Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Thing about Driving in the Snow...

I like it.
Yeah, you heard me right. I like driving in the snow.

Ok, don't get me wrong, I hate driving among other stupid people who don't know how to drive in the snow.

I'm sure it helps that now that I have a 4 wheel drive, I'm feeling a little more confident out there on the slick roads.

I think the immature kid in me comes out when I drive after/during a snow storm. If there's not much traffic on the road, I like to drive as far to the edge of the road as possible, where the plow hasn't come, and slosh through the virgin snow banks. I like to make my own tracks.

And when I turn a corner, I like to gun the gas a little bit, so I kinda fishtail.
I get all giddy when the car starts to slip a little bit.

There is a huge part of me that wants to go to the church parking lot and do doughnuts. I resist, because, you know, I'm 30 and I need to behave myself, and act mature. But I really want to.

Also, after a huge rain storm and there are big puddles on the shoulder of the road, I just can't resist driving straight through them. I just can't help myself. There is something about that huge splash on both sides of the car that just brings me pure joy.

It's the little things in life that make me happy!
(Thanks to google for all the pictures)


Mike and Baylee said...

ha ha that last picture cracks me up! I love driving through huge puddles like that, only when my overly cautious husband isnt in the car with me!

wonder woman said...

you. are. crazy. i love it!

my wimpy little car isn't so good on the slick roads. But I like doing doughnuts, too.

I'm glad the snow's making you happy!

Peggy said...

Ugh. I avoid driving in the snow at all costs. I do like driving through big puddles though.

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

I love it all just like you do! LOOOOOVE it!
BTW: my husband STILL does donuts in our empty church parking lot, at a empty store lot, up in the mountains...I'm thrilled he does because I get too embarrassed even though no one is around to see me.
Have fun Sher!

Ashley said...

I love to drive straight through puddles on the side of the road too! I feel that same joy! Driving in the snow, however. . . I'm a careful snow driver. Growing up in San Diego, I have very little experience driving in the snow so it does make me pretty scared! But I'm getting better!

tammy said...

I do kind of miss doing donuts in the parking lots. But I really don't miss stupid drivers who forget how to drive in between snow storms or ride on your butt when the roads are slippery.

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

Your pictures are HYSTERICAL! YOUR words to describe them, just PRICELESS!
MY WORD, you and my twin should have a doughnut parking lot night! Apparently she thought it would win over her boyfriend at the time. That didn't impress him too much. It took her YEARS to convience him after that night that she was the one for him! LOL

Nick and Stacey said...

I am with you on the rain puddle thing! but as far as everything else, not so much! Maybe on a good snowy day you should drive through the canyon and come visit...that is no fun, but then again I don't like driving in snow, and no 4 wheel drive for us yet...one day.

Spence said...

Dudess, My roomate and I just did a bunch of donuts in a church parking lot after performing in a rest home tonight. I had to be carefull because my bass was in the car but it was AWEsome!!

backandthen said...

You need to know that when you drive through puddles I am often the person you did not notice and who get soaken wet and who wishes you a flat tire.

I understand the snow thing. I think it would be even cooler to do it with with a car. We have had a tone of snow last week but it is pretty much all melted now and I am not sad about it even if it has been replaced with rain.