. He was so out of my league. Ruggedly handsome, with a winning smile that melted my heart the first time he smiled at me. Perfectly polite and friendly, plus he drove an awesome vintage '80's sports car. I had no idea if he liked me the way I liked him, but we instantly became friends. I felt at ease with him, and felt no pressure to act and be a certain way. I felt comfortable just being the real me, and we had a lot of fun together.

Over the weeks and months, it became evident that we were "dating." But over time, there was no denying that I was definitely falling for him. We spent almost every day together for a year and half. There were times when I wondered if he would ever decide he wanted to marry me, and I would get so frustrated. He seemed to be perfectly comfortable with me as his girlfriend forever. So many times, I thought about breaking up with him, or giving him an ultimatum. Something always stopped me. Deep in my heart, and logically speaking, I didn't want to break up with him. I loved him, and I loved being with him. Just when I'd decided to accept things as they were and stop pushing, Valentine's Day approached. We had gone out to a nice dinner the Saturday before to celebrate V-day, so the following Monday, which was the actual holiday, I wasn't expecting anything big. I made him dinner at his apartment. Shortly after, as we sat at the table, talking, he suddenly said, "I love you, babe." And pulled out a ring, and asked me to marry him. Words cannot describe the joy I felt.

Now that the day had finally come...our wedding day...I was overwhelmed with happiness. It was an hour drive up to the Logan temple where our ceremony was held. It was nice to be able to be able to make the drive to our wedding, alone, together. I think we spent most of the drive up, discussing and planning our wedding night.

The ceremony was beautiful. Honestly, I don't remember a lot of what the sealer said, my Mom has told me things she remembers, thankfully. Things I do remember....C saying Yes too early in the ceremony, and me feeling happy that he was that excited to marry me; me..holding it together so well, until I made eye contact with my sister, then totally losing it; feeling the Spirit so strong, and again the overwhelming peace and joy.

After getting pictures around the temple, my family and everyone left to get set up for the luncheon. I waited for C to go back inside to get his clothes. We got out to my car to drive away, and realized that my purse, with my car keys were in my Mom's car. We, the bride and groom, were stranded at the temple, and late for our own wedding luncheon. This was pre-cell phone days, by the way, so we had to go back into the temple and ask to use their phone and a phone book to call the restaurant and ask someone to come back and get us.

Needless to say, we made quite a grand entrance!

Our reception went by so fast. I remember being starving and realizing it didn't matter the fretting and stressing we'd had over what food we served because C and I weren't going to get to eat any of it anyway. Maybe I just should've let him serve pizza and Coke, like he'd wanted. I swear, if we'd been married in the fall, we probably would've had a football game going, too. We settled on buffalo wings and li'l smokies. I danced with my Dad. I sang, "The Way You Look Tonight" with the band.

We cut our cake with a carving knife, because the caterer couldn't find the pretty one, and I didn't care.

I remember being so tired by the end of the night and a little cranky. But, it turned out to be a beautiful day. I have no regrets.
Ten years ago today, I married the love of my life. And I love him more today than I ever imagined I could ten years ago. He is now, more than ever, the man of my dreams, the love of my life, the father of my children, my best friend, my soul mate.

I love you C! Happy Anniversary.


Braden said...

That was beautiful. I'm so happy for both of you. Congratulations, and enjoy your day.

How is it that you are both as young looking 10 years later???

Kristina P. said...

Happy anniversary, Sherri! You were such a beautiful bride.

Katy B. said...

Now that is a great love story!:) Congrats! My hubby and I celebrated our 10 year this year as well. I tell ya, Y2K was golden.

Dr. Heckle said...

Beautiful wedding pictures! Happy anniversary. Thanks for sharing your story!

veronica said...


I know that there are golden, silver and diamond anniversaries, but I'm also pretty sure that 10 years means he has to buy you some sort of electronic sound system/recording paraphernalia. No really, I looked it up.

Wonder Woman said...

Congrats on 10 years!! And Braden's right -- you guys don't look 10 years older!!!!

Missy said...

What a beautiful story and a gorgeous couple! :) Congrats!

Garden of Egan said...

Happy Anniversary! I love your story and WOW you two are a beautiful couple!

tammy said...

I love your story, too. Happy Anniversary!

wendy said...

You guys just keep getting better looking.
Here is wishing you 10, 20 and 30 more years of bliss
and joy
and love

I had to giggle a little imagining the 2 of you talking on the way to Logan for your wedding...about your wedding night.

Camille said...

A little late in the game, but Happy Anniversary! And how fun to learn about the history - how two beautiful people came to meet and fall in love! Here's to many more years together!

Mikki said...

Lovely anniversary post Sher. Hope it was a happy one.

annie valentine said...

Congrats, my friend. And you get prettier and prettier.