Friday, December 5, 2008

Random Friday

This always happens. I always have a gajillion things to talk about for random Friday, then when I sit down to write them out, I forget. I really should've taken Motherboard's advice last month and gotten myself a notebook. Sorry, Motherboard. I'm a bad follower.

Ok. Here's something. Next week is a little bit crazy insane for me. But, I'm kind of excited about it.

First our Enrichment meeting is on Thursday night and they asked me to play one of my Christmas arrangements for the program. Yay!

Then, a zillion years ago (read: in August) I entered my song "Solitude" in a little contest with the Utah Composer's Guild, and they want me to perform at the Composer's Festival this Friday. Yay!

Then, Saturday morning, my sister's ward is having their Enrichment meeting, and she asked me to play two of my songs.

So, I get to play a lot next week! I'm loving it!

Also, KJ has a concert for her children's choir that she sings in, and it is C's company Christmas party. All on Saturday. Crazy. We also had tickets to the Kurt Bestor concert. We always go to the Saturday matinee show with our friends, but it conflicts with KJ's concert, so we had to give them away. I'm really bummed about missing it, but of course, KJ's concert is more important.

Speaking of which, I have recently written new arrangements for Joy to the World; O Come, O Come Emmanuel; What Child is This, and last year I wrote an arrangement of Silent Night and a medley of Pachelbel's Canon and Angel's We Have Heard on High. Hopefully, by this time next year, I will have made mondo bucks on my Solitude CD, and will be able to release a Christmas album! So, moral of the story, buy my CD (when it comes out). ☺


I'm going through some weird funk this week. I'm not really sick. I'm not particularly depressed. I actually feel pretty good, emotionally. But, I'm so friggin' tired. Probably because I decided to get off my duff and actually exercise this week, and have done something active everyday this week. Maybe that is why I'm having such serious food issues. It's completely out of control people! Tuesday, after running, grocery store, preschool, playgroup, and karate, I think I just came home and self-medicated on food. I think I was pretty much eating constantly from 2pm to 10pm, including an entire bag of Christmas candy (Hershey's kisses, and peanut butter cups), leftovers from Sunday, leftovers from Monday, more Candy, a cup of hot chocolate, and a banana split. I've been eating like that all week. No wonder my pants are all shrinking. I've resorted to wearing my old post-pregnancy fat pants. It's sad. And really, really depressing. I feel like such a loser. I really need to chocolate now, to make me feel better.


About play group. Here's the thing. My sweet little boy TJ has never gone to a playgroup in this neighborhood. And he NEVER has a friend to play with. Because they are all sooooo involved in their little play groups that they don't have "time" to play.

Wha? Huh? 5 year old kids don't have time to play? Someone put in my comments on that playgroup post about parents "forcing" their kids to play at a certain time and to be done at a certain time, instead of letting them play when they want to. I'm all for making them do their jobs before they play, but to make them play just because that's what's next on the schedule?

That's why I agreed to the play group for Peter. I was worried she'd have no friends to play with if we didn't "schedule" it in. It's driving me bonkers.

I'm soo NOT a schedule Mom. I'm not a schedule person. I'm not a "book" Mom either. You know the type. That do everything according to "What to Expect the First Year" and "Happy Sleeping Habits, Happy Baby" or whatever the hell it's called. I don't believe in parenting books. I DO believe in trusting your instinct, relying on the spirit, teaching the value of work, and good strong discipline (read: spanking--*gasp*, I know...wah!) and allowing your children to be who they came here to be, and not shoving schedules and activities down their throats, and making them act like adults. And I think I have really great kids.

They are independent, confident, and they act like kids. They're loud, and have lots of energy, and like to run around and play rough, and sometimes they're naughty, and sometimes they are down right annoying, but most times they're really good, and sweet, and I love that they are WHO they are. Each of them is different in their own special way. Three different little personalities, three different ways I need to raise them. What works for one child, won't work for the other. I LOVE that they are so individual. I LOVE their quirks, and that they want me to help them, but if I can't, then can figure it out themselves. I LOVE that about them.

Ok, I'm off my soapbox now. Thanks for listening.


We took the kids ice skating with Santa Claus at the Gallivan center last night. Remind me later to post pics! It was fun!


Ok, here are some soon as I figure out where my kids put my dang I-pod.....

Found it....and the batteries are dead...dangit!

1) Traditions of Christmas - Mannheim Steamroller

2) When My Heart Finds Christmas - Harry Connick, Jr.

3) Prelude - George Winston

4) Old English Suite: Sussex Carol - Kurt Bestor

5) Variations on the Kanon - George Winston

6) Ave Maria - Harry Connick, Jr.

7) Silent Night - Kurt Bestor

8) Jingle Bells - The Brian Setzer Orchestra

9) Bring a Torch, Jeannette Isabella - Jon Schmidt

10) Greensleeves - Manheim Steamroller

Bonus: Peace (Where the Heart Is) Jim Brickman feat. Collin Raye


debilyn said...

Hi Sher!
Found your blog through Mormon Mommy and thought I'd take a was the name of your blog that caught me, because I have a daughter we call Sher (short for Sheridan)...
Anyhoo, just wanted to say hello =)
As one who also plays the piano (but doesn't compose), also struggles with the demons of depression (good times!), also LOVES Jane Austen, and obviously loves blogging, too, it seems we share some common interests.

I'm just going to meander around your blog some more now...hope you don't mind ;)

Annette Lyon said...

I haven't been following you long enough to clue in how freaking talented you are! Congrats on all the cool things going on for you. (And you're not alone in the eating thing . . . I can't seem to stop lately.)

Jan said...

Exciting about your music. To be able to do new arrangments and all. I hope you get some rest and start to feel less tired. That is so frustrating to feel that way. Do you take vitamins? I know that always helps me.

I wrote that I was a loser on my post today too. Funny that we are both feeling that way. But I am here to tell you that you are no loser Sher.

Erin said...

O Come O Come Emmanuel is my favorite Christmas song. You definitely have to let us know when the cd comes out.

devri said...

Love your list, and I feel tired too, but mine is to lack of sleep, no excersize for me, not in the mood.

Kristina P. said...

I am going through the same pant exapanding experience.

Mina said...

Hey, I hope your next week turns out to be great. You'll have to let us know when that CD comes out!

Nick and Stacey said...

Can I just tell you you crack me up! I love how honest you are about everything! The whole playgroup post gave me a laugh! As if it isn't hard enough to just get the kids dressed in the morning huh! Anyways I hope you have a fun busy week!!!!!

Ashley said...

I love those Christmas songs too! And ice skating with Santa sounds awesome! I do want to see pictures!

amberlynn said...

Hi Sher,
Dropping in to say hello. I have been out of the loop for a little while. I like your new background. Are you ready for Christmas?? Miss ya!

Mikki said...

When is your cd coming out??

Good luck on the food thing. I'm always stuffing my face with junk. I usually skip breakfast, but the rest of the day is spent shoving cr@p in my mouth. (sigh)

tammy said...

I will for sure buy a CD and the sheet music when they come out! Can't wait. I love finding new arrangements instead of the same ol'.

And I'm still bugged about your playgroup. Seriously. I kinda hope someone from your group reads this so they can see how ridiculous they are about it.

wonder woman said...

WHOA to next week!! But I'm glad you're excited about it. And you'd BETTER have a Christmas CD for next year. I absolutely adore Christmas piano music.

That sucks about TJ not having anyone to play with. And you sound like the kind of mother I am. I knew I liked you. =D

I have a draft in my blog box called "post ideas." Everytime I think "I should blog about this" I run to the computer, pull up the draft and jot a quick sentence or two. Of course, this won't work if you're not at home. But I've gotten probably 6 posts from that.

Love Fam said...

Sounds to me like a pregnancy???? Ha totally kidding, I am doing the same thing, I am blaming it on the Holidays!
Wow after reading the last few posts, I think I would be OUT of that playgroup as well!! Sheesh, nothing worse than other peoples kids poop!

da Bergs said...

Man, you are so lucky! WRITTING music??? and I wish I could "just" play!!!!

I am going to start exercising tomorrow!

Oh, and post pics of ice skating!

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Just wanted to stop by and give you a ♥ hug! Hope you have a great up coming week :)

Mechelle said...

You are amazing. Can you come to Flag for our enrichment dinner? It is Tue? LOL m

Tink said...

How awesome that you were chosen to sing the song you entered in a contest at the Composer's Festival! How did it go? I'm sure it was amazing! You have been blessed with incredible talent.