Monday, March 31, 2008

Day 5

It's Day 5 of the Isagenix nightmare. Once, again, I'm kind of embarrassed about my little "episode." But you know, I started blogging, so i could have somewhere to come to vent my feeling and frustrations. Thanks for being patient.
Oh, I think you are all right...I am just stupid to do Isagenix and train for a marathon at the same time. What was I thinking?
So, I think I was going through sugar detox this weekend, and that's what caused the emotional dive. Clint said to me, "I don't care if it IS fast sunday. Why are you fasting after not eating for 4 days?" He thinks eating will solve all my problems.
Ok, he's right...he's always right. It's really irritating.
So, I had a little relapse yesterday. We went to Clint's grandma's house to eat dinner. Her cooking isn't exactly wholesome and nutritious, but I still ate it...then the worst past is that I picked the apples out of a piece of apple pie. I tried really hard not to eat the crust, but I think I still got some in there. So much for not eating sugar.
But, I can't tell you how much better I felt, physically (obviously), and emotionally, after eating yesterday. Duh!
So, I've decided I'm going to kind of do Isagenix Half-way. I have a half-marathon race this Saturday, so I'm going to extend it out and do my last 2 cleanse days afterwards.
I think I'll be Ok, as long as I LAY OFF THE SUGAR!
I really think that sugar is like a drug for me. I think that is why this thing is so hard for me, and also, why I think it is so good, extreme, is it may seem.

p.s. Thanks to all of you for all your comments. I really appreciate your support.
I'm so grateful to have such awesome friends.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bad Day

I think I might be Bipolar or something. I was just reviewing my last few posts, and it seems like we've had a lot of good days recently.
But, today, was a bad day.
Oh, nothing really bad happened. I think I'm just going crazy. I had a total breakdown today. I haven't felt this crappy in a long time. Poor Clint. I'm sure he get sick of my whining.
It does seem like every Saturday, everything comes to a point...and the week's crazy activities finally get to me.
I ran 14 miles this goal was to do 16. I'm getting really nervous for this marathon. I'm having a hard time increasing my miles.
Clint says I'm tired and sad today because I'm slowly starving to death. I cheated last night and ate some bread and some turkey. I thought maybe I should eat something since I was doing a long run today. I came home and crashed. Tried to sleep, but Clint went to get a haircut, and I'm sorry, but there is no such thing as a nap with three monkey's in the house.
My poor children were totally neglected all day. I think the weekends are hard on them, because by the time Saturday comes, I'm so exhausted, and by the time I get home from running, I just crash. Every Saturday.
The only reason I'm up right now, is the fact that my children needed to eat (Clint went to a Blaze game tonight), so I took 4 ibuprofens (just enough to get me out of bed without the world spinning too much). The kids ate cold cereal for dinner.

I don't know why the last month has been so hard. Yes, I've had my good days, but I'm just do damn tired all the time, and I feel like the biggest loser of a mother on the planet. I'm mad all the time, tired all the time, everything irritates me.
I know my kids and husband deserve more than this. Why is it so freakin' hard?

My stupid anti-anxiety pills are totally worthless (they might work better if I actually took them regulary), but I took one about 2-3 days ago, because I could feel the pressure building, and it didn't work. It's been awhile since I refilled my prescription. I wonder if they're expired

So, now you know.. Sherrie's crazy and need medication to be normal.

Maybe I'm just going through sugar withdrawal. I'm about ready to give in. But, honestly, I'm not really craving sugar at all. I'm not even that hungry anymore. Just feel like laying in bed and sleeping for the rest of my life.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Random 10 Friday

Have any of you ever done Isagenix? I started it yesterday. You have 2 "cleanse" days where all you get to eat is this yucky cleanse drink that tastes like medicine 3 times a day, and the only snack you have are these chocolate flavor chalk-like doggy biscuits in between the cleanse drink. Then you replace two meals a day with a cleansing shake, and can have one 400-600 calorie meal for 5 days. Then, you have 2 more cleanse days. It's supposed to cleanse your body of all the toxins, help you get off addictions--in my case, that would be sugar, and caffiene. So, today is my 2nd cleanse day. It's only 9am and I'm STARVING! Do you ever get so hungry that you start feeling nauseous? I do...I've gotten that ever since I was pregnant...even when I'm not pregnant.
So, I'm starting to think, why am I doing this? To lose..what? 5 lbs? But, I do think it will be good to reset my system, and get all of that Christmas/valentines/Easter and everything in between Candy out of my system.
So, please..try not to judge me...

p.s. It's Friday! yeah!
I am planning on taking it easy today, and being lazy, then we're meeting Clint in Salt Lake for the Jazz game tonight!

Here's my Random 10 List for this week:

1. Only Time - Enya
2. Cosas De La Vida - Eros Ramazzoti
3. Say it Right - Nelly Furtado
4. Every Breath You Take - The Police (in honor of Brooke White)
5. Ballade No. 4 in f minor, Op. 52 - Chopin
6. I Guess You Had to Be There - Lorrie Morgan
7. The Unforgiven - Metallica
8. Hey There Delilah - Plain White T's
9. XXX's and OOO's (An American Girl) - Trisha Yearwood
10. Caruso - Luciano Pavarotti

Stranded - Shawn Colvin

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dinner with the Jazz

I missed my book club meeting last night. But, not because I didn't read the book. I read it, but didn't finish it yet, but that's beside the point. I had every intention of going to the meeting until about 5:00 last night when I got a phone call from Clint saying he got tickets to this charity event that you get to go eat dinner with the Jazz players. So, I said,l forget book club, that sounds awesome!
And it was!

We got autographs from Kyle Korver, Andrei Kirilenko, Carlos Boozer, Paul Milsap, Mehmet Okur, and Deron Williams.

We also met Jeff Hornacek!
Clint is convinced that Matt Harpring and I had a "moment" where we made eye contact and he smiled at me. So he told me that he's going to tell everyone that Matt Harpring hit on his wife! HA HA!
I got totally snubbed by CJ I don't like him anymore.
We got pictures of a lot of them, too...the bad news....Clint took the pictures on his phone (because I forgot my camera) and for some reason, they all got erased! I know...can you believe that? I'm so bugged!

We did get a few more pictures after that, and made sure they got saved, but being on the phone they aren't great quality...and Clint went to Roosevelt today for work, and for some crazy reason, he thought he needed to take his phone with him, so I don't have the pictures yet.
What, you don't believe me?
Trust me, as soon as I get the pictures on my computer...I WILL post them!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Today was a great day! The kids were so cute! Kennedie came in at 7:00 this morning (why can't she get up that early on a school day?)all excited, saying, "the Easter bunny came!!" over and over.
Church was wonderful. The choir number was marvelous. I was a little nervous for it, but it's turned out so great! We are so lucky to have so many amazing, talented people in our ward! Those who sang, Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!
Then I got to sub as chorister in Jr. Primary. It made me realize that I actually miss primary. I had so much fun. I was glad to be in there again to visit. Then I got to visit in YW today to play the piano for the Beehive's lesson, which was beautiful.
Can I just say, I LOVE when people ask me to play the piano. There is a joy that comes from playing that just wells up deep inside me, that just resonates all through me. I know it seems like such a simple thing to accompany the opening song or lead the primary music, or direct the choir (OK, that's one's not so simple), but I LOVE it so much. I'm getting emotional right now thinking about it! I LOVE MUSIC SOOO MUCH!
I'm so grateful that the Lord chose to bless me with this ability. It is such an emormous blessing in my life!
Wow! I wasn't planning on going off on a tangent like that, but it just came out. So, there it is!
My whole family came over this afternoon for dinner. It was wonderful chaos, as always! I have a really big family (8 kids--5 of us are married, 3 still live at home, and there are 11 grandkids), but it's so fun to get together.
My sister, Kristen couldn't be there, she lives in OK (Kris-we missed you!)
But, she's coming in May. Yeah!
The kids had an Easter egg hunt outside, and it was so fun watching them find eggs!
The only hitch in the whole day was when Tyson and Baylie (the usually trouble makers) wandered off to the park, and we couldn't find them for about 20 minutes. (Apparently Kennedie knew they'd gone there, but "forgot" to tell me)

I can't write a post on Easter without expressing my love and gratitude for my Savior. I'm so grateful for His sacrifice for me, and that I have a chance to repent and be made clean again through Him. As a mother, I'm so grateful to have that for my children. (I pray they can stay as innocent as they are now, through their whole lives) But if not, we have the Atonement. What a wonderful blessing it is to know that this life isn't the end, that our family will be together forever, through our Savior, Jesus Christ!

Happy Easter!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Antelope Island

Today, the kids and I went on a "little" bike ride with Grandma Mary, Grandpa Russ and uncle Charlie. Mom and Charlie wanted to ride from their house in Layton to the causeway. So the kids and I hopped in the truck with Dad and drove until we found then on the side of the rode in about Clearfield, and I hopped on my bike and joined them. I haven't ridden my bike in sooo long. It was so exhilerating...the cool, spring air, the wind on my face, my heart pounding...I haven't felt so good in a long time. back up...while we were pumping up tires, tightening bolts on training wheels, etc., Kennedie says to me, "Mom, I wanna ride it without the training wheels." (Keep in mind, Kennie has never ridden two wheel before) My parents live in a culdesac, so I took off her training wheels for her to practice while we got ready, with the intention of putting them back on for the ride down the causeway.
She just took off, like an old pro! Grandpa helped her a little with balance, but she HAD it! After that, she absolutely REFUSED to let me put on her training wheels.

So after we passed the gate, we pulled over at the 2 mile marker (the causeway to Antelope Island is 7 miles long), pulled out the bikes and started riding. Tyson made it about 3/4 mile, which I expected, and got back in the truck. I had Baylie in the baby seat on the back of my bike. I asked Kennedie how she was doing, and she said she wanted to keep going.

She made it all the way to the island. That's FIVE miles! I couldn't believe she rode that far, after only learning the ride on two wheels five minutes before we left! I was so proud of her!

It was such a great day! I think being sick and being cooped up on the house all week was giving my cabin fever BIG TIME! This was just what I needed to get my spirits up!
What a Fun Day!

Here is my Random List for Today!

1. Bicycle Race - Queen
2. Love Song - Sara Bareilles
3. Money for Nothing - Dire Straits
4. Money in the Bank - John Anderson
5. Clumsy - Fergie
6. Paralyzer - Finger Eleven
7. Little Goodbye's - SheDaisy
8. They All Laughed - Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong
9. If Everyone Cared - Nickelback
10. Love Walks In - Van Halen

Apolgize - Timbaland and One Republic

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


What do you get when you mix a 4-year-old, a 2-year-old, a can of vanilla pudding mix(you know, the ones from the cannery), a can of dehydrated onions, and a can of quick oats? A HUGE MESS, that's what you get!
Sorry, I was too furious to have the presence of mind to take a picture before I cleaned it up and sent the culprits to the bathtub. (I'm still a little mad)
And it all happened guessed it..piano lessons.
I'm starting to wonder if maybe this isn't the right thing for me to be doing. It seems like that's when my children get in the biggest trouble...destroying the house with my food storage, wandering the neighborhood, unsupervised, barefoot, with no coats on (yes, that happened today, too...during piano lessons) Thankfully, my neighbor, who was aware that I was teaching, took them in, let them play for awhile, and then sent them home.
Is it selfish of me to want to continue teaching piano lessons? I really think there is a lot of good that comes from it...the service I render to my students, the income I bring into the family, the satisfaction I get from teaching, and my involvement in something musical to appease my desire to have music in my life.
But, when all is said and done, is it really worth it, if it's at the expense of my children? Am I neglecting them because I am doing this? Granted, I AM teaching them music, too. But, when it's not their turn, is it really fair to stick them in front the of TV, and ignore them for 2 hours a day?
I'm really having a moral dilemma right now.
I really, really don't want to quit teaching, but what can I do for my children, so they don't feel so neglected, and they go to extreme measures to get attention?

I guess I'm just having a "bad Mom day"

p.s. I have decided that this blog has become my venting station. So, sorry, if it seems like I'm always complaining. It's nice to sort out my thoughts and frustrations, here, instead of taking it out on my family.
Thanks for putting up with that (because you don't have to. You can just..not read it)

Monday, March 17, 2008

SICK of being sick...

My "stomach thing" came back this weekend...with a vengence. I had a 10 mile race on Saturday morning, and I felt pretty good. I ran well, got home, took a shower, and then it just hit me all of a sudden. I was sick the rest of the day. Clint had planned a date for us to take me out for my birthday. I didn't want to miss out, so we still decided to go. We got massages (which was nice because I just fell asleep for an hour), and went to dinner at Rickenbacker's in Ogden. If you've never been there, you should go! It's a little pricey, but very nice, and great food. We got there at about 5, so we both got the early bird special (cause we're CHEAP)! It was nice, but the food didn't stay with me for very long. We had planned on going to a movie, too, but I just felt too lousy, so we decided to call it a night and go home. I felt so bad about being such a party pooper (no pun intended).
I went home and crashed at 9:00.
Clint gave me a Wii for my birthday. It's more like he gave the kids a Wii for my birthday. They played it all day yesterday.
The thing I like the most about my birthday present is now I have some new leverage to get the kids to be good.

Then, today, I woke up with a sore throat and I've lost my voice.
Seriously, people, what is up?!!!
I'm so sick and tired of being sick and tired.
My sister called me this morning to tell me happy birthday and pretty much ordered me to go the the doctor.
Have I mentioned I HATE going to the doctor. It just feels like such a waste to go spend 2 hours sitting in a waiting room and then spend 5 mintues with a doctor who doesn't listen to you, anyway, and tells you that it's probably just a virus and go home and get some rest. Hello, I don't need a medical degree to figure that out by myself.
I'm not Bitter...

So, I'm sure your sick of hearing me complain.
I did have a pretty good family came over for cake and icecream, and it's always nice to visit.

Here's hoping this week gets better!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Ice Princess

Last night I took Kennedie and Baylie and we had a girl's night out with some friends from our old neighborhood to go to Disney on Ice. It was great! Baylie was so cute! All day long she kept saying, "Come on, Mom, I go see princess!" Kennedie said we're going to see the "Ice Princess."
When we got there Baylie kept jumping up and down, clapping her hands, and grinning ear to ear. I, personally, think Baylie was more entertaining to watch than the skaters.
She freaked out when Ariel came on (her favorite.)

During intermission we were looking for the bathroom when Kennedie spotted Cinderella and ran over to ask if she could get her picture. It turns out it was just some lady who had made a Cinderella costume, and wore it to the show. She was kind enough to let us take her picture, but then girls started lining up. I felt sorry for her, but then, again, I guess that's what you get if you go to a Princess show dressed up like a Princess.

After the show, I asked Kennedie how she liked it and she said, "It was okay. I'm just too big to like princesses. I liked them better when I was five."
(side note: Kennedie turned six 4 months ago).
All in all, it was fun night!

p.s. Here is my Friday's top ten list...I had to throw in a princess song in tribute to our adventure!

1. How will She Know--Amy Adams, from Enchanted
2. I'm Sensitive--Jewel
3. Candy Everybody Wants--10,000 Maniacs
4. Summertime--George Gershwin
5. Keep Your Hands to Yourself--John Anderson
6. Return to Pooh Corner--Kenny Loggins
7. Poco de Amor--Shakira
8. Stampede--Chris Ledoux
9. You Give Me All I Need--Scorpions
10. Clumsy--Fergie

If You Can Dream--Disney Princesses

p.s. Happy Birthday Jen (today), Kat (tomorrow) Me (Sunday) Nate (Monday) Reagan (Tuesday)

Did I get everyone?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Air Horn

I found this video through a friend's blog and thought it was so hilarious, I just had to share! I was laughing so hard, Tyson came in and said, "Mom, what's wrong with you?"

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Funny Faces

My Idea of Scrapbooking!

Just in case you all wanted a little peek at my ingenius and creative scrapbooking techniques, I thought I'd post a "page" for you all to see!!

I know...It's darling..isn't it!?


Ok, I'm a little embarrassed because of my little "outburst" on Sunday. Really, I'm not crazy! Ok, maybe I am...a little. But everyone's entitled to their "days", right!
Besides, I'm doing a lot better today.
Except that I twisted my ankle yesterday doing step aerobics at the gym. I'm sure it's not too hard to imagine...clumsy me trying get the steps right, and falling flat on my behind! Ha HA!!! Ouch! I have a 10 mile race this Saturday so I hope if heals fast.
I think sometimes when you're taking in a little too much at a time, the Lord intervenes (sometimes with a twisted ankle) to tell me SLOW DOWN, and take it easy.
And Yes, Motherboard, I had a huge Coke yesterday, and believe it or not, I made through the day!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


I was due for a background change, but I'm still figuring it out. it's a work in progress.........

So Stinkin' Cute!

I just thought I'd post these pictures because Peter is So Stinkin' Cute!

Sleeping Beauty

One Day last week, I came out from doing piano lessons, and found Baylie passed out on the family room floor. It was a precious scene, because, she never, I mean, NEVER, just falls asleep. She has to be in her bed, with her baby or bear, and her blankie and "Boo". She did fall asleep on top of her green bear, which I have no idea where it came from. Did it belong to any of you? It just appeared one day, but still has a tag on its ear, so maybe we got it for a birthday present or something? I don't know.