Thursday, May 6, 2010

When All Else Fails....Repost

I'm pretty much inches away from being committed for clinical insanity. I don't have time to think straight, let alone, blog.

But, this post pretty much describes how I've been feeling lately, even if it was forever ago, and for different reasons.

Originally posted March 2008:

I'm skipping church today. I've had this weird stomach thing all week. I don't know what it is. C keeps saying, with all the sarcasm he can muster, "Are you going to die?" I've been sooo tired the last two weeks. Like, night-of-the-living-dead tired. I'm still dealing with this darn vertigo thing. I feel like I'm wandering through my days like a zombie. So, I think this @#$%^ day light savings did me in. I slept until 11:30 (DST), and I'm still exhausted. I HATE day light savings. I remember my mom saying she hated it...I always thought it was because she couldn't get us kids to bed on time in the daylight. Now I understand.
My poor children. They are good sports despite being neglected. KJ has become the new mother. She poors milk for Peter, helps her get dressed...bosses TJ around....did I mention my house looks like a tornado hit? C was awesome this morning...he even did Peter's hair. (KJ is now into doing her own hair.. Hello, she six!!) She is a little too big for her britches.

So, I can't figure out if what's wrong with me is an effect of eating something bad, getting up too early to run, running around like a crazy person all week with all our activities, or just a bug.
I'm pretty sure that we're not any busier than the next family of five. So, how do you all handle it so well? I think I missed something in the motherhood/housewife prep class (I was probably sleeping). I mean, I know some people who I could drop in on anytime, unannounced, and your home would be impeccable, your children would be clean and beautifully dressed, behaving perfectly, and you would be dressed to the nines, with fresh lipstick and perfect hair, baking cookies. Hello!! I'm lucky if the carpet stays clean five minutes after I vacuum, and it's pretty inevitable that if I mop..shortly thereafter there will be something sticky spilled all over the floor. But we do bake cookies...actually that's not true...we make cookie dough and eat it out of the mixing bowl in front the TV.

Please don't call CPS on me....I'm just having a bad month.

It's probably because I'm about to turn 30...and I don't know why but suddenly it feels like my youth it gone. (Those of you who are older than me are probably laughing at my drama) Go ahead and laugh. Maybe, I'll just take a nap, and sleep through my 30th birthday, and then I can just stay 29 forever....



Kristina P. said...

Oh, Sher, I am sorry things are still miserable. You need a Girl's Night Out!

Braden said...

Sherrie, I am sincerely sorry to hear how bad things are. Hang in there. I'm sending prayers your way.

Missy said...

I hope things are going better! I may need to borrow this post! LOL