Monday, February 9, 2009

I've started so many different post over the past few weeks, that just never got finished. I think I have completely lost my drive for blogging. My muse has left the building. For the first time in my existence, my mind if empty.

Ok, well, not really empty, just nothing that I can twist into eloquent, funny, or entertaining stories.

So, I might just have to do my random post everyday, or just stop posting all together.

So, today, here's what I've thought about:
  • I'm VERY, VERY, very, very, very, very, etc. unhappy about the blizzard today. I'm bugged that I had to shovel today. I didn't even finish, because the darn snow was so wet and heavy, that I literally could not do anymore. I was exhausted. Now, my lats are sore, I can only imagine what they'll feel like tomorrow.

  • My other beef is this: what the H-E-double-hockey-sticks happened to all the snow plows? Did they all retire in the 2 weeks of 40 degree sunshine we had in January? I was out running errands from 8:45 this morning to 4 this afternoon. The snow didn't stop until around 1, and not once did I see a snow plow, and even the main roads were NOT plowed. Forget the budget cuts, I'd like to drive to preschool without DYING!

  • I'm so ready for spring, I'm ready to up and move to AZ, or at least St. George. I understand, now, why birds fly south for the winter. And old people. And why bears hibernate. I really would like to just go to sleep from New Years day until March. Wake me up for my birthday. And I'll wear green, so you won't have to pinch me awake......hint, hint*

Here is my cute little TJ shoveling snow for me today.

  • My kiddos had to go back to the dentist today. KJ had to get sealants on her back teeth, and TJ had cavities to fill. Talk about your drama! KJ was fine, but TJ fought and fought and fought until finally our dentist, who is a great dentist, and a very patient person, got frustrated, and finally sent us home with a temporary filling. He also told TJ that we would try again in a week, and if he didn't cooperate, he was send him to a mean dentist who would put him to sleep to fix his teeth. I hope TJ is scared into submission. We'll see when we go back to try again.

  • I was reading my sister's blog today, about her trip here. I mentioned (I think) my gorgeous sister who lives in OK, and who is expecting twins. Well, she posted some pics on her blog, so I copied them, so I could show you here how cute she is!

This is my Dad and Kris comparing bellies. I think she just might have him beat!

My girls! My sisters: Kat, Me, Kris, Mom, Jess, Stacie

Kris, Jess & Stacie are all prego.


Kristina P. said...

I completely hear you about the snow! But we didn't get a whole lot in SLC.

Cynthia said...

I'm in WJ and we got NO SNOW. I know, I know, don't hate me because I'm snowless. Weird storm!

How fun that you are from a 5 girl family! So am I! Two of my sisters are pregnant right now. One is due in a month and the other 2 weeks after her.

There is a really great book to get your sister expecting twins. It's called "When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets or Quads" by Dr. Barbara Luke. It's all about how to have the best pregnancy, longest gestation and highest birthweight twins. If not for that book, I wouldn't have suspected I was in preterm labor and would likely have lost my twins. Hopefully she doesn't have any problems but this book is, bar none, the best reference out there for multiples Mommies.

Spence said...

I thought was funny even though you couldn't think of anything funny.

DeNae said...

Sher I've been lurking but not commenting, and now your muse is on life support! I'm sorry I haven't been sending props! And I'm sorry about your snow. If it's any consolation, Vegas got rain. I had to wear a sweater and everything. So, chin up! We're all suffering!

For what it's worth, your sister is very cute with her baby-filled tummy, but according to your profile pic, you are BEAUTIFUL. And according to your posts, that goes for the inside, too.

Mikki said...

Oh, please keep writing my blog buddy. I'd be so sad if you stopped. I don't mind your rambling, I love it in fact. Your sister looks adorable. Wish I'd looked half as good when I was prego. Loved seeing your family pics too. So sweet!

Jodip12 said...

I'm moving to AZ with you...let get packing!

Melissa said...

I'm with you on the snow. I think I might eat my own head if this keeps up!

Motherboard said...

I am organizing a protest. Want in??

My muse is on the worlds longest coffee break. Sheesh. Enough already!

2busy said...

Not a bit of snow here, yet. I love snow, but too much of a good thing....Bring on the sunshine.

How fun that they are pregnant at the same time. There will be close cousins.

Mechelle said...

We got two feet in the last 24 hours! Crazy amount of snow. But I love love love it. So I am thrilled.

Hope your muse reenters the building soon. But I think it never left. You are cute and funny all the time.

Jessica said...

I'm so sick of the snow too! I'm sure you experienced the depression of coming home from nice beaches and 75 degree weather. I got off the plane and thought, "Why do I live here? I hate the cold!" Really if we didn't have family here I think we would move. Hope you had a nice trip! It feels like forever since we've seen you guys.

Peggy said...

Sorry you're feeling unbloggy lately, and sad about the snow, and about the dentist. I love it when it snows and I have no place to go. And the shoveling at least gets me some exercise. Hang in there! Spring is coming!

And three pregnant sisters? Wow!

Sher said...

Jess- you must've gone to a different part of FL, or they had a warm streak or something, because the weather wasn't much better than here when we were there: Rainy, and 50's. The locals were all bundled up in their winter gear.
Hopefully, we'll get some heat in HI

Alyson (New England Living) said...

Please don't declare hibernation through March because than everyone will miss my birthday! :)

I love snow. It isn't until about the beginning of March that I'm desperate for spring to come in.

I love that you have so many cute, preggo sisters! We used to be like that, but most of us have stopped the baby making now.

Annette Lyon said...

I so hear ya on the snow. Our city doesn't believe in snow plows for cul de sacs. We live in one. It majorly hairy just leaving the house and coming home. And the recycling truck didn't even bother trying for about a month.

I want spring!!!

in time out said...

Thanks for reading my blog. I enjoy yours. I have a valentine for you on my blog. Happy Valentines Day. Thanks for being my bloggie friend. ♥

wonder woman said...

I hate the snow, too, and we got a LOT less down here.

I've mised you! Get the heck of facebook and come SHER the LOVE!!;)

Nick and Stacey said...

I love your random thought posts! Isn't it true...I too shoveled yesterday and was sore by the end...granted we only have a small sidewalk that need it...not a whole driveway, yes I know I am a whimp! Anyways Mitchell was no good at the dentist last week, and he needs to get a cavity filled, it was so tramatic for him just getting the check up that we are going to put him it right? Well I think it is the only way its going to happen!