Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Look at what I just did!
Somebody mentioned, I think it was Robin's nest, about the free version of photoshop, so I immediately went over to check out, and played around a little bit.
Remember the pic at the top of my 26.2 post of the Red cliffs?

If not, here it is:

Now look at it!

Cool, huh?! Ok, the colors are a little loud, but it's the first picture I played with.

I'm just excited to share!


*MARY* said...

That's amazing. I still can't figure photoshop out, it's too confusing for me.


Dang Sher!

"SHER" your talents with me! I have ADOBE Photoshop Elements & I saw that link, too, that ROBIN was talking about....

but i can't figure it out worth a didley.

i personally like what you did to that picture! it makes a BOLD statement!!!!

Jan said...

That is awesome. It would be a picture that I would copy off of flickr easily. Good job Sher.

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Love it Sher! So much nicer! Isn't that free online Photoshop express so fun to play with!? I'm having a field day with it! :)

Mother Goose said...

great job, was it just click click click?

kitchenditcher said...

Wow, that picture is absolutely stunning! How in the world did I miss a photoshop freebie? I'm running over to Robin's right now to get the link!


Mikki said...

I think it looks really cool!!! Good job!
I was just reading those quotes your kids have made on the sidebar... Hilarious!!!

tammy said...

Wow! Luvpilot bought me Photoshop Elements for Mom's Day, and it's still in the box. I should break it out and actually use it.