Friday, December 4, 2009

Random Sherisms and

I am still in my pajamas. I am having a do nothing day. I got burned out with all the doing and stuff last week with Thanksgiving, and I got a little overzealous. So, if you got a comment from me on your blog today, that's why. Today is blog day.


I wanted to tell you all about my latest news with my music without sounding like I'm begging for you go over to my website and spend money, but really, that's exactly what I'm doing.

I ordered a new batch of CD's, because I finally "sold" (more like gave away) all of my other ones. I am selling them on my website for 20% off for the holidays. I think I will keep them on sale until Christmas.

I also finally put together a song book with songs from the Solitude CD. So all of you pianists out there might like it! It is also for sale at my website for 15% off. I might slash it a little more for Christmas and go all crazy and do 30% off or something. We'll see.

CD's are a great Christmas gift! Go order some! PLEASE!?


Ok, I have a confession to make. This is really stupid and I'll probably regret writing this, but I'm been blog stalking a lot today. And I've gone over to all of my family member's blogs, and I think I'm pretty good at keeping up with them and commenting and stuff. But I've noticed that a lot of my cousins/sisters comment on each other's blogs, but not on mine. I feel like the loser dork who desperately wants to hang out with the cool kids. Is that dumb to let that hurt my feelings?


My precious little angel is getting baptized this Saturday. I'm so proud of her. I can see the Spirit in her, preparing her for this momentous event. She has been the sweetest, most helpful, wonderful little girl lately.
I had intended to go get her picture taken, but life just got busy. So, I was thinking of just going to Kiddie Kandids, but that almost seems sinful knowing there are so many amazing photographers out there in blogland.
Anyone have any recommendations for someone who could take beautiful pictures of my angel for a low price? Someone maybe in the Northern Utah area, that wouldn't charge me to travel to my neck of the woods?


My ward Christmas party is tonight. I was asked to play the piano for it. I'm always happy to get a gig, even if its just for the ward party. They want me to play Lamanite and Jerusalem music. Other than Book of Mormon stories, and maybe Hava Nagila, I got nothin. Any suggestions?
I've also been wanting to get around to transcribing some of my Christmas arrangements into sheet music. Would anyone be interested in some Christmas sheet music?


And I guess I should expand on my Facebook status, since I left you all hanging. I went to my doctor yesterday. It was just supposed to be the first of many check ups--every six weeks, I was to go in, check in, and get blood work done. But, my blood work came back abnormal. the doc showed me my test results and told me I'm a record breaker. I guess the test only goes up to a certain number, and my results were so far above that number that they can't even measure it. And after 6 weeks of being on anti-thyroid drugs, they are still too high for the test.

So, the doc decided to bag the drugs and schedule radioactive iodine treatment instead. That's supposed to kill my thyroid. Then, I get to take thyroid hormone drugs for the rest of my life.
We're doing it next Wednesday, which means this week, I stop taking the drugs. My symptoms will come back, and I have to be on this special zero iodine diet. It sucks. I can pretty much each nothing but fruit and veggies. I have to stay away from all dairy, and can only eat 4 servings per day of whole grains --as long as its made with non-iodized salt, and only 5 oz. of poultry--not turkey (so much for leftovers). And then I have to be isolated for 3 days. I can't see anyone. It really sucks.



This is from my CD collection, since my iPod is still out of commission. I'm hoping for a new one from Santa this year......

1. Little Drummer Boy - Harry Connick, Jr.
2. Merry Christmas Darling - Carpenters
3. Rejoice (O Come, O Come, Emmanuel) - Jim Brickman
4. Santa Baby - Kylie Minogue
5. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - Coldplay
6. Away in a Manger - Kenny Chesney
7. Silent Night - Kurt Bestor
8. Ave Maria - Harry Connick, Jr.
9. The Holly & The Ivy - Kurt Bestor
10. What Child is This - Darrin Vincent, Cody Kilby, Alison Krauss, Ronnie McCoury, Rob Ickes

Bonus: Prelude/Carol of the Bells - George Winston


The Garden of Egan said...

Hugs Sherie! If I even came remotely close to having the ability to play the piano I would buy the sheet music. I totally love the CD I have (autographed!) from you!

You will really feel so much better after the radioactive thing! Promise.
Isolated for three days? Really? And the downside of that would be........hmmmm. Well, I would like that.

Do you comment on your family's blogs? I wouldn't be offended. Just love them.

HUGS! And enjoy your Christmas Party tonight. Wow, they have someone famous playing for them. I'm jealous!

2busy said...

Sometimes it is hard when someone has been sick to know what to say. It's not like your words will make it better. Maybe your cousins are just at a loss of words. Hang in there!

Peggy said...

I love Kiddie Kandids. I take my kids there religiously every year. IT's fast, easy, close, and the pictures always turn out.

I confess that sometimes I don't comment because I just don't know what to say. "I'm sorry" just seems so trite and insincere. Maybe the cousins feel the same way.

I hope everything goes okay this week. Hang in there.

Erin said...

My cousins all comment on each other's blogs, and rarely comment on mine. I was hurt for a while, and then I finally had someone tell me it's because my blog is so "popular" and they feel like their comments get lost in the shuffle. And it's kind of like they want to support each other, since they hardly get any comments, but I have "enough." Maybe that's how your family feels??

Congratulations on the baptism tomorrow! How special and exciting!

I'm so sorry about your thyroid problems! Have you had symptoms for years and years, or has it just started in the last few months? Again, I will be praying for you. (And I hope Santa brings you an iPod too.)

Kristina P. said...

I'm with Erin about the comments. I know that when my blog started getting more readers the people in my real life stopped commenting. And did you tell me you don't comment on mine very much because of that? :) I still love you. And honestly don't care.

I will be thinking about you next week! I hope this finally takes you on the upswing.

You know you can always call me to chat. I am excited to see you guys in a couple of weeks!

wonder woman said...

Ditto to Erin and Kristina on family comments. Not personal, they're probably just a little intimidated.

Thanks for the list of Christmas music. I'm still sitting here in my pjs, compiling christmas music since I have sound on my computer for the first time in weeks.

Good luck next week. I just want you to get this crap taken care of. I can't imagine how frustrating it is.

Lara said...

What is Lamanite music? There is that one number from Women at the Well called "He Came for Me" that's supposed to sound Nephite-ish.

As for Jerusalem music, you can do Shalom and the Dreidl song. Good luck with that...I'm not sure I would know what to do either with that assignment!

I have a friend in Logan that takes great photos. Is that too far north? Her blog is, and then she'll have a link to her photo blog there and you can contact her that way. I'm fairly sure she doesn't charge much at all.

Finally, I'm really hoping that things go well with your thyroid. You poor thing. You'll be in my prayers!

Krazy Kat said...

If you didn't know, I get on the blogs every once in awhile. I have the time to read but rarely have the time to comment unless I really feel like I have something to say. So I still love reading your blog even if my comments are few and far between. Plus you get so many I figured you wouldn't notice if I commented or not. I'll see you tomorrow!

DeNae said...

Great honk, Sher! I for one am completely out of patience with your stupid thyroid! Should I send a note to your doctor, telling him that? Cuz I totally will.

Lamanite music: Ever hear "Go My Son?" sung by Lamanite generation? Hilarious. Although, it's not supposed to be, I don't think.

Just use lots of open 5ths and flat 7ths. That should do the trick.

Sarah said...

You know my husband is dabbling in photography lately. He would probably be more than happy to take some pictures for you.

Love Fam said...

Sherrie I hope I am not one of those cousins, I look at yours all the time, but mostly feel like I can't think of something as clever to write as all the other comments, or as clever as your just have a way with words, and I can't compete=). I have used a really good, cheap photographer the last few times, Natalie has used her me if you want her info she charges $60 for the sitting and edited photos on a cd.

Rachel Sue said...

I hope the new treatment works for you. And while the 3 days of solitude doesn't sound exciting, just think of all the blogging you can do! :) I'll be praying for you!

Jo said...

No music suggestions from me, sorry. Come Oh Come Emmanual? Shrug
Sorry about the thyroid thing, my best friend had to do that too. The isolation thing sucked. But she is feeling much better now, so hope that helps.

wendy said...

Oh Sher, what a physical journey you have been on. I certainly will be thinking of you.

on the lighter side, someone needs to put me on a diet of fruit and veggies as I have gained 10 freaking lbs since I have moved up here. I am AGONIZING over it.

You are so talented. Do you know how lucky you are to be blessed with such talent.

and the whole bloggy comment thing---keeps me awake at night sometimes. I comment on TONS of other peoples blogs, All. The. Time. and NEVER hear back from them. What does that mean exactly.
seems so juvenile to worry about it.
I mean really, at my age, and it still bothers me.

I know good health is around the corner for you. Keep your gorgeous smile and hang in there. I wish I had something more "tangible" to give you.

Terresa said...

Our oldest child was baptized a few months ago. We took a few candids on the grass outside of our church building after the baptism but other than that, we spaced on the special "8 yrs old" photos of her. maybe I should rethink this & do some now?? (Yikes!)

PS: Try and not let the blog comments by fam members on other blogs and not on yours get you down. You are a beautiful person, they must see that, too.

And happy December! Love your Christmas music list!

M-Cat said...

What the H? Kill the thyroid and be isolated for three days. Crap!

Hoping all goes well (which it will), and good luck with the lamanite music. sheesh