Tuesday, October 28, 2008

8 things Tag...


My cute friend from HS, Amberlynn, tagged me forever ago, and I just barely noticed. Here it is:

8 TV Shows

1) The Office
2) The Unit
3) House
4) Pushing Daisies
5) Dancing with the Stars
6) The New Adventures of Old Christine
7) Hannah Montana
8) The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

I couldn't think of more than the first six, but the last two are always on after 4:00. KJ takes over when she gets home from school.

8 Restaurants

1) Tepanyaki
2) Corbin's
3) Rodizio's
4) Little Ceasar's
5) Mcdonald's
6) 7-11 (that is a restaurant if you buy your whole meal there)
7) California Pizza Kitchen

That's all I can think of. We NEVER go out to eat with the family, except Little Ceasar's makes an appearance on our dinner table weekly, and yes, we do go to 7-11 for our meals occasionally (especially C for the nachos and me for the Cherry Coke). The first three are the restaurants C and I rotate when we go out without the kids.

8 Things I did yesterday

I can't remember what I did yesterday, so I'll write what I did today:

1) Woke up late, with a sore throat and a knot in my neck!
2) Fixed KJ's hair because it's picture day, and the pin curls I put in last night made her look like Medusa (if you need a Halloween hair idea, I now know how to make you look like you have snakes for hair) Sorry, didn't think to take a picture til now.
3) drove KJ to school, because she missed the bus, then drove TJ & Peter to preschool
4) visited with my visiting teacher
5) hosted play group at my house, made cocoa rice krispie treats with M&M's and candy corns, played Spooky Bingo, broke up a fight, resisted the urge to scream, and lock myself in my room till all the Mom's came to get their kids.
6) Laundry
7) Drove TJ to karate, and sat in my car and read
8) Came home, plopped TJ & Peter in front of the TV, because I'm exhausted, and I feel like crap, what with the sore throat and all. I feel a sinus infection coming on...AGAIN!!!

8 Things I'm looking forward to

1) going back to bed, I need a nap
2) not being sick
3) my CD getting released
4)KJ's birthday in 2 weeks
5) getting the holidays overwith
6) Spring
7) Peter being in 1st grade
8) our Hawaii trip for my birthday in March (Ok, it's not really for my birthday, it's for work, but its the week of my birthday)

8 Things on my wish list

1) A nap
2) a grand piano
3) Rockband
4) for Clint to not have to work so hard, and to be home more, but to still get paid the same
5) for my house to be eternally clean
6) infinite youth and wisdom
7) my children to grow up to be well adjusted, smart, wonderful and righteous people, despite having an insane mother
8) Smaller butt, bigger boobs

I tag:
1) you
2) you
3) you
4) you
5) you
6) you
7) you
8) and you.......
Come play!


Kristina P. said...

I don't think we watch any of the same shows!

*MARY* said...

We have hot n' ready all the time!


smaller butt??? bigger boobs??? you are hilarious!

Jessica said...

Sherrie, I love reading your blog because you always make me laugh! I hope you get feeling better soon.

Allred Family said...

I have a sore throat too, ugh! It's that time of year I guess. I'm with you on the "wish for a nap". Hope you feel better soon!

Mikki said...

I hope you get everything on your wish list. I need a smaller butt AND smaller boobs. (or maybe just firmer both) ANYWAY...
I love these tags. I'll probably tackle this one.

Motherboard said...

I was going to say smaller boobs and a bigger butt, but then I realized I don't want a bigger butt either. Just smaller and MORE smaller (that's not a word, I know...)

Pushing Dasies is my favorite. MCDONALDS?? Really? I go there because I have to... blech!

I am going to play! Do you need dinner tonight? I will bring it too you and take the little ones so you can nap....

Jan said...

Yay for pushing daisies. I am looking forward to your CD release too. I admit I watch the suite life too. Yay me!!

Sher said...

For the record, I HATE Mcdonalds. But everyone else loves it so we go to entertain the kids, and order a giant coke. I do love Mcdonald's coke.

Andrea said...

I love 7-11 nachos too, but never get them. And I totally missed the smaller butt, bigger boobs on the list, so when I was reading everyone else's comments, I was like What? It is a shocker if you don't know what everyone else is talking about.


Get WELL SOON Sher!!!! ♥

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I love it...you totally got suckered into a TAG...don't feel bad, I have a hard time saying NO also! :)

We love the same Restaurants...YEA Tepanyaki!

And just know...I am also watching Dancing with the Stars!

Aislynn said...

You are super mom! All that in one day? I don't know if I could do it. It sure makes me look bad! Keep up the great work!

Frumpy Luv said...

yay!!! I'm excited to meet you! so so glad for next week!

Laurel said...

How much am I loving that you listed 7-11 as one of your favorite restaurants!!! That is hysterical. And, just for the record, I will take a bigger butt (I should say fuller) and smaller boobs. Wanna trade?

And finally, how happy am I that someone else who is cool watches Dancing with the Stars. For a minute there I thought it was just because I am getting old. Whew!

da Bergs said...

I love to watch House too!!!
I hope you are feeling better... did you get a nap??!!!