Thursday, February 12, 2009

Things I Love to Hate....

I saw this little tag on Mechelle's blog. I kind of liked the idea, and since I always jump on the opportunity to complain vent, I thought I'd join in the fun.

In honor of upcoming Love Day, you are supposed to list 25 things you Love to Hate. I don't know if I can think of 25 things, but here goes....

1. Commercialized Valentine's Day. While, I like getting flowers, chocolates, gifts, etc from my one and only, I think they would mean more if he brought them home on some random Tuesday "just because" and not because he feels obligated because it's V-day. This year we're boycotting, and staying in with the family. I'm excited.

2. I hate that I can't write a one-liner. I feel this uncontrollable need to explain myself.

3. Looking in the wrong direction at the wrong time, as a person wearing too-low pants, and too-short shirt bends over. I don't care how fat or skinny you are, visual butt-crack is NEVER pretty.

4. That I keep sabotaging myself by eating junk food, and sleeping in instead of going running.

5. THIS STUPID SNOW. I'm soooo DONE with Winter.

6. Schedules. I don't like feeling tied down to one, but I agree that sometimes I maybe could benefit from one.

7. The parking lot at my daughter's tumbling. And the fact that all the stupid people in my town go there at the same time.

8. "The Act." I just wish people would just be real, and quit trying to impress everyone else. If we were all just ourselves, and stop passing judgements, then there would be no need to compare or impress other people.

9. That I can't make my children's friends for them, or go follow them around at school all day, to make sure they're OK.

10. People who don't flush the toilet after going in a public restroom. Seriously, why on earth would anyone want to see your business? Just flush the damn toilet!!

11. Slow people. I should clarify (see #2). People who walk slow in front of me. Sometimes I really just want to shove them out of the way.

12. People up in my "space." Even my hubby and my kids. I don't like people up in my face. I like affection, but when I'm done, I'm Done.

13. Whining.

14. Ironing.

15. Tuna fish, mayo, and pickles. Together, or separate, they are all equally disgusting.

16. Girls who think they have to dress like hookers to get attention. You're making the rest of our gender look bad. Put some clothes on already.

17. Wearing shoes.

18. When I know people are looking at my blog, and not commenting (hint, hint).

19. Crowds.

20. Covered wagons (C that means YOU--knock it off).

21. Lippers (again, C, you're the only one who will get that, but seriously, Stop it!)

22. That feeling when my alarm goes off, and I feel like I just barely got to sleep.

23. Liars.

24. Dusting.

25. Doing my Hair.

There you have it. I tag whoever wants to play along!


Erin said...

I hate "the act" and the snow too. Is it spring yet?

Annette Lyon said...

I hate shoes, the act, and liars too! (Among others--those are the ones that jumped out at me. I do like tuna, but if I eat any, I have to brush my teeth before going w/in 10 feet of my husband. He hates it.)

Question: do you want to give away one of your CDs during my week-long bloggy giveaway in March? If so, let me know!

devri said...

I am not a fan of fake people.

I am not a fan of shoes either.

great list their lady!!

Peggy said...

I hate doing my hair too.

Peggy said...

I falling down on your top commenters list. So I'm leaving another one.

And I love to dust. Sorry.

Sarah said...

Here I commented.

Melissa said...

I'm with you on so many of these things. I'm working on playing along....

Nick and Stacey said...

I would have to say I think I would agree with you on most of your love to hates! I too am a when I am done I am done affectionate person...Nick hates it!

Queen Elizabeth said...

sorry - but this made me laugh ;)

DeNae said...

Love it; Sher with an edge! I actually receive revelation while I'm drying my hair, so I probably shouldn't complain about that one.

And the only way I LIKE tuna, mayo, and pickles is when they're all mixed together.

And the only reason I would get out of bed to go running is if the bed itself were on fire.

And I already apologized for not commenting every time I visit your blog, because you're right; it's like having a hundred zillion peeping Toms in your life!

Chin up, Sher! Winter can't last forever!

::Jan:: said...

Slow people. Oh how I understand that. I like to move it move it.

The toilet thing is scary. Very very scary. I do like a good tuna sandwich though. Has to be real tuna though.. :)

Great list of not love.

Spence said...

Wow, I just learned alot about you from this post. that's interesting.

Becky said...

Great list, I'm definitely with you for the Valentine's. Kind of funny that we need a special holiday for love.

Mikki said...

I love this list!!! Thanks for sharing. I so agree with you on multiple issues here. Seriously, don't come to Vegas if you don't want to see the skankily dressed girls. I am horrified by what I see at work.

tiburon said...

I am so with you on these! Great list :)