Friday, March 14, 2008

Ice Princess

Last night I took Kennedie and Baylie and we had a girl's night out with some friends from our old neighborhood to go to Disney on Ice. It was great! Baylie was so cute! All day long she kept saying, "Come on, Mom, I go see princess!" Kennedie said we're going to see the "Ice Princess."
When we got there Baylie kept jumping up and down, clapping her hands, and grinning ear to ear. I, personally, think Baylie was more entertaining to watch than the skaters.
She freaked out when Ariel came on (her favorite.)

During intermission we were looking for the bathroom when Kennedie spotted Cinderella and ran over to ask if she could get her picture. It turns out it was just some lady who had made a Cinderella costume, and wore it to the show. She was kind enough to let us take her picture, but then girls started lining up. I felt sorry for her, but then, again, I guess that's what you get if you go to a Princess show dressed up like a Princess.

After the show, I asked Kennedie how she liked it and she said, "It was okay. I'm just too big to like princesses. I liked them better when I was five."
(side note: Kennedie turned six 4 months ago).
All in all, it was fun night!

p.s. Here is my Friday's top ten list...I had to throw in a princess song in tribute to our adventure!

1. How will She Know--Amy Adams, from Enchanted
2. I'm Sensitive--Jewel
3. Candy Everybody Wants--10,000 Maniacs
4. Summertime--George Gershwin
5. Keep Your Hands to Yourself--John Anderson
6. Return to Pooh Corner--Kenny Loggins
7. Poco de Amor--Shakira
8. Stampede--Chris Ledoux
9. You Give Me All I Need--Scorpions
10. Clumsy--Fergie

If You Can Dream--Disney Princesses

p.s. Happy Birthday Jen (today), Kat (tomorrow) Me (Sunday) Nate (Monday) Reagan (Tuesday)

Did I get everyone?

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The Motherboard said...

I *LOVE* your new layout... very chic & sassy!

I so wanted to take Thing 3 to the Ice Princess deal... but alas I am "heavy with child..." sigh.
I bet it was AWESOME! I always enjoy watching my kids watch stuff like that... its way more entertaining!