Wednesday, August 4, 2010

If I Were a River

Somewhere, in some far off place
there is a wood.
A quiet grove of trees, looming above a mysterious breeze.
In that wood there is a brook
that creeps independently
through the silent products
of nature's promiscuity.
it glides through pastures of exquisite green
and through forests hidden,
exploring the unknown.
This winding brook,
bubbling with a sagacious gurgle,
searches for stability and satisfaction.
Often times a tributary stream
will stray from the brook,
causing controversy in its journey
toward perfection.
Streams leading toward lowly marshes of darkness and melancholy;
loneliness and betrayal.
but somehow they find themselves
merging again with the dauntless acceptance of the happy brook.
and so its life is a circle
of searching and desiring.
and maybe one day
the brook will escape the lonely wood
and reach its perfect destination
of the wild unknown joy
of individuality and spontaneity.

Written by 16 year self, circa 1994


Wonder Woman said...

Wow, Sherrie. The perspective and voice you had at such a young age is incredible. Love that you found and posted this.

Also, LOVE the design! I *almost* went with this background myself.

DeNae said...

Wow! No more complaining that you have no voice, missy!

Braden said...

Wow!!!! I didn't even know what sagacious meant when I was 16. And I would have blushed to use "promiscuous"! Very cool, Sherrie!

Missy said...

This is so great! Love this!