Thursday, August 19, 2010


A shaft of light
sneaks into a shattered window.
Golden ribbons embrace the bitter darkness.
Fallen beams and a worn pulpit;
an old chapel, defeated
in its battle against time,
awaits renewal
and awaits it patiently,
slowly disintegrating
into its own lonely darkness.
Then comes a light,
a glorious beam, seeking lost souls
and radiating its warmth and brightness
throughout the sinking room.
Sharing its beauty within,
creating a long-lost emotion
in the forgotten and sacred monuments.
the feeling of a spirit
and a congregation singing praises--
inspiring tunes from within the heart.
And for a moment, time shouts its victory.
Then, slowly, the music dies away
and the light disappears.
Loneliness, once again, exists--
a cloud has covered the sun.
written January 1994


wendy said...

Hmmm, interesting peams of light oem.
Kinda like life....we have beams of light, then are swallowed up by darkenss again

I long and live for those beams that encourage me.

wendy said...

wow, what happened to my writing above.....seriously, I am not on drugs, my computer key pad is NOT typing correctly, it is frittering (new word) all over the place
so insead of peams...I meant beams poem

seriously......dang computer

Nick and Stacey said...

You are so talented! Amazing...I like when you do your throwback stuff! Awesome!