Thursday, August 5, 2010

Plug for Distance For Davis, Random Stuff, and Poetry

Remember when I told you about my neighbor boy? The one who is sick with Aplastic Anemia? Remember that our awesome neighborhood is putting together a little fundraising shindig for him?

Well, that "little shindig" isn't so little anymore. It's going to be HUGE!! And it's this weekend!

So, here's my little reminder to all y'all to come join in the fun, and help support such a worthy cause!

When: Friday, Aug 6th 7:00 pm to midnight
Saturday, Aug 7th 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Where: Davis High School
Kaysville, UT

Friday: Nitrocircus movie screening 7:00-8:00
Dance for Davis 8:00-midnight
Saturday: 5k Fun run 8:00
Today is the last day to sign up online, or you can sign up in person Davis High, Kaysville Jr High, Fairfield Jr High, or Bowman's.
Race day registration starts at 7:00, race starts at 8:00
Blood Drive
Utah Blaze football camp
AXE Wrestling
DJ Osborne motorcycle stunt rider
Antique car show
Fun Inflatables/games for the kids
Live entertainment (I'm playing!)
Food! Food! Food!
Raffle and Silent Auction
Come Join in the Fun!!
I've been eating, sleeping, breathing this event for the past several weeks. I sit up at night thinking about what needs to be done, and how on earth I'm going to get it done.
So, today, even though I still have a zillion things left to do to prepare for the 5k on Saturday morning, I decided to take a little break, and the kids and I have been cleaning the house top to bottom.

Every so often (ok, not often at all), I get is super clean mode and start doing the deep cleaning, organizing stuff that never gets done. I started cleaning out closets, and cupboards, and I found a little red folder.

Before I even opened it a wave of memories flooded over me. Do you have those moments, where you come across something from your past and suddenly you're transported back to that time and place?

Inside that red folder, are dozens of scraps of paper, scribbled upon which are the contents of my teenage soul. In high school, I used to write poems. I suppose it was a way for me to deal with life. Some of them are intensely personal, and deeply emotional. Some of them are absolutely painful for me to read. But some of them, I think are pretty good.

So, I decided that each week, as a Throwback Thursday or sorts, I will post a poem of my past. The first of which, I posted yesterday.


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Missy said...

Loved the poem!
This is just the most awesome event! I hope lots of money is raised and I hope this young man is healed!