Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Month in Pictures

I have lots and lots of pictures to catch up on. I really should wait until next week and throw Christmas in there with it, but I guess I'll have to do another Christmas post.

Nov 15,16--TJ and Peter's Karate Belt Test:

Nov 19--TJ lost his first tooth!



Then a week later, he lost a second one.

Nov 26--Thanksgiving:

My SIL has a really cool Nikon Whisper 2000 or whatever the fancy names of those camera are. So she took pictures, and gave them to me.

C's grandpa carved the turkey.

Dec 3--Ice skating at the Gallivan center with Santa Claus:

Dec 5--KJ's baptism:

This is what the road looked like on the way to the church. Some of our family members got there late and missed the baptism because of the blizzard.

Our family

This is KJ and her friend that got baptized the same day.
Isn't she Beautiful?

Dec 10--KJ and Peter's Singing Recital:

Dec 15--Neighborhood Book Club Christmas Party:


Mikki said...

Love all the pics. Good job. It takes so long just to load a couple!! :)
You have a beautiful family!

Erin said...

What an eventful month it has been at your house! Ethan hasn't lost any teeth yet, and he's going crazy because so many of his friends at school have.