Monday, March 31, 2008

Day 5

It's Day 5 of the Isagenix nightmare. Once, again, I'm kind of embarrassed about my little "episode." But you know, I started blogging, so i could have somewhere to come to vent my feeling and frustrations. Thanks for being patient.
Oh, I think you are all right...I am just stupid to do Isagenix and train for a marathon at the same time. What was I thinking?
So, I think I was going through sugar detox this weekend, and that's what caused the emotional dive. Clint said to me, "I don't care if it IS fast sunday. Why are you fasting after not eating for 4 days?" He thinks eating will solve all my problems.
Ok, he's right...he's always right. It's really irritating.
So, I had a little relapse yesterday. We went to Clint's grandma's house to eat dinner. Her cooking isn't exactly wholesome and nutritious, but I still ate it...then the worst past is that I picked the apples out of a piece of apple pie. I tried really hard not to eat the crust, but I think I still got some in there. So much for not eating sugar.
But, I can't tell you how much better I felt, physically (obviously), and emotionally, after eating yesterday. Duh!
So, I've decided I'm going to kind of do Isagenix Half-way. I have a half-marathon race this Saturday, so I'm going to extend it out and do my last 2 cleanse days afterwards.
I think I'll be Ok, as long as I LAY OFF THE SUGAR!
I really think that sugar is like a drug for me. I think that is why this thing is so hard for me, and also, why I think it is so good, extreme, is it may seem.

p.s. Thanks to all of you for all your comments. I really appreciate your support.
I'm so grateful to have such awesome friends.


Megan B said...

I have done Isageniz and it IS a killer...especially that 9 day. Why not do the cleanse thing just ONCE a week and do the 30 day...much more reasonable. And I don't know about doing it while training for a a new runner I think you are awesome to run as much as you! AND laying off the sugar...another WOW! And YES you HAVE to take the MEDS daily sister (fellow drug girl speaking here...Effexor works wonders for ME) and if that particular drug isn't working then try a NEW one!!!
You are beyond AMAZING Sherrie and have SO MUCH on your plate to cause stress and meltdowns! Take care of yourself and EAT please!!! And if you need a girlie night out to go relieve even more stress give me a call!

Holly said...

Sherrie I think it is awesome you are writing this stuff, I think everything you write is things that all moms feel at one point but don't voice it. I love your blog. Your kids are so cute and getting so big!

Barney Family Blog said...

So Sher, it's funny that Holly just wrote that becuase I was talking with my friend Shannon today, she's the one who is friends with Erin. She saw the Shepherd link on my blog and thought maybe it could be Erins or something. Anyway she read your bad day blog. She loved it!! She said to me "I think I like this girl". She told me she wants to add your blog to her favorites. Just because you do say what we all think. That is why I love ya sis!!

Shepherd Family said...

I know...I guess I have no shame!

The Motherboard said...

AMEN to what everyone has said!! Blogs are EXACTLY for what you are using them for... Venting. Remember, blogging is cheaper than a real therapist! So, never hold back what you are feeling...
I find that when I get my frustrations, or whatever out on the blog, I not only feel better, but realize that there are others out there that feel the very same way! AND I really am not THAT abnormal!