Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dinner with the Jazz

I missed my book club meeting last night. But, not because I didn't read the book. I read it, but didn't finish it yet, but that's beside the point. I had every intention of going to the meeting until about 5:00 last night when I got a phone call from Clint saying he got tickets to this charity event that you get to go eat dinner with the Jazz players. So, I said,l forget book club, that sounds awesome!
And it was!

We got autographs from Kyle Korver, Andrei Kirilenko, Carlos Boozer, Paul Milsap, Mehmet Okur, and Deron Williams.

We also met Jeff Hornacek!
Clint is convinced that Matt Harpring and I had a "moment" where we made eye contact and he smiled at me. So he told me that he's going to tell everyone that Matt Harpring hit on his wife! HA HA!
I got totally snubbed by CJ I don't like him anymore.
We got pictures of a lot of them, too...the bad news....Clint took the pictures on his phone (because I forgot my camera) and for some reason, they all got erased! I know...can you believe that? I'm so bugged!

We did get a few more pictures after that, and made sure they got saved, but being on the phone they aren't great quality...and Clint went to Roosevelt today for work, and for some crazy reason, he thought he needed to take his phone with him, so I don't have the pictures yet.
What, you don't believe me?
Trust me, as soon as I get the pictures on my computer...I WILL post them!!


Barney Family Blog said...

Oh Tyler is going to be so jealous!! I think the longer we have been marries the bigger Jazz fan he has become. He still talks about going to the game with you guys in teh special room, what's that called again? Anyway, I'm glad you have fun!!

Shepherd Family said...

We have the suite this Friday--wanna come!?

The Jensen Family said...
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The Jensen Family said...

I wanna come! Just kidding! That sounds like it was so much fun. I once got to meet some of The Braves players and Chipper Jones totally snubbed us. He was really rude!

The Motherboard said...

Can I come? I used to work for a guy that was scout for the Utah Jazz! Jefe and I got AMAZING seats out of the deal... and dinner with the players is totally awesome huh?! It was my favorite thing. Jefe thought he had died and gone to heaven the first time I took him. He was sort of bugged when I took the job, but when he saw the perks, well. The job became a "must". IF you know what I mean!
Did you stay in your jammies all day?? I did.

Shepherd Family said...

I wanted to stay in my jammies all day...but i didn't. I had to volunteer at Kennie's class, and housework and!

Smith Family said...

Sounds Fun! Austin would be jealous, since everytime the Jazz play he updates me on how well they did. I could care less about basketball but it would be cool to meet the players.