Tuesday, August 31, 2010

For Posterity's Sake

My kids say the darndest things, so here are a few examples:

May 2010; TJ said: "Mom, I could count to 300. I could keep counting forever. Even when I'm a sleep."

Mar 2010; C said: "TJ, why don't you have some more bacon?"

TJ: "I can't! I'm full of it!"

C: "Yes, you are."

Mar 2010; TJ sang: ♫"Should I give up, or should I just keep chasin' Cavemen?"♫

Mar 2010; Mom: "Who wants to come with me to Sam's Club?"

TJ & Peter: " Meeee!"

Upon arriving at Sam's, Peter, with a disappointed look said: "I thought we were going to Santa's club. Where are the elves?"

Dec 2009; Peter said: "I just love my chocolate raindrop pointy fings." (hershey's kisses)

Aug 2009: Peter said: "Mama, when you give me kisses it goes straight to my heart."

Aug 2009: TJ, after seeing two guys on motorcycles drive by, one wearing red, and the other in yellow, said: "There goes ketchup and mustard!"

May 2009; KJ said: "I want to be a professional jump roper when I grow up."

Mar 2009; TJ said: "I just love Life!" (talking about the cereal, but I got his double meaning).

Mar 2009; KJ said in an email: "Mom and Dad, I hope you have a fun time in HO Y E."

Jan 2009; TJ said: "Mom, Dad and I are playing Mario Kart, and Dad came in oneth, and I came in twoth!"

Dec 2008; TJ said: "I love shrimp more than people love Jesus!"

Dec 2008; TJ said: "I kindof don't like you, a little bit, Peter. But, I love you more than I don't like you."

Dec 2008: While I was playing the piano and telling TJ to go clean his room, he said: "Other people playing music makes me lazy."

Oct 2008: TJ said: "MOM! Look at me so I know you're listening!"

Oct 2008; TJ said: I don't have a forehead anymore. Now I have a fivehead, and Peter has a threehead, and you have a thirtyhead."

Sept 2008; Peter said: "Mama, I need to call the policeman. Cuz I need to tell him its okay for me to have some fishies."

Sept 2008; Peter said: "I wanna dwinkamikaboo."
Translation: I want a drink of milk in a boo.

Translation of the translation: A boo is a sippy cup. All three of my kids have used this term. I'm pretty sure it stemmed from boob.

Sept 2008; TJ said: "Bacon and eggs are the keys to my heart." ;)

Sept 2008; Peter said: "Mama, what are you doing in there? Are you stinkering?"

Sept 2008; KJ said: "Mom, you need to go to the doctor and have them check your ears, because I say your name over and over and you never hear me, so you must be going deaf."

Sept 2008; KJ & TJ said: "No, Mom, you just don't get it!"

Aug 2008; TJ said: (during sacrament meeting) "This is too boring....it's giving me a heachache."

Aug 2008; TJ said: "Mom, I need 8 cheese tacos. Cuz that's how many hungry I am."

July 2008; TJ's song: ♫"I love my Mom and my Dad and everyone in the whole wide world except the people I don't know and the bad guys."♫

July 2008; KJ said: "I think the worker guys sometimes break the road and fix it again, just for fun."

July 23, 2008; KJ said: "I don't ever wanna live away from the mountains, cuz I don't want a tomato to get me."
Translation: tornado

July 21, 2008; TJ said: "Mom, I wanna build a spaceshit." A What?! "A Spaceshit!"

July 2008; Peter said: "I don't like scary movies, cuz they're too boring. I wanna watch Ariel."

July 2008: TJ said: "I am so not doing that."


Mikki said...

Love the "mama, when you give me kisses".. one. So sweet. Several, ok most of those made me laugh out loud. So cute. I esp. love stinkering and spaceshit.

Andrea said...

Some of those are two funny! I love it when your kids say things that you totally say to them. Like the "Mom, look at me so I know you are listening!"