Thursday, December 24, 2009

Random Sherisms--!Feliz Navidad y Prospero Ano!

You didn't know I knew Spanish, did you? Yeah, well, it helps that the song says it over and over again. I also know "Dame su dinero." I used to be a bill collector, and I called Puerto Rico, on occasion. So, Denae, if you ever defaulted on your gym membership, it was me calling you to collect.


Can you believe its Christmas Eve? I can't. I have very vivid memories of last Christmas Eve. Like it was yesterday. Cuz it really feels like it was. I guess it doesn't help that I spend four month of the year sick in bed..although those were the slowest months of the year. Speaking of which, after my ablation treatment, I felt horrible for a week. But, slowly and surely I'm starting to feel back to normal. Thanks for asking.


I think I'm finally all ready for Christmas. I've started early, going shopping in Park City with my Mom and sister sometime in November, before Thanksgiving. Since then, I keep "needing" last minutes thing. I've spent way more and bought "more" last minute gifts than the "real" ones. Anyone else do that? I don't need a price limit, I need a time limit. BUT, if I do that, I will deliberately avoid doing it until after the dead line. I can't help but rebel when there is a schedule. It makes me crazy.


Which leads me to my next topic of conversation. Cleaning. If you know me at all, I HATE, hate, hate cleaning. Well, I must be nesting or something because I have been cleaning like a mad woman this week. The only cleanliness standard I have all year, is that Santa doesn't visit messy houses. Plus, my husband has been gone to watch the bowl games this week, so I have stayed up until 3 every night getting stuff done. I have cleaned out my closet, my pantry, my laundry room, my children's rooms..... you get the idea.

AND, I made a great discovery this week. I have had my Kirby vacuum for over 8 years. And yesterday, I discovered it has a sweeper attachment. Last night at 10:00, I was in sweeping heaven! I swept my entire house, it's like getting a new toy on Christmas! Oh wait......


I miss C. He went to the Vegas bowl and rooted for BYU. Then he drove to San Diego to go to the Poinsettia bowl and rooted for Utah. Yeah, we're like that around here. We're not die hard BYU or Utah fans. I mean we went to Weber, for goodness sakes. Well, mostly. I also went to SLCC. Yep, classy, I know.

Anyway, I miss him. A lot. He gets home this afternoon, just in time for Christmas Eve festivities. I'm excited for him to get home.


Here's my question for you? Do you do more stuff for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? When is your big dinner? This has been our quandary for the past 11 years. My family does a big to do on Christmas Eve. I love all of the excited leading up to the big day, and then staying in my pajamas and playing with my toys all day on Christmas. But C's family does their big thing on Christmas day and orders pizza for Christmas Eve.
I'm getting to the point that I would rather just do our own thing with my own little family and visit the extended family another day.

So, what do you do?


This is my tune. I love this song. Hence, the Spanish theme.
The video is lame, but listen to the song:


Kristina P. said...

I was just looking at the dishes and thought that it would be nice to have a clean house for Christmas.

I didn't realize C was going to both games! You really are a sports widow!

Merry Christmas, Sher!

Krazy Kat said...

I knew you would love the kirby attachment it is so much better than sweeping. I am catching up on looking at blogs since it is christmas and Austin is away with the kids. Thanks for coming down the other day!

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

Oh it's good to hear you're starting to feel well again. I hope the good days keeps stacking up in your favor.

We decided about 3 years ago to have Christmas with our own little family, aka just the 5 of us. My husbands family lives 3 hours away so we try to visit them within 2 weeks of Christmas and my family lives 30 minutes away but we still insist on celebrating the holiday ourselves. We do our own thing Christmas Eve/day and then later we enjoy the company of our families. It has worked out well for us (even though I know both of our moms wish we could be at their places).

Sarah said...

We have done things a little different the last few years. We each have our family parties a couple of weeks before Christmas, so they are over with early. Then we usually end up spending Christmas Eve with one of our families, we try to rotate. Christmas day belongs to us! We wear our pajamas all day, until we go out to dinner that night. I know it sounds horrible to be making someone have to work on Christmas Day, but they are working anyway, at least we are giving them something to do. The grandparents usually drop by that day too, but we don't go anywhere. That day is ours to do what we please. It is heavenly.

Terresa said...

We do more stuff for Christmas eve.

I didn't know you spoke Spanish! I used to work at a law office as their Spanish translator. The Cubanos always blew me away by how fast they spoke. (My Spanish is Uruguayan style, mucho mas despacio!).

Besos y prospero ano nuevo!

Mikki said...

Love the Christmas hat song. Too funny.
We do low key Christmas Eve and Christmas day. No big dinners, no major whatever. We open one gift Christmas Eve, usually pj's, and then hang around in our pj's all Christmas day and snack on junk food.