Friday, February 6, 2009

Random stuff going around in my head, and some tunes


This week has whizzed by. Probably because I was spending so much energy getting reacquainted with my children, and our regular routine. Why is it so hard to come back from vacation? We were only gone for 5 days. My house was immaculate and my children were happy when we got home, thanks to our fabulous babysitter. I didn't have any damage control to deal with. But it always takes me a few days to get back into the norm. Does that ever happen to you?


Peter woke up in the night last night barking. Just when I think the coast is clear, we've gone a few weeks with no one getting sick, then all of sudden she's got what we here in Shepville like to call "the mean cough." I had to force feed her some cough medicine, because she wouldn't let me help her. She wouldn't drink water. She wouldn't lie down. Finally, at midnight, I took her outside and we sat on the deck and cuddled for a few minutes. The fact that it worked confirmed my suspicions. Croup. Again.

She's happy as could be today. Again, telltale signs of croup. I'm sure the midnight bark will come back again tonight. Sadly, I, too, am starting to feel some scratchiness in my throat. Dangit!


Sometimes I fantasize about being a figure skater. Or a ballroom dancer. When a really good song come on the radio, I picture myself gliding on the ice, doing all sorts of funky tricks that I don't know the name of.

I've teased my hubby that I want us to take ballroom dance lesson. Of course, there is no chance in you know where that he would go along with that. He did take me dancing once, though. On our first actual-non-hanging-out-with-our-roommates-date. We went country dancing at the Bay. If you're from the Salt Lake area, do you remember the Bay? It was THE place to go country dancing. It's where my sister and two of my cousins met their hubbies.

So, C took me country dancing, and we spent the whole night upstairs talking. I think we might've done one line dance, and I remember liking that he held my hand out to the dance floor.


I've been fighting with the wicked witch of insecurities this week. I don't know why. It's stupid. I let things get to me, that normally I would let roll off my back. I let things people say affect me, even though I know their comments were well intended, and I'm twisting it to make it something it's not. I'm feeling inadequate, insignificant, and competitive (as usual), but I'm losing. I'm not even going to tell you what this is about because it's so stupid and silly. I've talked to C about it. And of course, he thought it was funny and laughed at me. He always laughs stuff like this off. I need to dig deep and find my sense of humor.


I haven't done laundry since Tuesday. And now I'm regretting it. I was all caught up when I got home from FL. I should've stayed on top of it, so I didn't have mountains of dirty clothes. So, today, I have to climb a mountain. Of dirty laundry.


I'm proud to announce that I remembered my hubby's birthday this year. And I went over the top to make up for it. I surprised him in the morning with a lipstick note on the mirror that said Happy Birthday. I had bear claws waiting for him in the kitchen for breakfast. I put a goody bag in his truck for him to find when he left for work. I texted him a couple of times during the day. I seriously considered sending a singing telegram, and a balloon bouquet to work, but since he doesn't like to draw attention to himself, I thought that would just embarrass him too much.

We ate a homemade steak dinner, and mud pie when he got home from work. The kids and I got him balloons, and they made cards for him.

He told me yesterday that he still had one in the bank, though. He said he still has a free pass to forgetting my birthday. I don't think that's fair.


Ok, here's some music:

1. I'm Still Remembering - The Cranberries
2. Clumsy - Fergie
3. On Fire - Van Halen
4. Shelf - Jonas Brothers
5. Dancing Through Life - Wicked
6. Romeo and Juliet - Dire Straits
7. Message in a Bottle - The Police
8. Doctor! Doctor! - Thompson Twins
9. In & Out of Love - Bon Jovi
10. This is It - Kenny Loggins
Bonus: That's Where It Is - Carrie Underwood


Kristina P. said...

I love that you want to be an ice skater. Like Tanya Harding, club-people-in-the-knee ice skater?

Lara said...

Sorry about all the sickness. We have really been fighting it at our house.

Erin said...

That silly insecurity monster. He sneaks up on me a few times a month. Ugh.

My three year old has had croup twice this winter. Last year he had it three times. It always gets bad enough that we have to go to the dr to get steroids. I'm sorry she is sick!

Nick and Stacey said...

I am sorry about the croup, that does not sound fun. We have yet to have that at our house, but I seriously feel for you, there is nothing worse than our kids being sick! What a great wife you are...that sounds like a great are wonderful!

Motherboard said...

I think your hot. And, not just hot but HAWT!

(feel better?)

Andrea said...

This is the first winter that Jenna hasn't had croup more than once. I am knocking on wood. My pediatrician said that some kids just seem to be plagued with it until they turn 4 and then they seem to grow out of it. So here's hoping for your last winter of it right?

Andrea said...

Oh man! I got all caught up on croup I forgot about the figure skater. Me too! And of course it doen't help when Steve thinks that the Canadian skater that tied for gold last olympics in doubles is hot.

Melissa said...

First of all, croup blows!!
Second, I totally remember the Bay! Though when we were going there, country dancing wasn't huge yet. Our preferred hang out was Xenon. Remember that one? Of course you have to be 18, so I had to lie every time to get in, but seriously, I think we spend EVERY weekend in a dance club!
Third - LOVE the Avril Lavinge song. I dig all her stuff!

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Hi Sher,
My son had croup alot when he was little and sounded like a seal when he coughed. I found a humidifer worked real well. On really bad nights - I remember rushing him to the ER because he couldn't breathe. When I got there he was all cleared up-I didn't think they would believe me at the ER but then they told me the reason it cleared up was I had him out in the cold air-I can't tell you how many nights I bundled my little guy up and sat outside with him sitting on my lap after that-That seemed like yesterday but that little guy turns 17 next week~♥

Enjoy that beautiful family of yours!

Spence said...

Sherrie, you are luck that your Husband take you on all those cool trips.

Spence said...

Sher, put more numbers on you comment list because I comment and I'm not on there.

da Bergs said...

You are just too fun! I love reading your random posts! I am very proud of you for remembering your DH's bday! LOL... and you are a GREAT ice skater! Seriously, do that turn and jump again, I wanna see!!!

in time out said...

I share some of your fantasys. To be beautiful and graceful. ahhhh. glad you had a good vacation.

Love Fam said...

I hear ya on coming home from vacations!! I hate it! I feel like I am still not on top of things and we've been home for weeks! Looked like tons of fun though!!