Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Whining, Complaining, Throwing Tantrums....part 15,897

Don't worry, it's just another session of filing complaints with the universe.  Just needing to get some things out.

I'm sad.

Maybe it's because it seems like everyone I know either has a baby, just had a baby, is having a baby, or at least still has a fertile womb in which they could possibly have a baby.  Life isn't fair.  Why am I so baby hungry?  Why can't I just accept my fate that I am no longer capable of carrying children, and be happy with the three beautiful, healthy children that I have?

The irony is that at the same time I am feeling like a ginormous failure as a mother.  K is struggling with friends.  T is struggling with friends.  Both have been dealing with different types of bullying, and I'm at a complete loss.  Someday...okay, mostdays.....I wish I could be a fly on the wall at their school, and just watch, so I know what's really going on.   And I actually feel guilty for not being popular or cool enough as an adult, so that my kids can have friends.  And for not being intuitive enough to know how to help them.   What do I do? 

B, who was so excited to go to Kindergarten, refuses to have anything to do with anything that has to do with school work.  Forget writing her name, or actually do her homework, which entails writing a single letter three times.  Yesterday was the letter A.  She threw herself on the ground, kicking and screaming.  It was an all out brawl.  She was crying, I was crying.
Then, C came home, being the only sane parent in this family, and within 5 minutes he had B holding a crayon, and writing the letter A.  Maybe I should go to work, and he should be the at home parent.

And I'm feeling lonely.  It's stupid.  It's that busy time of year...well, one of them.  And I feel like all of my friends have dropped off the face of the planet.  Or maybe, I did.  I haven't even seen my Mom since mid-August. 

I could really use an evening of girl talk, chocolate and senseless fits of laughter.

And maybe a nap.

For Posterity's Sake

My kids say the darndest things, so here are a few examples:

May 2010; TJ said: "Mom, I could count to 300. I could keep counting forever. Even when I'm a sleep."

Mar 2010; C said: "TJ, why don't you have some more bacon?"

TJ: "I can't! I'm full of it!"

C: "Yes, you are."

Mar 2010; TJ sang: ♫"Should I give up, or should I just keep chasin' Cavemen?"♫

Mar 2010; Mom: "Who wants to come with me to Sam's Club?"

TJ & Peter: " Meeee!"

Upon arriving at Sam's, Peter, with a disappointed look said: "I thought we were going to Santa's club. Where are the elves?"

Dec 2009; Peter said: "I just love my chocolate raindrop pointy fings." (hershey's kisses)

Aug 2009: Peter said: "Mama, when you give me kisses it goes straight to my heart."

Aug 2009: TJ, after seeing two guys on motorcycles drive by, one wearing red, and the other in yellow, said: "There goes ketchup and mustard!"

May 2009; KJ said: "I want to be a professional jump roper when I grow up."

Mar 2009; TJ said: "I just love Life!" (talking about the cereal, but I got his double meaning).

Mar 2009; KJ said in an email: "Mom and Dad, I hope you have a fun time in HO Y E."

Jan 2009; TJ said: "Mom, Dad and I are playing Mario Kart, and Dad came in oneth, and I came in twoth!"

Dec 2008; TJ said: "I love shrimp more than people love Jesus!"

Dec 2008; TJ said: "I kindof don't like you, a little bit, Peter. But, I love you more than I don't like you."

Dec 2008: While I was playing the piano and telling TJ to go clean his room, he said: "Other people playing music makes me lazy."

Oct 2008: TJ said: "MOM! Look at me so I know you're listening!"

Oct 2008; TJ said: I don't have a forehead anymore. Now I have a fivehead, and Peter has a threehead, and you have a thirtyhead."

Sept 2008; Peter said: "Mama, I need to call the policeman. Cuz I need to tell him its okay for me to have some fishies."

Sept 2008; Peter said: "I wanna dwinkamikaboo."
Translation: I want a drink of milk in a boo.

Translation of the translation: A boo is a sippy cup. All three of my kids have used this term. I'm pretty sure it stemmed from boob.

Sept 2008; TJ said: "Bacon and eggs are the keys to my heart." ;)

Sept 2008; Peter said: "Mama, what are you doing in there? Are you stinkering?"

Sept 2008; KJ said: "Mom, you need to go to the doctor and have them check your ears, because I say your name over and over and you never hear me, so you must be going deaf."

Sept 2008; KJ & TJ said: "No, Mom, you just don't get it!"

Aug 2008; TJ said: (during sacrament meeting) "This is too boring....it's giving me a heachache."

Aug 2008; TJ said: "Mom, I need 8 cheese tacos. Cuz that's how many hungry I am."

July 2008; TJ's song: ♫"I love my Mom and my Dad and everyone in the whole wide world except the people I don't know and the bad guys."♫

July 2008; KJ said: "I think the worker guys sometimes break the road and fix it again, just for fun."

July 23, 2008; KJ said: "I don't ever wanna live away from the mountains, cuz I don't want a tomato to get me."
Translation: tornado

July 21, 2008; TJ said: "Mom, I wanna build a spaceshit." A What?! "A Spaceshit!"

July 2008; Peter said: "I don't like scary movies, cuz they're too boring. I wanna watch Ariel."

July 2008: TJ said: "I am so not doing that."

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Summer in Review: A Photo Diary


B's 5th Birthday

Bees game (on B's Birthday)

Wolf Creek (our luxurious family vacation in Ogden, UT)

Baseball, baseball and more baseball!

This is the Place Monument with cousins!

K and B singing at the Gateway


Family Campout--Bear Lake



Playing With Cousins

Distance For Davis/ T & K's first 5k

Meeting Two Very Different Famous People: Saw the Prophet at the Bees game, and met Rob Schneider at a comedy club.

First Day of School!!