Friday, October 17, 2008

Random 10 Friday

We're celebrating TJ's birthday today. His birthday isn't until Sunday, but C decided that it would be better to take the day off work today and do all the fun stuff, then he'll go into to work on Saturday, so he can catch up while no one is there.
So, our plans are to go to Chuck E. Cheese, and then go to my little neice's birthday party. She's turning one.
We'll do presents and cake, etc on Sunday.


By the way, I decided to order an Ironman cake from the local bakery. I'm still feeling incredibly guilty about it.
I'll probably end up making another cake, too, anyway, just to feed all the family who are coming over on Sunday, and to reduce my guilt.


Ok. I have a bone to pick. Yesterday I had 14 followers. Today I have 13. Unfortunately, I didn't have every one of my followers memorized, so I can't figure out who's missing.
Did I offend you in some way? Was there something I wrote about that caused you grief and pain? Or do you just think I'm totally lame?
If so, please accept my sincere apologies. And please....come back!
And bring friends......


Isn't this a lovely photo? I swiped it from here. I don't know this girl or much about her, but I like her blog. I think it would be perfect for my CD cover. What do you think?

My recording session is scheduled for this coming Tuesday. I'm getting really nervous. I should stop stressing myself out, because then I'm guaranteed to make mistakes. Any mistake I make while playing will really cost me. Literally. I'm paying by the hour, so the better I do the first time, the cheaper it will be for me.
I wrote a new song last week. And I have a few new arrangements that weren't on my practice CD. I want to share it, but I guess you'll have to wait until the real CD comes out and you can buy it.
This is still really surreal and weird for me to think that I'll have an actual professional recording done of my music, that could be in stores, and on the radio.
I guess we'll see how it all pans out after the recording session is done and overwith.


I was at the store the other day to buy face wash and lotion. I'm in a very awkward stage of my life right now. It's worse the puberty. I was getting so frustrated. Why don't they sell a face wash that works for both acne AND wrinkles? Seriously? I have the skin of a teenager (acne) and the wrinkles of a middleaged woman. Not to mention the big dark circles and bags under my eyes. Does anyone else have this problem?
Also, I've gained 7 pounds since the marathon. What the freak people!!!??? SEVEN POUNDS? That was less than 2 weeks ago, and now I'm just big tub o' lard, and getting fatter. Who knew that sitting flat on your butt for 2 weeks, and eating nothing but sugar and icecream would make you gain weight? Don't all the calories I burned during the marathon count for anything?
I'm starting to believe what everyone has been telling me about being in your thirties. This sucks. What happened to my youth? My amazingly fast metabolism? My ability to eat whatever I want, whenever I want, and not gain weight? My clear skin, and healthy hair?
Did I mention my hair? Don't get me started. That's another post for another day. And my eyebrow (singular) is in dire need of a wax.
I'm going through a serious ugly phase. I'm getting old!!!!!
This is me when I woke up this morning.

Ok, now that I've complained sufficiently, I'll share some tunes!!
1. Bleeding Love - Liona Lewis
2. Love Song - Sara Bareilles
3. Only Time - Enya
4. Walk of Life - Dire Straights
5. I Alone - Live
6. Message in a Bottle - The Police
7. Keep Your Hands to Yourself - John Anderson
8. Capri - Colbie Caillat
9. Far Away - Nickelback
10. Good And Broken - Miley Cyrus
Bonus: I'm Yours - Jason Mraz


Mother Goose said...

hahahha, this was funny! OHHH thanks for letting me know that if you eat icecream and just sit around, you will gain! LOL I don't know what happened to your follower but I like that you said bring friends.

This is my rule. If I have a follower I will follow them. I have decided that it is the easiest way for me to leave comments on people. if they are not followers that they no longer get the love. I just can't be clickin every where. ALSO, I will leave a comment for people who talk back to me. I want to get to know my peeps! I'm not into stalking I want a relationship. I'm over 30 and I think I deserve a relationship, don't you agree??

wonder woman said...

You have 14 followers now!! Looks like the last person to add did it anonymously. Maybe they read this and felt bad? (I keep my followers close to the top so it's easy to add and I think people enjoy seeing their pics on other people's blog.)

I thought that I had recently offended someone I blog with 'cuz I went like a week with no comment from her, and she's a consistent commenter. But now she's far I know, we're okay. But it was weird. And I was totally stressing, trying to figure out what I did.

And I'm JEALOUS that you're losing your high metabolism and eat whatever you want and not gain weight in your 30s!! Early 20s for me. And still have teenager skin. Although I've found a skin care line that works for me - Kohl's. I use their "acne-prone" formula, though I'm embarassed to admit it. But I love it, and it WORKS. Better than anything my entire life. And they have this rejuvenating serum that smooths fine lines and makes your face feel like VELVET. Seriously love that stuff. Don't stress about the weight till after Tuesday.

Love the piano picture! And good luck next week!!! I suggest working hard this weekend, and taking it easy on monday. Try to have all the housework done by Monday, and just play/practice all day monday, but enjoy yourself. Light some candles, get in the mood, and just play pretty music for fun. Try to connect with your inner self. =D

you'll do marvelous.


SHER! you and me both SISTA!

i have more pimples NOW than i ever did as a TEENAGER!!!! and WRINKLES... oh gosh.... don't get me started!!!!


HAIR... yeah.... FUNKY HAIR growing in places that they ought NOT be growing!! i wish it was just my eyerbrows!!! but.... noooooo..... i spend way too much time in the mornings tweezing my face in places that i never have tweezed before!!! i don't like it.


girl... looks like you have 14 followers again.... just remember the one that is on there last is the NEWEST one :P


about the "getting flabby thing" i'm already there. Join The Club!!!

The Forney Four said...

I came home from my triathlon wieghing 4 pounds more. Dam those races. Never doin' em again!!!!!!!

*MARY* said...

I used to have chuck e cheese nightmares as a kid.
Someone stopped following me once too, I cried for days.

Jen K said...

You'll do great on your recording, I'm not worried one bit and you shouldn't be either. :) As for the skin, I've got the same problem and I think I've found a solution. Tea tree oil and olive oil. 100% natural and I've only been using it for a week and it seriously is working! (I've tried everything lately) I'm going to do a whole post dedicated to it because it's amazing, so watch for it.

Motherboard said...

You have 15 followers now...

How did you get that photo of me? do you have a hidden camera in my bedroom, cause that's just gross!

I love that photo of the piano.. its perfect for your CD cover!

Chucky Cheese? Yeah, that's my version of Hell. Damn them for putting one in out here...

Andrea said...

After I was sick, I TOTALLY broke out in zits. Then I ran out of cover-up and foundation, so I had greasy pimply face. Not a pretty sight. Don't stress about the cake either, the store is just great! Really the ice-cream is the best part anyway right?

Mikki said...

Oh my gosh--the wrinkles!!! I took a picture of my eyes the other day, to post-when I had that rough night, but after looking at it, and cropping the rest of my face out of it, and trying to touch up lots of problemos--I said forget it!! I can't believe the little crows feet creeping around my eyes. Guess I should have invested in sunglasses a long time ago.
I'll tell ya, the 30's aren't doing me any favors either. I've also got tons of aches and pains I'm not used to having.

Good luck on the piano session--you'll be great I'm sure. I can't wait to see your cd on the store shelves.

Love Fam said...

Great Post! My skin is the same way, and I found Arbonne works really good, it too is all natural stuff. Good luck on your recording! That is awesome!

wonder woman said...

and the award goes to.......Sher! Come see how wonderful you are!!

cally said...

I try not to blog on Sunday, but I found my way here today, and I love your music. Love it.

I'm always looking for beautiful piano music I can hum to.

So I'm here to say, I'll buy your cd. Good luck.

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

You are so funny! I think your skin problem is temporary. Maybe you are just a little stress out. Stress is bad for the hair and the skin I'm told. I read that the 30's is the best decade. You are mature enough to have confidence and young enough to be HOT. I am sure that you are a hot mama. The skin issue will clear up, and since you are active I don't think weight will ever be much of a problem for you. I think you are an incredible woman in your 30's ---wonderful husband, beautiful children, a busy life, you're beautiful, healthy, and your dreams are coming true! If I were the envious type, I would not like you very much but I do. I'm a faithful follower and I'm here to stay :-)