Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This is Why I Don't Do Domestic....

Yesterday, while grocery shopping, the kids and I found this little Haunted House gingerbread kit. We thought it looked like fun, so we bought it, brought it home, and when KJ got home from school, we all decided we'd put it together and decorate it.

Well, even with good intentions things do not always turn out the way we would like.

Here is the picture of what the Haunted House should look like on the box.

And here is our little Haunted House.

It slowly fell apart within minutes of its construction. The kids didn't seem too upset. They were happy eating the candy that came with it. Sorry, if the pictures are out of focus, it's because I was laughing so hard at my lame attempt at creativity.

And to think, a year ago, I was decorating cakes, and cooking dinner everynight, and keeping a clean house.

I guess domesticity (is that a word?) is one of those skills that you lose if you don't use it. It's like exercise.

For example: I had rock hard abs 6 months ago, and decided I didn't need to do sit-ups anymore because I couldn't possible get any hotter. And now, I'm just a big tub o' goo. My leg muscles are pretty killer, still though, because of all the marathoning and what not.

Yesterday, I hit the gym, and did a rep n' step class for the first time in months. Rep n' step is 45 minutes of hard core weight lifting, and 45 minutes of multi-step aerobics. Multi-step is when you use multiple benches, instead of just one. It's a great workout, and I'm sure I looked awesome with the buckets of sweat I was dripping after the class. It felt good, though, and I'm really, really sore today.

I'm also really ornery. Probably because I turned off my alarm this morning, instead of getting up to run, and I'm feeling lethargic and guilty.

Anyway, I didn't mean for this post to get so random. My latest domestic crisis is deciding whether to make TJ's birthday cake, or just go buy one. It feels like cheating to buy a birthday cake. I have make my kids' cakes every year since the beginning of time. I've done everything from princess to Ariel to Spiderman. Ok, that's pretty much all of them. I think I've done a truck and a football, too. Oh, and one year, I did Wonder woman.

This year, he wants an Ironman cake. I LOVE the Wilton character cake pans. They make it so easy. I need to get with the program and go buy a pan, or get on their website and get a pattern or something.

What do you think I should do? Make the cake, stress myself out, and risk it being a total disaster? Or go against everything I believe, cheat, and buy a cake from Macey's?

Of maybe I should just hire my extremely talented cousin, Holly, to make his cake? What do you say Holly? I'm sure having 2 little girls and going to school full time isn't keeping you busy enough.....


tammy said...

LOL I don't think those kits ever work! And I don't think I've ever had abs of steal. I would be happy with just a little less tub o' goo right now. I need to ground myself from blogging until my chores and work out are done. I'm falling behind in the domestic department, too.


ha ha! those kits are always a joke... and so are my abs!

atsimms said...

I say you take the cheap, stress free route. Make a sheet cake and buy some sort of ironman topper from Zurchers or FunDaze (: That's what I always do for my poor kids who don't know that cake can actually come in any other form than a rectangle.

What ever you do, it will taste great and the kids will love it! Good Luck!

Mikki said...

I like the last suggestion there, it's the best of both worlds.
Love your haunted house, too funny.

Queen Elizabeth said...

Since when was buying a cake "cheating" - does it taste worse? Does it make a bigger mess? NO NO NO!!! BUY A CAKE! The fact that you EVER HAD rock hard abs gives you the right to do pretty much anything you want!

wonder woman said...

You did me once? Hmm.....you'd think I'd remember you and your rock hard abs. Must've had one too many Diet Cokes that night.

You can totally delete this is if you think someone's offended.

And I love your comment whore button. I have an idea - you can use my vintage piano if I can steal your comment whore. Or you can just take the vintage piano anyway.

I'm pumped to do this tag. I think you should get a costco cake - they're the best. And honestly, I remember 2 of my birthday cakes, and only because we have pictures. Don't stress yourself out.

Way to go on going to the gym! Today I went grocery shopping and bought special K and weight watchers snacks and fresh vegetables - I'm going to try to lose some weight. I'd love to go work out. So go SHER.

Good luck with your recording session!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe I know someone who's made a real CD and could very possibly be on the radio. You could very well become the best part of my Sunday.

Sher said...

Wonderwoman----LOL!! And EEeewwww!

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

My ginger bread houses NEVER ever turn out like the picture on those kits. But I'm not domestic. And I've never had rock hard abs. You are amazing. You do a lot of great things. Give yourself a break, and BUY the cake.

Motherboard said...


I laughed when I read about your haunted house thinger... my kids have been BEGGING to do one of those... I think I will now PASS!