Friday, October 3, 2008

Random 10 Friday

I'm feeling very emotional right now. I don't know why....Ok yes, I do. This is a big week for me.

First of all, I'm leaving in about two hours for St. George. I should be packing and getting ready instead of on the computer, but I just couldn't leave without saying Goodbye first.
So this is it! THE marathon. Ok, not THE marathon. THE marathon would be Boston. But, I'm probably not going there. Not this year, at least. So this is MY marathon, for now. I've had a pretty good week, so there is the slightest hope that maybe I could qualify for Boston, but realistically, I know I can't run quite that fast. I'll settle for finishing the race.
I'm excited to go have a weekend away. This couldn't have come at a better time.
Good luck to Clint with the monkeys. I'm sure there will be a lot of movies and football.
Don't forget to watch conference.....
Ok, I know I just put that little snippet at the end of my Tag post. I don't know why, but I feel hesistant to talk about it. Like maybe I'll jinx myself if I do. The reality is that my dream, the dream I've had since I was 4 years old, and have been dreaming about my entire life, if finally coming true. I don't want to get my hopes up too much, because the first thing I have to do it just get the recording done. I have a place to go, I have permission from my wonderful supportive hubby to spend the money to do the recording. And I have Greg Hansen, the Godsend, who is going to help me kickstart my career. He called me on Wednesday afternoon, told me he really liked my music, other than the fact that my recordings were on a piano that was out of tune (how embarrassing), and that I can take it wherever I want to.
He has people to help me record, to help design my CD cover, and production, to help me design my webpage, and said he can get me in with Desert Book, FM100 Sounds of the Sabbath, and he can help me book gigs, like firesides, and local concerts.
I have floating on cloud nine! Could this really be happening?
I spent hours and hours transcribing a rough draft of sheet music for Solitude. I use Print Music, which is a computer program for songwriters. That stupid program kept timing out, over and over, and I kept losing my work. Hours of work. Gone. I got soooo frustrated. So, I sent an email to the help/support/customer service department over at Finale, and they said that the program isn't compatible with Vista, and that's why it's doing that.
Stupid Vista.
Have you seen those PC vs. Mac commercials, where the PC guy gets frustrated with his Vista? Well, it's all true!
So, I paid for and downloaded an updated version of the program, and now I can't register it to use it.
Stupid program.
I have really got to go take a shower, pack, do laundry, vacuum, go take back the videos, and get ready before 11:30 when I have to pick up TJ from school, and get back and be ready to leave by 12:30 because I'm meeting my friends in Draper at 1:30, and then we're off!
Wish me luck!!!
Random 10:
1. Stay - Alison Krauss
2. Chariots of Fire - Electronix
3. Thank You for the Music - ABBA
4. Plenty - Sarah Mclachlan
5. Bet on It - High School Musical 2
6. Let me In - Chely Wright
7. No One Else On Earth - Wynonna
8. In & Out of Love - Bon Jovi
9. Runnin' Down a Dream - Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
10. Galileo - Indigo Girls
Lucky 4 U (Tonight I'm just Me) - Shedaisy (this is my theme song)
Happy weekend!


tammy said...

Good luck on the marathon!

And I am so excited for you and the opportunity to record your music. And I laughed about him saying your piano was out of tune - that would be me too!

Hope you have a great weekend! Now go pack.


GOod luck!!! i know you will do great!

and WOW about your MUSIC!!! you totally deserve this! you are going to reach the Stars, Sher!!!!

Motherboard said...

You rock! really you do. I am so excited for you. Sorry Icouldn't come and hold up signs to cheer you on at the end... but you know. Moxie's tooth!

I am so excited for you! You're the best!!

Step away from the keyboard and run like the wind!

Jessica said...

Good luck! I know you will do great at the marathon.

Congrats again on getting to produce your music! That is so amazing!

Peggy said...

Good luck on the marathon! And congrats on the CD!

Andrea said...

That is so great! I'm with Motherboard, someday I will be able to say that I knew you when you were only a somebody to me, not everyone else. Good luck on the run!

atsimms said...

The marathon is here! I hope you do well. I am thrilled for you and your music. I have always thought you were so talented. Good luck!

Spence said...

I really admire you sherrie. you ispire me to reach farther for my own endeavors. You are pursuing two goals at once which is crazy awesome!way to go Sis!

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

Good luck!!!! I wish you success. and I'll be buying your CD and getting an autograph. I know what town to find you after all :-) Woooo! I'm truly excited for you. You are so close to your dream.

Jen K said...

You are already in St. George as I write this, so instead of good luck.. I hope you had fun and I know you did a great job. You are amazing... running a marathon and getting a cd contract all in one week. I'm REALLY happy for you!

wonder woman said...

-gasp!- I'm in shock! Shock and AWE. Sher, that's INCREDIBLE!!!! I am amazed.

Okay. Calming down.

Good luck on the marathon. Hope you can get registered and get your computer to work and transcribe your music. I will be ANXIOUSLY listening for you on FM 100!!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

Mikki said...

I wish I could have commented before you left for your weekend. i just don't get much blogging time in the mornings. Anywho, GOOD LUCK on the marathon. However you finish out, I'll be so proud of you!!! Hope you enjoy your weekend away.
I am still just so happy for you, so cool your hubby is on board with everything too. Good luck with this next phase of life for you. I look forward to reading about this experience as you live it. Dang, I should have had you autograph that cd before you sent it to me!!!

Heidi said...

Is the link you have for Chris and Liz, Liz Nielson? If so could you give me her e-mail address. I would love to see how she is doing in Oregon. That is if she is still there which I thought she was.

Mother Goose said...

woohoo!!! doin the happy dance!!! congrats, that's incredible! good luck on everything!!

Nick and Stacey said...

Yeah I hope the marathon went well! I am so excited for your CD! What a big exciting week for you!!!!